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Chapter 199: It Is Not A Good Tradition

Well, as people always said, the shamelessness of a man knew no bounds.

Fu Zhi had a hunch that this was not going to end anytime soon. She did not know why Li Nanli was doing this, but she had to admit that it was a nice move. Attending her grandmother’s wedding? So, what was next? Seeing her grandmother at the hospital because she was critically ill and then finally attending her funeral?

‘He’s pretty smart, isn’t he?’ Fu Zhi thought.

She rose to her feet, but before she went away, Ma Mingquan said, “Fu Zhi, your grandfather passed away not long ago, and now your grandmother…”

He wanted to ask how her grandmother could be such a terrible person, but he stopped himself in the end. He instead said, “This isn’t a good tradition, and it isn’t fair to your grandfather and her soon-to-be husband. Maybe you should try to convince your brother to cancel the wedding.”

“I think it’s fine,” Fu Zhi replied.

She went back to her classroom to retrieve her bag. Ma Mingquan followed her back, and when she saw his scrunched face, she felt that she should say something, or her teacher might not be able to believe in love ever again.

“Don’t think too much, Mr. Ma. Who knows, maybe they really love each other.”

Ma Mingquan raised his head and looked at the young girl who stood at the staircase. The sun was exceptionally warm and bright today. It showered the young girl with its radiance and cast a gold halo around her face. He entered a trance, as he was stunned by the scene. He stayed in this trance for a long while, and when Fu Zhi had walked far away, he snapped out of his reverie. He waved his hand and said, “You don’t have to defend them. I have the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Go ahead, you don’t have to care about me. I won’t feel sad for your grandfather for too long.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say.

‘Well, that is not necessary at all.’

No.1 High School was the key high school in the province. Fu Zhi took a leave of absence letter from the office and handed it over to the security building at the entrance.

Perhaps she was too pretty, as she had left a big impression on the security guard. He remembered that her grandfather had passed away several weeks ago, and now he learned that her grandmother was going to marry another man. Looking at Fu Zhi, he lamented, “There sure are a lot of things going on in your house, sweetheart.”

Fu Zhi did not say anything and just walked out of the gate.

A silver Maserati stopped in front of her. She raised her head and met the eyes of the driver behind the fully open window.

The man was wearing a white-colored shirt, and the sleeves were rolled up neatly, exposing his fair skin. He casually rested his arm beside the window, craned his neck, and said, “Zhizhi.”

The sun that glared behind the man’s back further accentuated his already pronounced facial features. His amorous eyes were slightly tilted up at the corners as he stared at Fu Zhi.

With the help of the sun, he could clearly see the network of veins beneath her fair skin. It was the most delicate thing he had ever seen, and the urge to tie her wrists rose from the depth of his heart once more.

Fu Zhi walked to the other side of the car. It was only then that Li Nanli unfastened his seat belt and opened the door for her.

After Fu Zhi got in the car, he stepped on the accelerator and the school buildings started moving backward rapidly until they were totally out of their line of vision.

Li Nanli stopped the car in a bamboo forest far away from the city.

Fu Zhi reckoned that it must be one of the Li Corporation’s resorts.

Both of them stayed in the car, and Fu Zhi spoke up first. “I heard from Jiang Ningbei that you’re the one who requested to take over the investigation on the second generation test subject?”

Li Nanli nodded with a smile. Before he said anything, Fu Zhi continued to speak, looking at him nervously as she clutched her bag tightly. “Has money been tight lately?”

Li Nanli was stumped. It seemed to him that she was prepared to run away if he gave a wrong answer.

He brought his brows together in a light frown and replied, “Don’t you know the best if I’m tight on money or not?”

Fu Zhi then remembered the few million that Li Nanli had transferred to her several days ago. However, just as she was about to lower her guard, something popped into her brain and she raised her guard once more.

“But you took the envelope that I gave to grandpa.”

‘There was only 200 yuan in the envelope, yet you still wanted it!’

Li Nanli looked at her and replied meaningfully, “Because I’m saving money for marriage.”

It was only now that Fu Zhi realized why Lu Jingqing had said it cost a lot of money to raise a son. Their family had spent roughly three million yuan to raise his son, and that was the price for one son only.

It seemed to Fu Zhi that he was not joking at all. Piqued by curiosity, she asked, “How much money have you saved up for other people’s daughters so far?”

“The last time I checked, it was roughly a few million,” Li Nanli replied as he dragged his vowels. “If it’s you, Zhizhi, then I’ll add a few more million.”

Fu Zhi was stunned.

‘He’s rich! How can he be so nice to me?!’

Fu Zhi straightened her body. She hesitated for a while before saying sadly, “But my dad and mom said they are going to break our legs if we fall in love at this age.”

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