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Chapter 902: That Person Helped You, Right?

Shangguan Wan was already numb because she had long known that Jiang Yucheng didn’t treat her genuinely at all! He currently wants to push all the blame to me, so why would he even speak up for me? Thinking about it now, all the romance and sweet nothings in the past few years were just my wishful thinking! This meticulously planned and highly anticipated wedding eventually became a gigantic joke!

Shangguan Wan hopelessly closed her eyes, and her tears seemed to be dried as she was just left with an empty heart. Then, she directly fainted, her eyes flipping over.

“Bring her down and take ‘good care’ of her,” said Chu Liuyue lightly.

“Yes!” Qi Han acknowledged the order as he hurriedly dragged Shangguan Wan down, leaving a scary pool of blood on the ground—an indicator of whatever happened here before.

The crowd watched this scene silently and was stunned. Who would’ve thought that the delighted Shangguan Wan would end up in such a state overnight? From today onward, this piece of land will drastically change…

From start to end, someone still seemed nonchalant to everything—Jiang Yucheng. Even if he saw his newly-wedded wife ending up in such a state, his face didn’t have much of an expression as if it had nothing to do with him.

Only the empty and bloodstained arm sleeve reminded people that he had lost half his arm previously.

Chu Liuyue looked at Jiang Yucheng and turned her wrist.


The Long Yuan Sword went forward, the black blade gleaming with ice-cold light as it let out sinister, murderous intent. It was as though it could directly kill Jiang Yucheng the next second.

“Now, it’s your turn!”

“Your Highness!” A hurried and sorrowful cry came, and then a figure suddenly rushed up from behind, blocking Jiang Yucheng.


He directly kneeled on the floor.

It was Jiang Lizuo.

His delighted and arrogant expression had completely disappeared at this point, leaving behind a face filled with panic and loss. He kneeled there as he looked up at Chu Liuyue in despair. “Your Highness, please spare Yucheng!”

Chu Liuyue’s gaze changed, and she looked at him as if it were very funny. “Grand Tutor Jiang, you should’ve clearly heard what happened earlier, right? Why do you still have the cheek to say such words of mercy now? Jiang Yucheng collaborated with Shangguan Wan to poison my father and me. He even fabricated an imperial edict, framed loyal subjects, and even tried to kill the entire Chong Xu Cabinet! Which of such actions aren’t worthy of convicting him? I really want to know on what basis you want me to let him off now?”

Jiang Lizuo broke out into a cold sweat, and his face was pale.

How could he not know how serious these crimes were!? However, Jiang Yucheng was his eldest son and the one he doted on the most.

When he saw Jiang Yucheng’s arm being cut off, he almost jumped out. But at that point, he was stunned by the continuous happenings and just endured it.

But after hearing whatever Chu Liuyue was saying now—she clearly wanted Jiang Yucheng’s life—how could he sit still?

“Y-Yucheng always liked you, Your Highness. Why would he harm you? Shangguan Wan might hate you, but… Yucheng doesn’t! T-there must be a misunderstanding here!”

“When you were preparing for your wedding two years ago, Yucheng personally handled every single aspect on the Jiang family’s side. He wanted to successfully marry you more than anyone else. Why would he do such a thing behind your back?!”

Jiang Lizuo kowtowed. “Your Highness, Yucheng had already liked you many years ago! He admired you for so many years, and it’s impossible for him to betray you!”

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly. “So you’re saying that I remembered the person who killed me wrongly?”

Jiang Lizuo was stumped. “P-perhaps he was forced…”

“Grand Tutor Jiang.” Chu Liuyue interrupted him with a nonchalant expression. “Don’t just beg for mercy for your son. You should beg for your entire Jiang family as well.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Lizuo was suddenly dazed. “W-what?”

“Jiang Yucheng has committed so many crimes. Do you really think your Jiang family can escape from this unscathed? Just the crime of trying to murder Father alone is enough to wipe out your entire family clan. You can’t even protect yourself, so why do you still have the energy to beg for mercy for Jiang Yucheng?” Chu Liuyue reminded him kindly, “If you really want to cry, why don’t you cry for your entire Jiang family.”

Jiang Lizuo really didn’t think of this. Too many things had happened today, and he was too impacted, so he couldn’t think of such implications.

When he saw Shangguan Wan’s miserable state earlier, he was petrified that Jiang Yucheng would end up in the same manner. Hence, he hurriedly rushed out. However, he didn’t think that the entire Jiang family would be implicated by Jiang Yucheng!

Chu Liuyue’s words struck Jiang Lizuo in the head and suddenly woke him up! His pale and cracked lips violently trembled as his eyes turned dazed before showing immense horror. That’s right! This will implicate the entire family clan! Previously, we could say that the previous evidence wasn’t sufficient and that there was still room for argument. But now that the Princess and His Majesty have personally stepped up and proved that Jiang Yucheng did everything back then, what’s there to argue about?

“Yucheng… Yucheng! Quickly, say something!” Jiang Lizuo instinctively looked at Jiang Yucheng.

This son had been his pride since he was young as he was always the most outstanding one in every aspect. Later on, he was even more delighted and elated when he had a marriage agreement with the Princess.

There were so many handsome and talented lads in the Tianling Dynasty, yet the Princess chose Yucheng! Anyone would be envious of him!

But when he originally thought that everything was going smoothly, the Princess suddenly died, and the marriage was voided. Jiang Lizuo was very disappointed at first, but Jiang Yucheng actually became close to Shangguan Wan gradually.

He also smoothly took over many affairs after the Princess’s death because he had helped the latter with those matters when she was alive. With this, he rapidly became the most powerful person in the entire Tianling Dynasty.

Jiang Lizuo was naturally happy about this. He had never asked about anything in detail and just felt that this son of his was very capable, so he safely enjoyed everyone’s flattering and envy.

Who would’ve thought that he did such things in the dark?

Now that everything was exposed, he couldn’t hide anymore!

Not only would the wealth and fame they enjoyed turn into naught, but the entire Jiang family would also be implicated!

Jiang Yucheng didn’t even care about Jiang Lizuo’s angry scoldings and begging as he simply looked at Chu Liuyue. Other than the initial shock, he seemed to have calmed down at this point. “I didn’t expect that you were still alive.”

Once Jiang Yucheng spoke, Jiang Lizuo immediately collapsed onto the floor in defeat as his face turned gray. He admitted it!

Chu Liuyue’s red lips curled up slightly. “Yeah, are you very disappointed that I’m alive?”

Jiang Yucheng didn’t answer her, but his expression turned strange. “That person helped you, right?”

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