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Chapter 142: Giving Money

Li Nanli ignored Fu Zhi’s message and urged her to take the money.

After all, money was the only thing in this world that could make Fu Zhi happy. However, things were slightly different this time. Instead of taking the money, she unprecedentedly transferred 5 cents back to her nephew.

After doing that, she said, “This money is for you to buy yourself a lollipop!”

It was 7:30 in the morning.

Li Nanji, who had just emerged from the bathroom, fell into a trance as he stared at his phone. His damp hair hung over his eyes, and rivulets of water streamed down his hard jawline before disappearing into his collarbone.

Zhizhi had given him money.

The water droplets that dangled from the tips of his hair fell on the black velvet carpet on the floor as he shot up from the couch. He continued to stare at his phone, the tips of his ears slowly turning red.

‘Zhizhi gave me money. Does this mean that she wants to be my sugar mommy? Does it mean that she loves me too? Does it mean that…’

His fingertips were turning red as his mind began to run wild.

He did not reply to Fu Zhi for a long while.

It was only when Fu Zhi was about to send the message “I’ve been tight on money recently” that Li Nanli snapped out of his trance. He accepted the money and then sent a voice message to Fu Zhi, his voice deep and husky with emotion. “Thank you, Zhizhi. I really appreciate it.”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say. It was just a tiny lollipop, so she did not understand why her nephew would be so happy about it.

That being said, she had just adopted a penguin for Xu Wei and given money bonuses to her staff in the research institute not long ago. She was really tight on money at the moment, and 5 cents was all she could afford now. Therefore, she was pretty happy to see that her nephew was satisfied with the lollipop.

‘He’s really a good person,’ she thought.

The incident with Fu Zhi had caused quite a commotion at school.

Studies had shown that humans were a kind of creature that loved to challenge the rules. The more the school prevented the students from doing something, the more they were itching to test this limit.

“Is Fu Zhi really a double-dealer?”

“Why didn’t Professor He come forward to shed some light on the entire incident for us?”

“Is he really working on his research? Why couldn’t he wait until he met Fu Zhi?”

“Why did the school have to forbid us to discuss this matter? Is Fu Zhi or the Lu Family behind this order too?”

It had only been half a day, and nearly all the students in the school were discussing this matter.

Right after Ma Mingquan’s announcement, Zhou Tingting registered an alternate account and joined the crusade against Fu Zhi.

Even though she did not like Lu Chuwan either, she despised Fu Zhi even more. After all, Fu Zhi was the one that had caused her to lose everything in one night.

At the same time, Lu Chuwan went to see Qian Wenrui.

She walked into the office and said, “Are we really not allowed to post anything on the forum? I want to apologize on behalf of Zhizhi. Seeing so many people insulting her makes me feel really bad.”

Qian Wenrui did not feel good about this either. However, since the Li Family had made its stance very clear, there was nothing she could do about it. She shook her head and said, “No, the school doesn’t allow any discussions on this matter right now. You better stay out of this.”

Lu Chuwan nodded. Then, she asked, “Is the school trying to cover this up for Fu Zhi?”

“No, the school will certainly do something about it. However, there are too many strings involved, and the higher-ups have made it very clear that no discussions are allowed on this matter.”

“The higher-ups? Who are they?”

Qian Wenrui paused for a moment. Then, she pitched her voice low and whispered into Lu Chuwan’s ear, “The Li Family from the capital.”

‘The Li Family? How is that possible?’

Lu Chuwan found it hard to believe. After all, why would a large company like the Li Corporation meddle in the affairs of a school that they sponsored?

“The order was given directly by the president of this branch of the Li Corporation?” Lu Chuwan remembered that her second uncle had struck a deal with the Li Corporation’s branch before.

“I’m not really sure about it, but…” Qian Wenrui said, “This matter is now being handled personally by our principal.”

She paused for a while and then asked, “Is there any chance that your cousin knows Li Nanli?”

“That is impossible,” Lu Chuwan scoffed. “Even our family cannot cooperate with the Li Family. You’ve overestimated her.”

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