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Chapter 164: Lu Yumo’s Plan

Lu Yumo frowned disapprovingly when he heard that Fu Zhi wanted to add Zhou Zihuai on WeChat. He was her brother, yet he did not have her WeChat ID, so what made Zhou Zihuai think he could have it? With that thought in mind, Lu Yumo asked, “Why do you have to give him your WeChat ID? Can’t you just send the answers to him with a text message?”

“Because I’ll send the answers in picture form,” Fu Zhi replied. “And a multimedia message is more expensive. I can’t afford it.”

For a moment, Lu Yumo did not know what to say.

‘She made millions on a live streaming session, and now she’s telling me that she can’t afford a single multimedia message? She’s really a rich woman who doesn’t know the hardships of ordinary people like us!’

Be that as it may, when Lu Yumo thought about the money Fu Zhi had made, a bold idea suddenly took shape in his head. He pulled Fu Zhi out of the study and said, “Don’t get so close to a guy next time, you get me? Anyway, do you know how to play mahjong? Mom wants to play mahjong with you this week.”

“I’m not familiar with it,” Fu Zhi said as she popped a piece of milk candy into her mouth. “Besides, gambling is against the law.”

Lu Yumo heaved a sigh of relief when he found out Fu Zhi did not know how to play. Taking advantage of Fu Zhi’s ignorance over the darkness in his heart, he said, “Nah, I guess it’ll be fine. There are only four of us, and you know what’s the best part? It’s a quick and easy way to earn a bucket of money!”

“Yeah, I won’t deny that, but the problem is, do you have any money to lose?”

“Hey, are you looking down on me? I have enough money in my savings account, and if worst comes to worst, I’ll go out and work to earn money to pay back my debt, alright?”

‘Besides, there’s no way I’m going to lose this time!’

Lu Yumo decided to cast away his humanity. Right now, he just wanted to get some money from Fu Zhi!

Zhou Tingting watched the scene as she slowly got up from the floor. Her eyes were filled with hatred and rage. Her ex-boyfriend was walking beside Fu Zhi like a large dog jumping and hopping beside its master, and the sight of them walking away side by side got on her nerves.

Lu Yumo had treated her as if she was invisible, and he now behaved as if Fu Zhi was his entire world. Just as she was about to go forward and stop them, Ma Mingquan emerged from the office and approached her. There was a serious expression etched on his face as he said, “Your dad just called me. He said something happened to your family and he’s requesting a reprieve for you for the rest of the semester. Come on, follow me to the office to get the official procedure over with.”

It had been a week since it had started to rain.

That Saturday, the jade that Lu Jingqing had ordered from overseas finally arrived. Therefore, he asked Xu Wei and Fu Zhi to take the jade to Madam Lu at the Lu Household.

Madam Lu was playing mahjong with her friends at the Lu Household. She was exhilarated by Fu Zhi and Xu Wei’s arrival, as she could show off in front of her friends. She ordered, “Fu Zhi is coming, so go prepare some food for her. Remember to prepare something she likes. Don’t let her nitpick.”

Before Lu Chuwan went to meet up with Qian Wenrui for her tuition class, she went to greet Madam Lu. When she heard what her grandmother said, her expression darkened.

She went into the kitchen and asked, “Mama Liu, why haven’t you made mango Mille crepes lately?”

Mango desserts were Lu Chuwan’s favorite.

Mama Liu, who was taking a pork rib out of the fridge, was startled to see Lu Chuwan there. She wiped her hand and stammered, “Because Ms. Fu Zhi has been coming to the Lu Household pretty often lately. She doesn’t like the smell of mango, so…”

Fu Zhi was the one who gave Madam Lu her medicine. Madam Lu did not dare to oppose her, and the servants followed suit.

Lu Chuwan began to think about the things that had happened recently. She had already composed her music, but because Lu Ning and Dong Cun were having an argument, none of them had contacted her yet.

Aside from the Physics competition, it seemed to her that everything she was working on had reached a dead-end, and the only solution to her predicament was the pill that Dong Cun had been talking about.

Lu Chuwan stared coldly at Mama Liu and asked, “Ms. Fu Zhi? She told you to address her like that?”

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