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Chapter 203: I’ll Go Reason With Them Myself


Many students crowded in front of the bulletin board as soon as the recess bell rang, looking for their names. However, that was not their sole purpose. After all, this time, the monthly examination also served as a method for the students to prove themselves worthy of joining Fu Zhi’s team and participating in the competition.

Therefore, most of them raised their heads and looked at the top 10 scorers on the board. They were all stunned when they saw the names on the list.

No.1, Lu Yubai, total marks: 708.

No.2, Xiang Yusheng, total marks: 680.

No.3, Wu Liang, total marks: 670.

No.4, Zhou Zihuai, total marks: 650.

No.5 Lu Chuwan, total marks: 649.

All of them continued to look downward, yet even after they looked past no.300, they still could not find Fu Zhi’s name.

[Have you all checked the bulletin board? Fu Zhi came in last in the examination. She scored 0 in all the subjects!]

[Are you sure about that? I was in the same examination hall, and it didn’t seem to me that she had a hard time answering the questions.]

[How can this be happening? Our dearest, most beautiful Zhizhi is the smartest girl in our school. The school authorities must have made a mistake. If they don’t sort it out soon, I’ll… I’ll hang myself up and curse this school for eternity!]

[I can’t speak for the other subjects, but everyone has seen Fu Zhi’s prowess in Physics, so there’s no way she would score zero marks. The school authorities of No.1 High School are really beyond hopeless for making such a terrible mistake!]

[Catfights? Name-calling? Doubts? Why does everyone here believe in Fu Zhi? Oh well, let me join the cult. Fu Zhi is the best! No.1 High School is the worst! Long live Fu Zhi, the queen of Physics!]

Su Xing’s expression was dark when she saw the messages in the group chat. She turned to Fu Zhi and said, “Perhaps something went wrong with the exam marking system. Don’t worry too much, Zhizhi. Do you need me to talk to the teacher?”

Fu Zhi was not happy with the released results either. Her lips were pressed firmly, and her jaw was tightly set. She had been aiming to get the No.1 spot in their province, not the last place in their school!

She pulled her phone out of her desk and said with a tinge of anger in her voice, “That’s not necessary. I’ll go talk to them myself.”

Su Xing was stumped.

‘It’s cool if you want to talk to them yourself, but why are you taking a knife with you?!’

In Class 1, as soon as Lu Chuwan took a Physics reference book out, Xu Tongtong approached her and said, “Wanwan, have you heard about Fu Zhi’s exam results?”

Ever since Fu Zhi had gotten second place in the qualifying round of the Physics competition, Xu Tongtong had shown great solicitude for her results.

Lu Chuwan’s heart skipped a beat, but she forced herself to stay calm and asked, “How did she do?”

“She got last place! When I saw it, I nearly started laughing. Now everyone knows what she really is!”

Xu Tongtong did not know how to comment on Fu Zhi’s result. “She scored zero in all the subjects. Even if I answered the questions with my eyes closed, my results would still be better than hers! The parents’ meeting is around the corner. This time, I would like to see how her parents are going to react when they get her results!”

Something inside of Lu Chuwan cracked when she heard the news. A grin hopped to the corner of her lips as she said, “Alright, thank you for telling me.”

Fu Zhi went to look for Director Liu.

“Speak of the devil. I was about to come looking for you as well, Fu Zhi,” Director Liu said as he took a sip from the cup of flower tea. He sported a severe expression as he looked straight at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi replied expressionlessly, “You wanted to look for me?”

“First of all, I would like to congratulate you on getting full marks for both the Math and Physics papers. You’re the only one amongst the students to get full marks,” Director Liu said, his voice laced with excitement.

Fu Zhi then frowned and asked, “Then why did the results on the bulletin board say I scored zero in every subject?”

Director Liu knew she would ask about this. He let out a sigh and replied, “You didn’t complete the essay part of the Language and English papers. That’s a very irresponsible attitude.”

“So?” Fu Zhi pressed on. “What does that have to do with me getting zero marks?”

“When other students find out that your overall result is still better than theirs even though you didn’t complete the essay part of both the Language and English papers, what effect do you think it will have on them? They will be discouraged and they might not work hard for their studies anymore!”

Fu Zhi was stumped. “It isn’t my fault that their results were not good. How can you blame me for that?”

“That is not the main reason.” Director Liu added, “According to the feedback of your teachers, you refuse to do your assigned homework and you seldom pay attention when the teachers are teaching in the classroom. Your attitude is bad, so how are you going to excel in the college entrance examination and get into a better college? Therefore, to pull you back on the right track, the school authorities have decided to give you a small punishment!”

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