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Chapter 216: Lin Hui The Bootlicker – 2

Not long ago, Lin Hui had heard that Li Nanli had bumped into some problems while working abroad. The opposition had been an influential figure with a powerful background, yet Li Nanli had ruined him completely.

Everyone from the upper class of the capital knew about it. All of them described Li Nanli as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Nobody knew when he would strike, and whenever he made a move, he would leave nothing but devastation in his wake.

All the doctors in Yu City were afraid of him, which was why they treated Lin Hui as their savior.

However, now that Li Nanli had gotten the upper hand, Lin Hui had no idea whether he would get back to the capital dead or alive.

“We’re living in a society governed by law, so don’t scare yourself.” Sun Sanzhen comforted him as he patted his own chest to calm his heart, which was pounding like a fluttering bird under his ribcage. Then, he added with a serious voice, “However, don’t tell President Li about our relationship. From this day onwards, you’re no longer my disciple, and I’m no longer your master. Remember that.”

Lin Hui was stumped. It took him quite a while before he could reply, “I admit that I’m not as skilled as Fu Zhi, but I…”

“What? Zhizhi’s there as well?” Sun Sanzhen cut him short and shouted, his voice laced with excitement, “That’s right! Why did I not think of that? Since President Li is there, my master would naturally be there as well! Lin Hui, forget about everything I just said. You don’t have to come back for now. Your grandmaster has been so busy recently that even I didn’t dare disturb her. Don’t forget to give my regards to her and don’t worry too much. Since your grandmaster is by your side, she will ensure your safety until you return to the capital!”

Sun Sanzhen continued to rumble on for roughly 10 minutes straight before finally hanging up the phone.

The world fell silent.

Caressing his medicine chest, Lin Hui muttered, “Grandmaster Fu Zhi…”

Then, he slowly rose to his feet as the light gradually returned to his eyes and the strength to his limbs. “Fu Zhi is my grandmaster? So that means that I… I just saw my grandmaster?!”

When the realization dawned upon him, he rushed out of the lounge and went to look for Fu Zhi. The moment he stepped out of the lounge, he saw Fu Zhi, who was sitting on the bench in the corridor and was giving some instructions to Dr. Liu. He took a few quick steps toward her and shouted with all his might, “Grandmaster! Please forgive me for not recognizing you earlier!”

Tears were forming in Lin Hui’s eyes, and he wanted to cry whenever he thought about the things he had said to Fu Zhi earlier on. Fu Zhi had invented all the knowledge and skills that he had learned from his master. If it were not for her, he would not have been where he was now, so he would never forgive himself for being so rude to her.

Fu Zhi looked at him meaningfully and said, “Xiao Lin.”

“Yes, grandmaster!” Lin Hui was so excited that tears nearly fell out of his eye sockets. “What brings you to such a small place, grandmaster? Did you eat well and sleep well here? Have you come across any disciples who committed the same crime as me?”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She felt that it would be a waste for this disciple of Sun Sanzhen not to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian.

She did not answer his question. Since she had an even more important matter to attend to now, she decided to deal with him later. She cleared her throat and said, “I have a teacher whose father had a stroke. He has been hospitalized for a long time, but he has not been scheduled for an operation yet. Since you’re here today, come with me. Let’s go meet him now.”

Lin Hui nodded profusely. He’d be willing to do anything for Fu Zhi, so following her to the hospital to meet her teacher’s father was nothing.

Li Nanli went away first to pick up his car, while Lin Hui walked beside his grandmaster obediently.

He felt relieved that Fu Zhi had not expelled him, but at the same time, he was ashamed of himself. Even though he had been rude to her, she had not taken it to heart and was still treating him nicely. This was something that he would never be able to do. Besides, in his opinion, his grandmaster was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life, and he felt extremely proud of being able to learn under her wing.

A Lamborghini was waiting outside the building.

The moment Fu Zhi went into the vehicle, her phone rang. It was a call from Ma Mingquan.

Even though Fu Zhi’s grades were good, she refused to do her homework. Ma Mingquan was worried that she would pick up her eldest brother’s bad habits and begin skipping school.

As Fu Zhi was thinking of ways to explain so that she would not alarm her parents, Li Nanli took her phone away.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Ma,” Li Nanli said, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel. The sun filtered through the window and shone on the back of his hand, further accentuating the fairness of his skin. He looked straight at Fu Zhi and added, “I wonder if you remember that her grandmother was getting married again in an attempt to ward off her illness? Well, it didn’t work very well, and her grandmother is in the intensive care unit right now. Zhizhi needs to go and take care of her.”

Fu Zhi, who was sitting next to Li Nanli, was speechless.

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