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Chapter 185: Yumo Cried – 1

“Don’t mind him. He is fully aware of our house rules. He knows he shouldn’t go to bars and that we have a curfew, yet he still chose to have fun with his friends. Do you know how much they spent in one night? A whopping 80 million! He must be made aware of his mistake, or he will never learn!”

That said, Xu Wei’s eyes were red around the rims as she watched the scene downstairs. It was apparent to Fu Zhi that she still felt distressed about punishing her eldest son. Then, she said, “If he died, then there would be one less person to take care of you when you grow old.”

Xu Wei was stumped, as she found Fu Zhi’s statement irrefutable. She tilted her head up at 45 degrees to prevent her tears from falling from her eyes as she said seriously, “I don’t care. He has to pay for his actions, or he will never learn from his mistake. Besides, have you ever seen a brother who needs his little sister to help him clean up his mess? He’s the only one and, seriously, that’s not cool at all.”

“But he’s also a victim. He just wanted to celebrate his friend’s birthday, and I’m sure he will be more careful next time.”

Fu Zhi took a glance at the scene downstairs and said, “If dad doesn’t stop now, his legs are going to break and we’ll have to spend money to send him to receive treatment at the hospital.”

“That’s not good. If his legs break, this will become a domestic violence case!” Xu Wei did not want anything to happen to her family again, so she craned her neck and shouted, “Jingqing, I guess he’s already understood his mistake! You can stop now. Zhizhi said she isn’t going to pay for his medical fees if his legs break!”

Fu Zhi was dumbstruck.

The sound coming from downstairs was drowned out by the pitter-patter of the rain.

Lu Jingqing was not using too much strength. After all, he just wanted to teach Lu Yumo a lesson. Toward the end, he gave him a slap on the cheek and said, “You should learn from your sister. You’re a mature young man now, so you should stop hanging out with those fair-weather friends of yours. As the eldest son, you should be an example for your younger brother and sister, not a bad influence! I hope you’ve learned your lesson this time.”

Lu Yumo rubbed his back and legs in pain, and his eyes looked red. He had become more mature after this incident, so he nodded and said, “It’s all my fault, dad. I’ll cut ties with those guys. I’ll reflect on myself and I promise you I won’t make this kind of mistake ever again.”

“It’s fine for you to be good to your friends, but you have to make sure they’re worthy. Write me 3,000 words of self-criticism and send them to my email tonight!”

Truth be told, Lu Jingqing did not blame his eldest son for being framed by Zhou Tingting. After all, he was the one who had gotten the short end of the stick. He had just gone to have fun with his friends in a bar. He had not expected that Zhou Tingting would be waiting for him to fall into her evil trap there.

Be that as it may, none of this would have happened if he had known how to differentiate between bad and good friends and he had come back home on time. Thus, he still had to punish him.

After seeing that his eldest son had learned his mistake, he nodded and walked toward the dining table. At the same time, he said, “We’re a family, and a family should not be divided. I know you’ve created several WeChat groups without me in them, so I’ll give you a chance now. Delete those groups and I’ll forgive you.”

Lu Jingqing had the goods on Lu Yumo, so the latter could not do anything but comply with his demand. After he deleted all the groups, he asked carefully, “What about you?”

“What about me? I didn’t create any WeChat groups. I’m not as childish as you.” Lu Jingqing denied it. “From this day onward, you will follow me to the company after school. It’s about time you learned how a corporation works.”

“Alright,” Lu Yumo answered as he kept his head low. He sniffled and buried his head in his bowl. He did not dare to eat, nor was he in the mood to eat anything right now.

Fu Zhi looked at the last sweet and sour pork rib on the plate. Her long eyelashes veiled her pretty eyes, and nobody could read her expression.

After a short tussle in her heart, she picked up a pork rib and put it in Lu Yumo’s bowl. Then, in a soft voice, she said, “Eat.”

Lu Yumo, who had buried his head in his bowl, was stunned. He looked blankly at his sister as a surge of warmth flooded his heart.

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