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Chapter 182: Retribution – 2

“Zhou Tingting, you b*tch!”

Mrs. Wang’s voice reached Zhou Tingting’s ears before she could even see her.

Zhou Tingting’s face turned pale as she rushed to Lu Yumo’s side, seeking his protection. “Yumo, Yumo, she’s crazy. We’re going to get married, so you have to protect me!”

“When did I say that I want to marry you?” Lu Yumo replied, looking emotionlessly at her.

Zhou Tingting sensed a hint of anger in his voice and was stunned. She thought her ears or her mind were playing tricks on her.

‘What is he talking about? Isn’t this banquet held to celebrate our engagement? If he doesn’t want to marry me, then why did he show up here?’

“How dare you! You defiled my daughter, and now you’re telling me you don’t want to marry her? Also, what the hell is wrong with that stupid manager, huh? Why did he say I have to pay up for this banquet? Isn’t this banquet supposed to be paid by your family? Are you gonna go back on your word? Do you not fear that I will expose everything you did to the world?!”

“Go ahead then. Let the world know how far your daughter has stooped. Tell them about all the dirty deeds she did behind her classmate and all the lies she told! I want to see who they will support when they know the truth, you or me?” Lu Yumo shouted back, his eyes flared with anger.

Mr. Zhou was fuming with so much rage that his body was shaking. Just as he pulled his phone out and was about to start a live streaming session, he saw a woman in a red blouse and a man with half of his face swollen appear at the banquet.

Zhou Tingting immediately took two steps back and asked Liu Jun for help. “Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu, what is your wife doing? She’s crazy. Don’t just stand there, hurry up and stop her!”

However, Liu Jun did not make a move. He just stood there with his head held low in dejection, looking like a dog who had just received a beating from its master.

Zhou Tingting’s heart skipped a beat when she saw that Liu Jun was not making an attempt to stop his wife. Before she could react, Mrs. Wang rushed up to her and gave her a hard slap across her cheek. “How dare you, you shameless rat! I thought you were still young and you might stray from your path due to temptation, so I decided to go easy on you. I didn’t expect that the moment you dropped out of school, you would sleep with my husband. Did your parents not teach you what shame is?”

Mrs. Wang was a woman with plenty of strength. Zhou Tingting felt as if she had been hit by a truck. Her teeth had loosened a little, and she fell to the ground with a plop.

She stayed on the ground for a long while before she finally snapped back to reality. Her heart raced, and she began to explain as she covered her cheek. “No! No! I’m engaged to Lu Yumo. I’m not the one who fornicated with your husband! I am not!”

“Oh yeah? Do you really think I don’t know anything? How are you going to explain the photos and recording that my detective gave me, huh? Do you have the guts to tell everyone that you didn’t lie about the baby in your stomach?”

The more Mrs. Wang talked, the angrier she felt. She turned around and gave Liu Jun a slap on his cheek as she snarled, “I really feel sorry for your parents for having a shameless jerk like you for a son. Don’t you feel disgusted for doing this kind of thing behind my back?”

On the other side, Zhou Tingting was trying to pull herself up from the ground, hatred filling her eyes and blood lining the corner of her lips. Even though the flow of news in the countryside was not as rapid as it was in town, she did not like that Mrs. Wang had slapped her in the face in front of everyone. It had hurt her pride. Mustering up some courage, she snarled back, “No, I didn’t! You’re slandering me. I’m the daughter-in-law of the Lu Family!”

Mrs. Wang harrumphed. She pulled a stack of photos out of her purse and smacked Zhou Tingting’s face with them. “A home-wrecker like you will never know her place. You’re nothing but a flea in our eyes. Do you think he really loves you?”

After she finished talking, she shot daggers at the man standing behind her. Feeling her gaze, Liu Jun slapped himself in the face and fell down on his knees. “Please forgive me, honey. This was all part of Zhou Tingting’s plan. If it had not been for her, I would never have betrayed you!”

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