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Chapter 239: The Valley Orchid Is Fu Zhi’s – 3

Lu Chuwan was fully aware that Fu Zhi knew the way to get a Valley Orchid, yet she’d kept him in the dark the whole time. Because of that, he had nearly lost a great chance to obtain a Valley Orchid.

At first, he was furious about it. However, when he thought of the other benefits that Lu Chuwan might bring him, he slowly calmed down.

Then, he took a look at Fu Zhi with a mixed expression on his face.

Before he could say anything, Lu Yumo smacked the table and shouted, “Holy moly!” This prompted everyone to turn their heads and look at him.

No one knew what had gotten into him, but there was a really shocked and surprised expression on his face. It took him quite a while to process everything in his mind and regain his composure. Gulping nervously, he stammered in a voice thick with disbelief, “That, that means one pot of flower tea my mom used to drink at home costs about 300 million yuan?!”

“Yumo!” Xu Wei hastily went forward to pull her eldest son’s hand. She covered his mouth and whispered, “You shouldn’t show off your wealth, son! Do you want to get kidnapped by a mafia gang?!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Erm, have you two forgotten the national action against the underworld forces that was just initiated recently?’

What Lu Yumo had said had thrown everyone for a loop, and nobody could come back to their senses save for Lu Yumo himself. He tossed his hands into the air excitedly like a silly little kid who had gotten his favorite toy as he talked exuberantly. “Each of my family members is really amazing. My dad, my sister, my mo… Forget about the last one. Anyway, I love my family so much!”

Xu Wei, who had been left out by Lu Yumo, was speechless.

She had watched more than a dozen criminal investigation films recently, and she had picked up more than a hundred ways to take a person’s life. It seemed to her that she might be able to put those skills into practice tonight.

On the other side, Lu Chuwan was hiding behind Bai Yao’s back. Straightening her back, Bai Yao said, “Are you guys in your right mind? If the Valley Orchid is really a rare herb, as you guys say, how is there any chance she would have so many? Even if she stole them, it would…”

“Hah…” Lu Ning interjected before Bai Yao could finish her sentence. Then, she added, “Only a thief believes that everybody steals. It seems to me that you’re the expert at this kind of thing. Otherwise, why would you think like that?”

Bai Yao did not know how to reply.

Dong Cun could not bring himself to ask Fu Zhi about the Valley Orchid. Thus, he turned to Lu Jingqing and said, “JIngqing, about the herb…”

“I’m sorry, but I’m in no position to make decisions about Zhizhi’s belongings,” Lu Jingqing answered before Dong Cun could even finish his question.

Truth be told, Lu Jingqing had a guilty conscience as well. He’d had a terrible headache yesterday night, so he had gone to get some flowers from the garden to make himself a cup of flower tea like Xu Wei.

Everyone at the banquet went still and silent for a moment. The crowd’s astonished gazes shifted from Lu Chuwan to Fu Zhi. After all, all of them had watched the documentary about the Valley Orchid and knew how rare an ancient medicinal herb like this one was. Initially, they had all been pretty surprised that Lu Chuwan had been able to get her hands on one, but after hearing what Lu Yumo had said, it seemed like there were a lot more of this plant in this house’s garden.

“Fu Zhi,” Dong Cun said with a straight face. “Let’s talk after the celebration.”

It sounded more like an order than a request, and it made Lu Chuwan’s heart skip a beat.

Bai Yao chimed in, “If she really has the Valley Orchid, why doesn’t she let the government know? How can you consider a rare herb like this your own?”

“If you’re so patriotic, then why don’t you donate a painting like Zhizhi?” Lu Ning asked, silencing Bai Yao once again.

Fu Zhi did not plan on listening to Dong Cun. She was going to use the Valley Orchid in the garden to nurture her family’s health. Well, she had left one for her nephew, but it had not bloomed yet.

Lu Chuwan’s face was pale. She could not believe that not only did Fu Zhi know about the Valley Orchid, but she also had plenty of expensive herbs in her hands.

Her eyes were slowly turning red from embarrassment and anger. However, she knew there was nothing she could do right now. Besides, she would only disgrace herself more if she said something wrong. Forcing herself to calm down, she said, “That’s great then. It just so happens that Uncle Dong’s research has hit a bottleneck. I have done everything in my power to help Uncle Dong, but now it’s time for Zhizhi to offer some help.”

“Nope. I’m not going to help,” Fu Zhi replied simply as she looked straight at Lu Chuwan, her eyes bereft of any emotion.

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone at the banquet fell silent once again. If the eldest son of Madam Zhao did not step forward and get Fu Zhi out of this fix, things might not end well that day.

After the incident, everyone present at the celebration began to look at Fu Zhi in a new light.

“It seems like the adopted granddaughter is even more excellent than her own granddaughter. The Lu Family must have hit the jackpot by taking her in!”

“Yeah, right. It’s the Valley Orchid. That’s not an ordinary plant but a rare ancient medicinal plant! I wish I could have an adopted daughter like her too!”

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