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Chapter 184: Retribution – 4

Xu Wei was devastated by Mr. Zhou’s twisted view. She opened her mouth several times, but she did not know what to say.

The commotion was getting louder, and most of the villagers left, as they could not bear to watch the scene anymore.

Mr. Zhou wanted to run away, but the manager saw through him and nipped his intention in the bud. He had his men hold him and then took his phone out as he said, “I’ll give you until this afternoon. Either you will make the payment or I’ll call the police.”

‘How can they do this to me? My wife was just put in prison not long ago, and now they are sending me to jail as well?’

Mr. Zhou felt that the entire world was too harsh and mean to him. He threw himself on the ground and began to throw a tantrum like a kid. “I wouldn’t be able to get enough money to pay you even if I sold my blood. Hold on, how about this? You take the dishes back with you, and we’ll forget everything that happened today.”

“Hah!” The manager scoffed and moved his phone to his ear.

Mr. Zhou got even more nervous when he realized the manager was calling the police. He looked around, attempting to seek help, but to no avail. The Lus were watching him coldly from the sidelines, while his relatives all turned their heads away. Unable to accept his current situation, he flew into a rage and unleashed all his anger on Zhou Tingting.

“This is all your fault, you piece of sh*t! If it were not for you and your mother, how would the Lu Family have found out that you were scamming them and retracted your sponsorship? Besides, what’s so good about this sponger? He’s nothing but a worthless idler who can’t even feed himself, so I don’t understand how you could take a fancy to a man like him! How come you’re so stupid?!”

Mr. Zhou often went to the casino, and it was normal for him to beat up his family. He sent a kick in Zhou Tingting’s direction, and her face turned pale.

“Look who’s talking! Who do you think pushed me into this situation, huh? It was you! If you hadn’t drowned our family in your gambling debt, do you think we would have ended up like this? Mom is right, you’re a goddamn loser!”

Zhou Tingting’s face had swollen after being beaten by Mr. Zhou. Even though she understood that not all people had the same fate, she still felt resentful. If she was as lucky as Fu Zhi, she would not have fallen so low or ever come across Liu Jun.

However, now that everyone knew what she and her family had done, there was no way she could set this right anymore. Her fate was sealed, and she was doomed.

The alcohol that Mr. Zhou had consumed earlier had gone to his head, and he got even angrier after he heard Zhou Tingting’s comments about him. He brandished his arms and legs even more fiercely as he showered Zhou Tingting’s body with a barrage of punches and kicks.


Suddenly, Zhou Tingting felt a kick in her stomach and all color instantly drained from her face. She covered her stomach with her hand and whimpered, “My stomach… It hurts…”

Zhou Tingting’s colleague quickly called the hospital. Very soon, an ambulance and the police arrived.

Xu Wei handed the information on the Zhou Family to the police.

Zhou Tingting was taken to the hospital, so the police left her alone for the time being. However, that did not mean that she would not need to bear any consequences. Like her father, they were going to put her in prison for at least 5 years after she was discharged from the hospital.

The incident with the Zhou Family finally came to an end. Lu Jingqing only came back home from his business trip that night. The moment he stepped into the house, he ordered Xu Wei to take Fu Zhi upstairs. Then, he picked up a bat and began beating Lu Yumo.

Xu Wei gave Fu Zhi a pair of earplugs to spare her from getting frightened by the scene. However, her worry was totally uncalled for. Fu Zhi was not perturbed by the scene in the slightest bit, and she and Lu Yushen were watching their father beat their eldest brother from the stairs.

Xu Wei was exhausted both mentally and physically after dealing with the Zhou Family, so she ordered Mama Zhang to prepare dinner. Then, she pulled her daughter to the side and said seriously, “You are still young, so you must not learn from your brother. Going to bars is not good.”

Fu Zhi nodded and replied, “I can practice disco dancing at home. I won’t spend my money unnecessarily.”

Xu Wei was left dumbstruck by Fu Zhi’s reply. She believed her daughter was somewhat right, but when had her daughter learned disco moves?!

Before she could ask anything, Fu Zhi, who was watching her brother getting beaten, asked, “So what should we do about my eldest brother?”

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