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Chapter 181: Retribution – 1

The man’s cheeks turned red when he heard what Zhou Tingting had said. Then, he replied, “Are you sure? She looks like a goddess, but she doesn’t look like an easy girl to me. You and I could maybe make a good couple, but I’m not sure about her. She’s totally out of my league…”

Zhou Tingting was speechless.

Her colleague hastily went forward and smacked her cousin’s head. “Shut your mouth if you don’t know what to say. She’s just an orphan who has to rely on her foster family. She is the one who doesn’t deserve you. She could not even survive by herself. Tingting is so much better than her!”

The man shuddered after being reprimanded by his cousin and nodded gloomily.

Zhou Tingting felt much better now. She shot a glance at the man and said, “Anyway, just go for it if you like her. Don’t worry too much, you’re worthier than her!”

As she was talking, she pushed the man toward Fu Zhi. “Go say hello to her. Remember to smile and make a good impression on her.”

The man hummed and hawed for a while before slowly inching toward Fu Zhi. When he was close enough, he mustered up his courage and said, “Erm, hi…”

Fu Zhi had noticed the man a long time ago. She did not know what he was up to, but since he had not done anything, she had decided to pay him no mind. However, just as she turned her head around, the man approached her. She spun back and stared at him. Then, in a cold voice, she asked, “Yeah? How can I help you?”

“No, no… It’s nothing…” The man’s face turned red from shame.

He had known she was as beautiful as a goddess when he’d been looking at her from a distance, but she looked even more beautiful in close proximity.

She was wearing a casual outfit: a white t-shirt and a pair of baggy pants. Her skin was as fair and tender as a white lily in a pond.

He knew Fu Zhi came from the countryside as well, but despite their similar origins, Fu Zhi gave off the vibe of a goddess, so he knew she was definitely not a good match for him.

“I, I was just passing by.” The man simply found an excuse and then rushed out of the banquet room with a crying face.

It seemed as if he was commemorating his love getting nipped in the bud.

Zhou Tingting, who was dumbstruck, gritted her teeth in exasperation. She turned to stare at her colleague and hissed, “What the hell is wrong with your cousin?”

Her colleague was equally stunned. She replied, “How the hell should I know?”

She had no idea why her cousin would run away from such a good opportunity. If he married Fu Zhi, then their entire family would be able to share the wealth of the Lu Family as well!

‘The hell is wrong with him? Is he out of his mind?’ Zhou Tingting’s colleague cursed her cousin inwardly.

Zhou Tingting did not want to waste her time on her colleague anymore. She decided that after the banquet, she would go seek another man for Fu Zhi.

In any case, she had to kick Fu Zhi out of the Lu Family.

After a few minutes, the emcee arrived, followed by the manager of the five-star hotel who had served the dishes earlier on.

Mr. Zhou was still bragging about her daughter and was clueless about the fate that was going to befall him. After the manager greeted Xu Wei, he walked up to Mr. Zhou and said seriously, “Mr. Zhou, we didn’t collect a deposit for this banquet, but we have our own rules as well. You have ordered 14 sets of meals, and the total payment is 10,000 yuan after the discount. Please make the payment before the banquet starts.”

Mr. Zhou was stunned. “What, what payment? You want me to pay for this? Are you kidding me?”

There was no way he could pay for the meal. He would not have enough money even if he sold everything in his house.

“I don’t have any money. Go look for the Lus!”

“I apologize for the inconvenience, but it seems to me that you don’t understand the situation. You’re the one who placed the order and you signed the order form. Therefore, we can only come looking for you. If you can’t pay up, I guess I’ll have no choice but to call the police.”

“Yes, I’m the one who placed the order, but the Lus are with us!” Mr. Zhou cocked his head and looked anxiously at Xu Wei, only to see that Xu Wei was not looking at him at all.

Just as he was about to say something, a sharp female voice erupted in the banquet room.

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