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Chapter 163: Zhizhi…

Lu Chuwan’s expression changed. On the other side, Zhou Tingting pushed everything that had happened between her and Fu Zhi to the back of her mind and turned her head to look at Lu Chuwan. She pouted her mouth pitifully as she said, “Can I join your team?”

Zhou Tingting wanted to win. The students from Class 1 were obviously better than the students from Class 21, so it went without saying that she would choose Lu Chuwan’s team over her original team.

Lu Chuwan was trapped in a dilemma. She was the leader of the team, so she had the right to choose her own teammates.

She had deliberately left Zhou Tingting to Fu Zhi, but it was not because of Zhou Tingting’s academic performance. After all, Zhou Tingting’s grades would be below average if she were in Class 1, and she was certain that she could not keep up with them. The reason she had done so was that she wanted to see the two of them fight against each other in the competition.

However, things were not going as she had planned. She licked her lips and said, “Tingting, I’d like to help you, but you see, our team is full and…”

“That’s not an issue at all,” Fu Zhi chimed in. “If you really want to help her, you can withdraw from your team and form a new team with her.”

‘What the hell is wrong with her? Why must she push me into a corner?’

Lu Chuwan chided Fu Zhi inwardly. She looked around and realized that everyone was looking at her. She bit her lower lip, not knowing what she should do now.

If she said yes, then it would affect her chance of winning the competition. If she said no, it would make her seem like a whited sepulcher.

As she wondered what she should do, Qian Wenrui stepped forward and saved her from this predicament. She clapped and said, “Alright, that’s enough! The two of them are from different classes, so they cannot form a team. Chuwan was just doing what she thinks is good for you. Studying the last four years’ questions is what you should do as a participant. If you insist on checking the sample questions, then I can only wish you good luck.”

Qian Wenrui made it all very clear. Then, she turned to Ma Mingquan and said, “If you have the time, please focus on building your students’ character. Otherwise, they will think they can do anything after answering some questions correctly!”

Then, without waiting for Ma Mingquan to say anything, she led Lu Chuwan and her own class away.

When they were out of the study, she turned to Lu Chuwan and said, “What the hell is wrong with her? Just because she comes from the countryside, everyone has to put up with her ignorance? She’s such an annoying brat. Anyway, you shouldn’t poke your nose into Class 21’s affairs anymore, Chuwan. It isn’t your responsibility. Their teacher has to guide them onto the right track. If even their teacher doesn’t care about them, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Lu Chuwan nodded. “Don’t get so angry, Ms. Qian. Let’s go back and look through the past years’ questions. I am confident that Yubai and I will be able to win the competition!”

In the study…

Zhou Zihuai found that Fu Zhi’s understanding of Physics was really phenomenal. He had just asked her a few questions, but he had learned plenty of things. He looked at his watch and decided to ask a few more questions since there was still time.

When Lu Yumo came to pick Fu Zhi up, the first thing he saw was the two of them sitting very close to each other. The hair on the back of his neck bristled. As he walked over to pull his sister away, he ran into Zhou Tingting on the way. Startled, he raised his arm and pushed her away.

He could not be sure if this was an illusion—perhaps it was—but Lu Yumo seemed to see a little bit of dust in the air as Zhou Tingting fell on the floor.

He froze for a while and then cocked his head to look at her. He could see tears forming in her eyes. Her body was trembling, and her voice was laced with sobs as she called out to him in a soft voice. “Yumo…”

Well, as people said, one reaped what one sowed. Since he had pushed her, then he should help her up from the floor. In the past, he would have done that already. However, things were different right now. They were no longer in a relationship, and he only felt goosebumps rise on his skin when he heard her calling out to him in a coquettish voice. He took two steps back and went to hide behind Fu Zhi’s back, like a chick looking for protection from its mother hen.

Then, he pitched his voice low and said, “Zhizhi…”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. She felt goosebumps on her skin as well.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but gave up eventually. After all, sometimes silence was more expressive than words.

She rose from her seat as Lu Yumo picked up her bunny bag. She turned to Zhou Zihuai and said, “Let’s add each other on WeChat. After I finish the remaining questions, I’ll send the answers to you.”

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