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Chapter 143: You Are Fired – 1

The argument in Laboratory 927 in the capital was becoming more and more intense.

“It has been two days. How come the post is still there?

“What the hell is the IT department doing? How dare they ignore my orders? My daughter doesn’t need any backdoor connections. Besides, what could No.1 High School possibly have to offer her?

“Higher-ups? Who the hell are they? Ask them to come and find me!

“Stop the antisocial personality bullsh*t. She’s the nicest girl I’ve ever met! It was the worst decision ever to let her out of here! I want you to get her back here right now!”

The head of the relevant department on the other side of the line was trembling in fear.

The false accusations against Fu Zhi on the internet were caused by a psychological phenomenon known as the bandwagon effect. People would not bother to look into the truth of the matter before they joined in the crusade against Fu Zhi because everybody else was doing it.

Most importantly, there was smoking-gun evidence of Fu Zhi getting into No.1 High School because of her father’s donation, not to mention that people loved to gossip about topics related to prestigious families.

Therefore, there was more than one reason that had led to this situation.

However, Fu Zhao did not care about any of this.

He just knew that people were slandering his daughter on the internet. He did not understand what was so great about He Ming. Why was everyone making such a big fuss about meeting up with him? He was really slow with his research, and did they not know that Fu Zhi was his mentor?

Fu Zhao bought himself a ticket the same day. He wanted to take his daughter back to the laboratory, away from the stupid people out there.

Were it not for Fu Zhi’s five other fathers, he would have done it already.

“The more we want to cover it up, the greater the rebound is. You have to believe that Zhizhi can handle this kind of situation herself. Even if she’s pushed to a corner, the government will step forward to protect her as well. The reason we sent her out is that we want her to interact with the outside world and have a normal life. Besides, she and Xu Wei…”

He paused for a while before adding, “Anyway, the second and the third test products have been labeled as dangerous. As soon as they show even the slightest sign of antisocial personality, they will be put down. You don’t want this to happen to Zhizhi as well, right?”

On Monday, the school was notified that Li Nanli was coming to No.1 High School for an inspection. Therefore, every teacher and student in the school was mobilized to conduct a mass cleaning.

Fu Zhi’s tailbone did not hurt anymore, so she went back to school early.

There were only seven students in her class.

The moment she entered her classroom, she saw her textbooks, reference books, and homework all scattered on the floor. She even saw footprints on her books.

It was quiet in Class 21. Everyone present in the classroom was looking at Fu Zhi meaningfully.

“Who did this?” Fu Zhi asked, her voice low and cold. Her jaw was set, and her eyes shone with a dangerous light.

Tian Nuo stood up. “I did it. So what?”

Then, she marched toward Fu Zhi and pointed at her, “Everything you have now was acquired with dirty tricks. So long as you don’t get out of No.1 High School, I’ll do it again!”

Several internet celebrities had reposted the news about Fu Zhi, and because of this, many people were signing a petition on the internet to rip No.1 High School of its status as the key high school in Yu City. Many students and teachers of the school were not happy with the effect Fu Zhi had had on their school either.

As the “victim” of the incident, as well as one of the people who despised Fu Zhi the most, Tian Nuo had done this because she felt that Fu Zhi would not dare do anything at the moment.

Suddenly, Fu Zhi stretched her arm forward, grabbed her finger, and pulled it backward.


No sooner had Tian Nuo let out a pained scream than she had grabbed her collar and flung her into the classroom.

Tian Nuo closed her eyes in fear, and by the time she opened them, she realized she was merely five centimeters away from the corner of Fu Zhi’s desk.

Standing beside her, Fu Zhi ordered her with an emotionless face. “Pick up my textbooks and apologize to me.”

“Fu Zhi!” Tian Nuo shouted, but Fu Zhi paid her no mind. She could feel the hand around her neck tightening while she got closer to the corner of the table.

For a moment, cold sweat pebbled down her back as she was enveloped in a chrysalis of fear and pain.

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