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Chapter 851: The Eve of the Wedding

“Well, that’s what happened… We don’t know where to begin the search since we don’t even know where the item is.” While Xiahou Rong recounted what happened back then, Xiahou Tingan remained kneeling on the floor in repentance. “It’s all because I failed to teach my son well that he did such a thing. He deserves to be sentenced to death, b-but… Could you please spare his life for my sake? He might be able to identify the thief…”

Xiahou Rong had never pleaded with anyone in such a humble manner before, but he had now thrown away his pride and ego for the sake of his son.

Jiang Yucheng burst out laughing out of anger. “Do you even know what you’re saying, Lord Xiahou?”

Xiahou Rong stopped talking. He was feeling quite apprehensive himself as he had not only lost the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill, but he might even face a bigger calamity. It was obvious that the other party had come prepared given how well-executed and detailed their plan had been. If someone were to reveal it… The consequences will be unthinkable!

He was trembling with fear as he wiped the sweat on his forehead with his sleeve. He didn’t dare to tell Jiang Yucheng that it was very likely that the other party had heard what he said the other day because not even he himself would be able to escape punishment if Jiang Yucheng found out about this, much less his son.

He tried to defend both himself and his son. “I know we did wrong this time, Eldest Young Master Jiang, so we’d like to make it up to you.”

Jiang Yucheng sneered as if he had just heard the world’s greatest joke. “Make it up to me?”

“Y-yes… Think about it, Eldest Young Master Jiang… How many people in the world can come up with such a meticulous plan to steal the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill?”

Jiang Yucheng’s eyes grew round. “You mean—”

“Those people… have probably quietly returned!”

Shangguan Wan stormed back to Huayang Palace and threw a huge fit there. Although she wasn’t sure if Jiang Yucheng had been telling the truth, she knew that it was useless for her to kick up a fuss if he was hell-bent on not returning the Nine Clouds Yuan Recovery Pill to her.

Any lingering longing and expectations that she might’ve had for Jiang Yucheng in the past had been completely wiped out by what he said earlier. Regardless of whether he had said it intentionally or not, she wouldn’t forgive him for it. Thus, after calming down and giving the matter much thought, she felt that it was better to rely on herself and heal her Yuan meridian by force.

When Chu Liuyue and the others personally sent Mu Hongyu back to Dragon Teeth Mountain the next day, news of their safe return from Dahuang Swamp quickly spread across the entire Xi Ling.

It was the talk of the town, and everyone had different reactions to this news. Some rejoiced while others were jealous. It was only natural that everyone was curious about this matter since the group suddenly appeared in Xi Ling again when it was thought that they were dead.

Another piece of news soon reached the masses’ ears—not only did Chu Liuyue successfully contract a legendary fiend, but she had also managed to pick a Dancing Lotus. Nobody in the Tianling Dynasty—except for the ancestor—had ever contracted a legendary fiend, and the Dancing Lotus was a rare herb that bloomed once every 500 years. Thus, owning either of these things could attract the envy and jealousy of countless people, let alone both of them.

It was precisely for the sake of a legendary fiend’s blood and the precious treasures that Shangguan Wan had led 1,000 Black Guards and numerous disciples from the various clans to Dahuang Swamp. However, not only did they suffer heavy casualties, but they even returned in defeat with nothing gained. This formed a great contrast to Chu Liuyue’s glorious return.

After two days of hard work, Shangguan Wan finally healed her Yuan meridian on the eve of her wedding, although it was just barely at the Dijing grade—just like she had expected. While this was considered not bad when compared to the average person, it wasn’t enough for someone of her status. She couldn’t even be compared to the numerous geniuses with a Dijing Yuan meridian in Xi Ling City.

Although she was greatly upset about this, there was nothing she could do about it at the moment. After all, it had been hard enough getting her Yuan meridian healed to this state.

I wouldn’t be in this situation if Shangguan Yue hadn’t immolated herself and destroyed my Yuan meridian as a result… Vexation rose within her, but at the thought that it was her big day tomorrow, she tried her best to suppress her anger.

Shangguan Wan then decided that she should go visit the Emperor to see if he showed any signs of waking up and thus headed over to Qingfeng Palace with Chan Yi.

On the way there though, she noticed the strange atmosphere within the palace. She couldn’t pinpoint what exactly was wrong, but she could feel that the servants were looking at her strangely.

She was just about to enter Qingfeng Palace when she heard whispering voices on the other side of the door. “Hey, have you heard the news? Chu Liuyue has returned!”

This piece of news shocked Shangguan Wan so much that she was left momentarily dazed. Chu Liuyue… is back? How can that be? Isn’t she dead?!

When Chan Yi wanted to go up and tell the servants off, Shangguan Wan stopped her.

The servants were still talking. “How come you didn’t hear the news? It wasn’t only her though. The rest of Chong Xu Cabinet’s disciples came back safe and sound as well!”

“That’s nothing! She contracted a legendary fiend and has seemingly even come back with a Dancing Lotus… On top of that, the legendary fiend is what injured Her Highness!”

“Everyone thought that Chu Liuyue was dead, but she turned out to be so lucky! Isn’t that as good as slapping Her Highness in the face? She left in a grand fashion with such a huge entourage, yet she returned with nothing. She can’t even be compared to Chu Liuyue. If I were Her Highness, I’d be so ashamed that I would hide in a hole!”

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