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Chapter 204: The Parents’ Meeting

This was something that Fu Zhi had never expected. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that every subject teacher in No.1 High School would agree to punish her by giving her zero marks in all the subjects.

Lu Yumo had retained his spot as the seventh student from last in this examination.

He had been studying like mad recently, and when he heard that Fu Zhi had gotten the last place, he found her and lamented. “It’s my fault. I should’ve given you the cheat sheet.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

When they got home, they informed their parents of the upcoming parents’ meeting. Xu Wei, Lu Jingqing, and Lu Yushen were interested.

Sitting beside the table and swinging her legs, Xu Wei used her identity as Fu Zhi’s mother and said resolutely, “Sure! Mommy will certainly attend Zhizhi’s parents’ meeting!”

On the other side, Lu Jingqing had an indifferent expression on his face. He took a sip from his tea and then said suggestively, “This is the first time Zhizhi attends a parents’ meeting as the Lu Family’s kid, right? Well, it’s such a shame that I didn’t get to attend your parents’ meetings in the past.”

Lu Yushen looked at the fight between his father and mother and graded them respectively. Even though they seemed to be well-matched strength-wise, it seemed to him that Xu Wei had an edge over Lu Jingqing.

That said, it did not matter to him who would win the fight in the end. He craned his neck forward and made a statement. “No matter who’s going, I’ll be going as well.”

Then, the three of them turned their heads to look at Fu Zhi.

Fu Zhi could sense that three pairs of eyes were boring into her. She had gotten the last place in this examination, so she did not want any of them to go. Therefore, she suggested, “How about you all go next time? It isn’t that big of a deal anyway.”

Xu Wei hastily replied, “No way! I’m going every single time!”

Lu Jingqing chimed in, “Me too.”

Hearing what her husband had said, Xu Wei turned her head around, squinted her eyes, and asked in a dangerous tone, “Do you want to sleep in the study tonight?”

Lu Jingqing spun his head and said, “Yumo, I almost forgot. I have to attend your parents’ meeting too!”

Lu Yumo did not know what to say.

‘Hah, man. Those meetings are all the same.’

The parents’ meeting of the senior students would take place on Saturday morning.

The sophomore and junior students had the day off.

The teachers of the school valued the parents’ meeting a lot. They ordered the students to arrange the desks and put their own names on the desks one day in advance.

Xu Wei arrived at school very early.

This was not the first time she attended a parents’ meeting. The meeting would start with the speech of the respective class teachers, followed by the speech of the valedictorian and the speech of the principal.

It was 6 o’clock in the morning, and every student looked excited.

Bai Yao came across Xu Wei at the entrance.

She had heard that Fu Zhi and Lu Yumo had performed poorly in the examination. With a gleeful grin plastered across her face, she went up to Xu Wei and spoke to her from behind. “Hey, Xu Wei, my Wanwan made the top ten even with one of her eyes closed. As for your children… Now I understand why you insisted on taking Fu Zhi in. After all, Fu Zhi getting the last place makes those two sons of yours less awkward compared to other people. If I were you, I would be very happy about it.”

Xu Wei scooted away from Bai Yao and replied, “I’m not as dark-hearted as you.”

Bai Yo scoffed. She approached Xu Wei and continued to hurl sarcastic words at her.

However, before she arrived at Class 1, a few girls emerged from Class 3.

“I heard that Director Liu is going to publicly reprimand Fu Zhi later!”

Xu Wei froze in her tracks, and Bai Yao grinned triumphantly when she saw Xu Wei’s face turn pale.

Just as she was about to say something, the girls continued to speak. “I’d love to receive this kind of reprimand as well!”

“I heard that Fu Zhi scored full marks in several subjects. It’s because she didn’t complete the essay part of the Language and English papers that the school authorities decided to punish her by giving her zero marks for all her subjects!”

“How can Fu Zhi be so smart? She didn’t pay attention in class, yet she was still able to score beautifully in the examination! I hope I could be as good as her!”

“I’m certain that she would be the No.1 of the grade if she answered all the questions!”

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