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Chapter 116: Bring Zhizhi Over – 2

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Madam Lu could not handle the excruciating pain anymore.

Since Dr. Liang had said she was going to die, she just wanted Fu Zhi to do something so that she could pass on painlessly.

After three minutes, Mama Liu arrived at the ancestral hall. She knocked on the door and asked respectfully, “Ms. Fu Zhi, can I come in?”

“Holy… Why is Mama Liu here?!” Lu Yumo shouted before he soon calmed down. He covered Fu Zhi’s mouth, pitched his voice low, and said, “Shh, keep quiet, Zhizhi, or they’ll know I’m here.”

Fu Zhi, who had not said a word since the beginning, fell silent.

Lu Yumo let go of her and began pacing back and forth in the ancestral hall.

He regretted that he had not forced Fu Zhi to go through the dog hole just now. However, when Mama Liu knocked on the door again, he stood in front of Fu Zhi and said heroically, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you no matter what. When Mama Liu comes in, I’ll help you stall her. In the meantime, you will rush toward the door. Don’t worry about me, they won’t beat me to death.”

“They won’t beat you to death,” Fu Zhi said. “That’s because it’s illegal to kill someone in our country.”

Lu Yumo had no idea why but he felt like she was saying that if the law allowed it, he would have been beaten to death a long time ago.

Then, before she let Mama Liu in, she reminded him in a stern voice, “It’s not an easy task for the government to come out with laws to protect you. You must be grateful to the country and become someone useful to it.”

Lu Yumo was stumped.

He thought for a while and concluded that she was right.

Lu Yumo did not dare fight back or say anything else. He was so absorbed into his thoughts that he did not pounce on Mama Liu like he’d said he would when Mama Liu came in.

“Ms. Fu Zhi, madam wants you to go see her in her room right now.” Perhaps the day was hot, as Mama Liu sounded nervous.

Fu Zhi stared at her but did not say anything.

It was only then that Lu Yumo snapped back to reality. Perhaps he was too overwhelmed by the things Fu Zhi had just told him, as he opened his mouth and said, “Why does grandma want to see her in her room? We’re now living in an era governed by law. If you guys try to beat Zhizhi, I’ll call the police!”

Mama Liu waved her hands. “No, you’ve misunderstood, Young Master Yumo.”

Mama Liu had worked under Madam Lu for a very long time, but this was the first time Lu Yumo saw her so nervous.

On the other side, Fu Zhi replied in a calm voice, “She’s dying soon, so why does she want to see me now?”

She did not address Madam Lu as her grandma. It was apparent that she was angry with everyone right now.

Mama Liu’s expression changed after she heard what Fu Zhi had said. She hastily replied, “Ms. Fu Zhi… Madam knows she was wrong. She’s very apologetic for the things that happened just now. She wants me to invite you over to her room to take a look at her.”

Fu Zhi replied, “Alright, I accept her apology. However, I like the quiet atmosphere here, so I don’t want to leave yet.”

Mama Liu was left speechless.

She nearly started crying. “Please, Ms. Fu Zhi, I’m begging you. You’re the only one who can save madam right now. You don’t want your father to lose his mother as well, right?”

Fu Zhi’s expression changed a little when Mama Liu mentioned Lu Jingqing. She pointed at the imperial edict scroll and said, “I want that. As compensation.”

The imperial edict in the ancestral hall was an indenture passed down by the Lu Family’s ancestors. In other words, those who held this imperial edict had the power to command the Lus to do anything within the realm of morality.

This was something beyond Mama Liu’s power. However, Madam Lu was in a critical condition. Since Fu Zhi was their only hope, she nodded in the end.

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