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Chapter 200: Are You Not Willing To Break Your Leg For Me, Zhizhi?

Li Nanli raised his eyebrow and then asked in a sad tone, “Are you not willing to break your leg for me, Zhizhi?”

Fu Zhi was stunned.

‘Why should I break my leg for you?’

Li Nanli chuckled inwardly when he saw the myriad of expressions that flitted across Fu Zhi’s face. He knew she was sad that she could not get the money, so he quickly moved on to the next topic.

He handed a laptop to Fu Zhi and said, “I suppose you already heard about the second generation test subject from Jiang Ningbei. According to an investigation conducted by my people, Zhou Tingting was after you before she died.

“Even though they left your fingerprints and student ID at the scene, they should be well aware that you’re under the government’s protection, so their actions were totally unnecessary.”

To put it simply, the entire incident was akin to the childish actions of a little boy in kindergarten who tried to protect the little girl he liked but chose to bully her to cover up his protective gesture. They were trying to protect Fu Zhi, but they did not want anyone to know about it. Since they knew that she would be fine, they’d made it look like Fu Zhi was the one who had murdered Zhou Tingting.

Fu Zhi kept her head low, and even though Li Nanli could not see her emotions, he knew she was not in a good mood right now. She then said in a low voice, “I know. They are my brothers.”

‘Well, they are indeed your brothers. However…’

Li Nanli added, “Their defection is a fact, and so is their participation in the development of Country M’s black technology. They are too volatile, and so long as Laboratory 927 doesn’t come up with a solution to help them, they will forever be your enemy.”

The No.1 High School’s monthly examination would take place this Friday.

Since they had to decide who was going to join Fu Zhi’s team to participate in the competition, Director Liu had announced the date of the examination in advance.

Qian Wenrui went to look for Lu Chuwan.

She handed a stack of sample exam questions to Lu Chuwan, like she usually did, and then she said, “Even though Fu Zhi has proven her worth, you’re my student and I can’t accept the fact that my student is worse than Ma Mingquan’s student.”

Qian Wenrui had had a few terrible days recently. No matter where she went, she would hear other teachers praise Ma Mingquan.

She was the one who had kicked Zhou Zihuai out of her class, and she looked down on Fu Zhi because she thought Fu Zhi was a bad student. Now, their performance was way better than her own students’ and thus proved that she had been wrong about them. Qian Wenrui just could not accept it.

Lu Chuwan took a look at the question paper and she was stunned. “Ms. Qian, why is there only one structured question?”

“Ma Mingquan contributed to setting the questions as well.”

Due to Fu Zhi and Zhou Zihuai’s performance, Ma Mingquan had once again regained his throne in the Physics group.

Qian Wenrui rubbed her eyebrows in frustration and replied, “It’s not a big deal. I made up 80% of the question. What you have to do is memorize this question paper and answer the remaining questions. Then, I’m sure you will be able to join the team.”

Lu Chuwan pressed her lips after she heard what Qian Wenrui had said.

Truth be told, she did not want to stay in the same team as Fu Zhi, not to mention that Fu Zhi was the team leader right now.

She told Qian Wenrui about her concern, but the latter just shrugged it off. “All you have to do right now is stay calm. Treat Fu Zhi as your stepping stone and show her what you’re made of in the preliminary round!”

On Friday, it was the first day of the monthly examination.

Since Fu Zhi had just come to No.1 High School not long ago, she was assigned to the last examination hall.

In the examination hall, other than Lu Yumo, who was praying to his pencil, the remaining students were seeking places to hide their cheat sheets.

Lu Jingqing had made it very clear to Lu Yumo. If he didn’t manage to score better this time, he was going to kick him out of the house.

Therefore, Lu Yumo was worried.

He ranked seventh from last in his school. When Fu Zhi arrived in the examination hall, she saw her eldest brother arguing with the student who was No.8 from last. “No, we already made a deal that I would give you the answers for the multiple-choice questions and you’d give me the answer for the structured question. You’re the one who broke your promise, and now you want my No.7 throne? Are you that shameless?!”

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