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Chapter 117: Stop Taking The Medicine

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Fu Zhi followed Mama Liu to Madam Lu’s room.

Bai Yao did not want Fu Zhi to treat Madam Lu. However, before she could say anything, Lu Chuwan tugged at her and said, “There’s no way she can save grandma. If grandma died because of her, Uncle Lu Jingqing and his family would have to take responsibility.”

Lu Chuwan’s face was dark while all of them were waiting for Fu Zhi to arrive.

Initially, she’d regarded Fu Zhi as nothing, as she had not thought that she could affect her position in the Lu Family. That was why she had been willing to share the dresses she did not like with her.

However, Xu Wei’s changes, her family’s attitude toward Fu Zhi, as well as the resentful look that her grandmother had given her had left a thorn in her heart.

She knew Fu Zhi could not save Madam Lu, so she wanted to seize this opportunity and push her into a situation that would render her unable to ever redeem herself.

Lu Chuwan said they were going to push all the blame on Fu Zhi.

Bai Yao was happy.

The Lu Family’s property and their company were the reasons she’d stayed in the household to take care of Madam Lu. She did not want Lu Jingqing to get everything.

However, things had changed now.

Lu Ning thought it was too risky to seek medical advice from a young girl. It was just that the young girl was pretty and had given Lu Ning a good impression based on her looks.

She asked, “You’re Fu Zhi, right? I’m Aunt Ning. I think you should be very aware of your grandma’s condition. If you don’t know anything about medicine, I’d suggest you stay out of this.”

Fu Zhi raised her head and looked at her. She blinked her beautiful eyes and said in a soothing voice, “Don’t worry, Aunt Ning.”

Perhaps she had not had any water for too long, as her voice sounded slightly hoarse.

Lu Ning was stunned as an idea popped up in her mind. ‘How many years will I spend in jail for kidnapping a child?’

She had the urge to steal Fu Zhi and take her back to the capitol.

Fu Zhi, who did not notice the light in Lu Ning’s eyes, added, “I’ve studied traditional Chinese medicine before, so I can save her.”

“You’ve studied traditional Chinese medicine before?” Lu Ning was shocked. “Traditional Chinese medicine has been passed down in our country for more than 1,000 years. Not only do you have a pretty face, but you’re also very hardworking. I’m sure you’ll be very successful in the future.”

Fu Zhi replied naturally, “Thank you.”

Lu Yumo, who stood aside and wanted to poke Fu Zhi’s forehead with his finger, was speechless.

‘Can’t you be a little humbler?’

“But there are a lot of fake traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. Besides, Ms. Fu Zhi is still very young, so I don’t think she has the qualifications to issue a prescription,” Dr. Liang commented rationally as he took his gloves off.

Then, he turned to Madam Lu and said, “Just as I said earlier on, I’ll take Ms. Fu Zhi’s medicine back to test it. In the meantime, I’ll prescribe some painkillers and soothing tablets for you. This medicine should be enough to last you for three more days so you can settle your affairs.”

Madam Lu insisted on taking Fu Zhi’s medicine.

The medicine given to her by Dr. Liang could not relieve her of the excruciating feeling she’d had since she had vomited blood and the pain in her chest. However, she felt a lot better after taking Fu Zhi’s medicine. She wanted to pass away painlessly.

Dr. Liang frowned.

Madam Lu said, “This is my body, so I have the right to say what I want to take. Zhizhi, give me another bottle of medicine.”

There were only 10 tablets in a bottle, and she had only two tablets left.

Fu Zhi shook her head. Then, she said, “Your condition is not that serious at all. You don’t have to take such good medicine.”

Madam Lu was stunned.

‘Are you deaf? Can’t you hear the doctor say I’m dying?’

It went without saying that Fu Zhi knew she was dying. However, her medicine was expensive and she did not think Madam Lu deserved it. “I’ll give you another kind of medicine. Even though it’s cheaper, it’s more than enough to cure your illness. As for the medicine I gave you earlier, you should stop taking it starting today.”

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