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Chapter 903: Accompany You

That person? What person? The question baffled Chu Liuyue.

Looking at her expression, Jiang Yucheng suddenly understood something. It seems like she still doesn’t remember…

This instantly made him feel better.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes, and a thought surfaced in her mind. Jiang Yucheng seems to know about my loss of memory!

But just as she was about to continue asking, Jiang Yucheng suddenly moved and hurriedly went forward!

He was a stage-seven warrior, so even though he was injured, the strength he suddenly exerted still couldn’t be underestimated!

A silver light flashed across as he whipped out his longsword and directly went against the Long Yuan Sword!

Murderous intent flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes as she raised her wrist.


The two longswords hit each other harshly!


A crisp cracking sound was heard!

Jiang Yucheng’s sword was directly sliced down the middle and turned into halves by the Long Yuan Sword!

This sword was actually a Yuan instrument that Jiang Yucheng treasured, and it could be considered a good sword. It was a pity that it couldn’t be compared to the Long Yuan Sword at all, directly breaking once it went against the other weapon.

But Jiang Yucheng didn’t panic at all as he took advantage of the time when the longsword was broken to go forward quickly! His hand went straight for Chu Liuyue’s neck!

Chu Liuyue saw it clearly, and there seemed to be a purplish-black mark appearing on his hand!

A dangerous aura loomed over her! The next moment, Jiang Yucheng was already half a step away from Chu Liuyue!

The crowd gasped!

The situation is already in this state, but he hasn’t given up and chose to go against the Princess directly?!

The Long Yuan Sword was indeed extremely strong, but Jiang Yucheng’s attack came too quickly and suddenly!


“Your Highness!”

Worried shouts came from all directions, but this happened too suddenly. The others didn’t even have time to go up and help!

They watched on as Jiang Yucheng’s hand was about to strangle Chu Liuyue’s neck tightly!

Chu Liuyue went on her toes and swiftly avoided it. At the same time, a transparent fire suddenly came out from her palm and quickly enveloped her body.

The scorching temperature made Jiang Yucheng’s brows twitch!

Seeing Chu Liuyue’s transparent fire, the familiar burn suddenly came!


Just as he was dazed at that moment, Chu Liuyue had already avoided his attack! She then raised her leg and kicked forward, directly kicking Jiang Yucheng out!


The bone-cracking sound was extremely clear!


Jiang Yucheng harshly fell onto the floor!

He was originally injured, so Chu Liuyue’s sudden blow was adding oil to the fire. However, he didn’t care about his injury as he struggled to look at Chu Liuyue with much shock. “You were the one who attacked me that day! You disguised as Xia Mu!”

He didn’t feel it previously, but after this round of close-quarters combat, he suddenly realized that the cunning and harsh fighting method was too familiar!

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up. “That’s right!”

Immense uneasiness overwhelmed Jiang Yucheng’s heart, and he touched his chest as if he wanted to take something out.

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t give him this chance. She stared straight at Jiang Yucheng and clearly hollered, “Explode!”

Then, Jiang Yucheng felt a rush of fire entering his dantian—it was excruciating!

Previously, his stomach would faintly hurt from time to time, but he never took it to heart. But at this point, he stunningly discovered that this force had already burned all the way to his dantian!

“No—” The moment he said this, he felt a crazy and terrifying aura exploding in his dantian!


His pearl of essence broke, and his dantian was damaged!

The intense pain made Jiang Yucheng’s vision go blank, and he almost fainted!

He had previously used all sorts of methods to store his force, but it started to flow crazily as he had lost control.

Everything happened in just one moment. Without waiting for the crowd to react, Jiang Yucheng was already lying on the floor with a pool of blood underneath and looked extremely unkempt.

A fist-sized blood hole appeared in his stomach. All the muscles in his body also started cracking due to the impact of his body’s force.

Bloody wounds appeared all over his body, looking terrifying!

Jiang Yucheng lost some of his consciousness as blood flew into his eyes, causing them to turn red. He lay on the floor and wasn’t sure which part of his body hurt more. It turns out… It turns out it really is her! She had already started planning all of this then—no, perhaps even earlier!

The transparent fire quickly spread across Jiang Yucheng’s body!

Chu Liuyue looked down at him from above and tilted her head. “How does this feel?”

They should also experience the heart-wrenching pain I felt back then!

Jiang Yucheng wanted to convert his force into a barrier and defend against the transparent fire’s attack, but this fire seed had been buried in his body for a very long time before it directly imploded from the inside.

How could he defend against it? Besides, with his damaged pearl of essence, his entire person was just a good-for-nothing.

Jiang Lizuo watched on from the side, and his heart ached more than ever.

However, everyone had clearly seen that it was Jiang Yucheng who instinctively attacked the Princess earlier! He deserved to die in such circumstances!

How would he dare to beg for mercy again?

Jiang Lizuo’s vision blurred as he thought of the entire Jiang family’s end. He was devastated as his blood hurled up, and he directly fainted.

Immediately, the Black Guards at the side brought him down.

The scene in front of them was very messy, but it was also organized in some manner.

A smart person could tell that the Princess’s people had already done all the necessary preparations. Everything that happened today was within her control!

Jiang Yucheng rolled on the floor in excruciating pain, wanting to extinguish the fire on his body. However, the fire from the Heavenly Square Cauldron was too strong. How could it be settled so easily?

Jiang Yucheng could even hear his surrounding bloodstains being burned and making the ‘zz, zz’ sound.

All his muscles, blood, and bones… were suffering immense pain!

Finally, Jiang Yucheng spat out a few words with much difficulty. “I-if you want to kill me, just do it!”

However, Chu Liuyue suddenly raised her bare hands, and the transparent fire seemed to receive the command. The fire rapidly gathered and finally formed a tiny ball before flying into the air and jumping onto Chu Liuyue’s palm.

If one didn’t take a closer look, they wouldn’t be able to identify that it was a spirit-like, transparent fire spark.

Following this, Chu Liuyue raised her sword and tilted the sword tip to slash a wound on Jiang Yucheng’s chest.

Without waiting for her ex-fiancé to react, she flicked her finger, and the fire spark entered Jiang Yucheng’s heart.

“Don’t worry. I can’t bear to kill you now.” Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up. “In the future, I think you won’t be lonely with this fire seed accompanying you.”

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