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Chapter 217: Fu Zhi Is Busted – 1

At two o ‘clock in the afternoon, in the Lu Household…

Mama Liu opened the door and saw Lu Chuwan. Since Lu Chuwan’s status in the family was growing day by day due to the fact that she owned the anti-cancer drug, Mama Liu scanned her from head to toe with great concern. “Ms. Chuwan? Are you not supposed to be attending class at school? Are you not feeling well?”

Lu Chuwan did not reply to Mama Liu instantly. She walked straight toward the greenhouse and said, “I’m fine. I just came back to grab something. Where’s grandma?”

“She’s playing mahjong with Madam Ma. I think she’ll be back soon. Do you need me to inform her?”

Lu Chuwan shook her head. “That is not necessary. Anyway, stop following me. I’ll be fine by myself. I just need to check on the flowers in the greenhouse.”

It was only then that Mama Liu stopped following Lu Chuwan. However, before she left, she mumbled under her breath, “Ms. Chuwan doesn’t like flowers at all, so why did she have to come back to check on them?”

Mama Liu felt weird, but she did not give it much thought, as she went to do her own stuff.

There were no people in the greenhouse. Lu Chuwan pushed the door open and could hear her heart pumping wildly in her chest.

She walked around the greenhouse before finally stopping in the innermost corner. She lowered her head and looked at two pots of flowers before her eyes. One of them contained a type of expensive orchid she could not name, while another contained two blue-colored, ordinary-looking flowers.

The pot of blue-colored flowers had been given to Madam Lu by Fu Zhi, and no matter how Lu Chuwan looked at it, it looked very similar to the flower in the photo she had on her phone.

She felt strange. Fu Zhi was just a girl from the countryside, so how was it possible that she would get her hand on such a rare plant?

However, she was not given much time to think about it. Dong Cun had been pressing her about the materials for the anti-cancer drugs, and the record company treated her deferentially because of Dong Cun as well.

She paced back and forth in the greenhouse with a deep frown etched on her face. Her brain was a muddled mess now, and she did not know if she should take the flower or not.

As she was lost at sea, not knowing what she should do, her phone rang.

It was a text message from the record company, who were asking her when she could give them a new song. After all, it had been a few days since she’d last updated them. Even though words could not convey one’s feelings, Lu Chuwan felt that their patience was running thin.

Suddenly, as if she was being controlled by a mystical force, Lu Chuwan went forward, and with her hands dripping with perspiration, she moved the flower pot to the center of the greenhouse.

She turned her head to make sure that nobody was around. Then, she reached out for the flower. At that moment, a white worm emerged from beneath the leaves.

Startled completely, she jumped back and accidentally knocked the pot with the orchid in the center of the greenhouse to the ground, making a loud thud echo in the air.

This orchid was known as Tianyi Lotus Orchid, and Madam Lu had just bought it from an auction for a price of three million yuan.

The pot rolled on the ground. It did not break, but the flower fell out of the pot.

Lu Chuwan swallowed her saliva with a big gulp. She hastily went forward to put the orchid back into the pot and put the pot back into place. Her fingers were trembling profusely even after she had done everything.

Then, she turned her attention back to the blue-colored flowers in front of her. She contemplated it for a while, and then made a decision. She avoided the white worms and scooped a part of the soil and one flower into an empty pot. After she finished everything, she called Dong Cun. “Uncle Dong, that guy has one flower only, and I just bought it from him. You can come and run a test with your team.”

As she was talking on the phone, she went out of the greenhouse. Inside the greenhouse, the white worm emerged from its hiding spot. It rolled across the leaves and landed on a leaf of the Tianyi Lotus Orchid.

On the other side, after Li Nanli sent Fu Zhi to Yu City Hospital, he went to deal with Chen Ming’s stuff.

There was a drizzle in the afternoon, and the air was humid.

Dr. Liu was running Fu Zhi through Old Master Ma’s condition as they entered the hospital.

“He’s a bit strange and he keeps refusing to comply with his treatment.”

The air in the hospital was filled with the pungent smell of disinfectant, and it took them quite a while before they arrived at Old Master Ma’s room.

He was the only patient in the room, and Fu Zhi heard that the other patients could not bear to stay in the same room as him.

“Why are there so many people?” The moment they entered the room, the first thing Fu Zhi heard was his voice, loud and clear.

Dr. Liu then explained, “They are here to help. Didn’t you say you only believe in traditional Chinese medicine? These two are both traditional Chinese medicine doctors!”

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