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Chapter 240: The Valley Orchid Is Fu Zhi’s – 4

“She could even become my mother if she brought the Valley Orchid to my house, let alone my daughter!”

“How can they use such a rare and expensive plant to make tea? That’s such a waste!”

Madam Lu did not know how to describe her feelings right now.

Even though Fu Zhi came from the countryside and was unschooled in the ways of the world, Madam Lu had no choice but to admit that she had a lot on the ball.

Thus, she made a decision inwardly and said, “Yes, it’s such a blessing that Zhizhi became a member of the Lu Family. Zhizhi is my granddaughter, and I hope that you guys will take care of her in the future.”

“Sure, sure, that’s no problem at all.” All the people presented were worldly-wise. Thus, all of them answered very quickly, hoping that they could strike up a relationship with Fu Zhi.

The celebration went on from noon until 8 o’clock at night. Dong Cun had been trying to find a chance to talk to Fu Zhi, but to no avail.

As for Lu Ning, it went without saying that she would not mention the Valley Orchid in front of her niece.

Halfway through the celebration, Xu Wei’s phone rang. She answered the call and saw that it was from Lu Yushen’s doctor. According to him, Lu Yushen’s condition showed no signs of improvement whatsoever. The doctor could not make him talk, and he suggested Xu Wei consult another doctor.

Xu Wei sent Fu Zhi to the living room to get to know their relatives. However, when she saw Lu Yubai, who had come to celebrate Madam Lu’s birthday, she handed Fu Zhi over to him and went to find another doctor overseas for Lu Yushen.

Both Lu Yubai and Lu Yumo were wearing suits today. They were tall, and their legs were long. Both of them had beautiful faces, and they looked very eye-catching standing next to Fu Zhi.

“Zhizhi, it’s a little windy here. Come on, let me give you my blazer.” Lu Yubai took off his blazer the moment he stopped in front of Fu Zhi.

Perhaps all brothers were the same. They could not take it when their sister was wearing revealing clothes.

Taking a step back, Fu Zhi looked at Lu Yubai with her black eyes as she said, “It’s okay. I’m not cold. You can wear it yourself, cousin. You will catch a cold.”

Lu Yubai did not care. He put the blazer on Fu Zhi in front of Lu Yumo and said, “I’m a man, and I’m not as weak as you think. I won’t catch a cold even if I don’t wear any clothes.”

Lu Yumo was speechless. “???”

‘What the f*ck? Who do you think you are? Christiano Ronaldo or Henry Cavil? No one wants to see your naked body!’

Lu Yumo felt that he had to do something too. Thus, he wrapped himself up in his blazer, made a grunting noise through his nose, and gave Mama Liu an order. “Mama Liu, bring Zhizhi a cup of hot water. I want the water to be boiling hot so that I can cool it off for Zhizhi by blowing on it.”

Mama Liu did not know what to say.

‘Are you an idiot?’

When the people around them saw their interaction, they began to talk about them.

“This adopted daughter is really something. I’m truly surprised that she can handle her relationship with her brothers so well.”

“It seems that those who are capable are more willing to interact with capable people.”

“Lu Chuwan isn’t half-bad either. It’s just that Fu Zhi is totally out of her league. Sigh… Poor Lu Chuwan…”

When Lu Chuwan heard their comments, she felt as if someone had stabbed her heart with a knife repeatedly. She was the rightful heiress of the Lu Family. Why was everyone pitying her?

Everyone here was a burgher of Yu City, and it was apparent to them that Lu Yubai and Lu Yumo were closer to Fu Zhi than to Lu Chuwan. Thus, Lu Chuwan posed little to no value to them, and they knew who they should butter up to.

Lu Chuwan kept her head low, her face clouded with jealousy and rage once again.

At the same time, Dong Cun finally found his chance and went up to Fu Zhi. “The Valley Orchid is very essential to the development of the Dong Family. I know I’ve misunderstood you this whole time, but don’t worry. I know you like money a lot, and I will certainly compensate you until you’re satisfied. Now, can we talk about the Valley Orchid?”

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