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Chapter 852: You May Stay Behind

A horrified expression appeared on Chan Yi’s face as she glanced at Shangguan Wan. “I’ll punish these people right—”

Shangguan Wan, however, raised her hand to stop Chan Yi. She then walked past the doors and turned to see a few palace maids whispering to each other. She darkly asked, “What are you talking about?”

Startled by the sudden voice, the palace maids looked up and realized that it was Shangguan Wan who had posed them the question. Color drained from their faces, and they immediately went down on their knees to beg for forgiveness. “Y-Your Highness… Please have mercy on us, Your Highness!”

They were certain that Shangguan Wan had overheard their conversation.

“Did you just say… Chu Liuyue is back?” asked Shangguan Wan in a calm and gentle voice.

The question sounded extremely dangerous in the palace maids’ ears though. “N-no… We weren’t—”


Chan Yi stepped forward and gave the speaker a tight slap across the face. “Her Highness is asking you a question! You better come clean, or I’ll cut off your tongues!”

Knowing how vicious and ruthless Chan Yi could be, everyone in the palace was terrified of her. Seeing her fly into a rage made their fear intensify, so they naturally dared not hide anything from her. Thus, the palace maids spilled everything they knew.

The more Shangguan Wan listened, the darker her countenance became. “Where did you hear all that from?”

“T-the news has spread across the palace… And we found out about this by accident… Please investigate the truth, Your Highness!” The palace maids felt immensely aggrieved, for everyone in Xi Ling City was probably talking about this matter, but they were the only ones who got caught. But considering that there was no way for Shangguan Wan to punish everyone who was talking about this matter, they could only count themselves as plain unlucky.

Shangguan Wan’s eyelids twitched. She could naturally hear the insinuation behind the palace maids’ words. They were saying that she was the only one still in the dark when everyone had already heard the news regarding Chu Liuyue. I didn’t expect such things to happen outside when I was in seclusion for the past two days to heal my Yuan meridian!

Realizing her mistake, Chan Yi hastily apologized to Shangguan Wan. “Your Highness, it was an oversight on my part—”

The reason why Chan Yi only heard the news now was that she had been guarding Huayang Palace for the past two days and had never even left the palace grounds. Besides, no subordinate of hers would take the initiative to share such matters with her given how afraid they were of her. Thus, this was why she and Shangguan Wan became the last to know about the news.

Shangguan Wan’s expression darkened considerably as she turned around and left.

“Your Highness, what about His Majesty?” asked Chan Yi instinctively. Doesn’t she intend to go in and take a look at His Majesty since we’re already here?

“I have something more important to do now! Go and summon Chu Liuyue to the palace! Tell her that I’m asking her to treat the Emperor!” Shangguan Wan sneered. She has both the legendary fiend and the Dancing Lotus, huh? Since she’s so capable, I’ll have to make good use of her!

In Xi Ling City.

In a mansion on Six Clouds Street, Chu Liuyue was sitting by the window, playing chess with herself. Although the white pieces were on the offensive, the black pieces had quietly surrounded the white pieces and could win the game in just one move.

“How boring…” Chu Liuyue muttered to herself. It’s not fun to play chess on my own. If only Rong Xiu is here…

Just then, Qiang Wanzhou entered the room with a cup of ginger tea. He walked over to Chu Liuyue’s side and replaced the old cup of tea with the new.

“Little Zhou, aren’t you way too skilled at this? You even know when to change the tea.” Chu Liuyue looked up and smiled as she paused her game and tossed the black chess piece back into the chess jar. Tea doesn’t taste good when it gets too cold or hot. I often forget the time when I concentrate on playing chess, but the taste and the temperature of the tea are always just right each time I drink it. Of course, the credit has to go to Little Zhou. I wonder how that person trained him back then…

“That’s nothing. I’d be useless if I can’t even do such trivial things well.” Little Zhou lowered his gaze, his eyelashes fluttering slightly. He had done such tasks so many times in the past that he could do them even with his eyes closed.

Someone knocked on the door just then.

Chu Liuyue cocked an eyebrow. “Let them in.”

Qiang Wanzhou nodded. He then turned around and left to open the door.

The main entrance door creaked open to reveal Qin Yi and Lei Laosi standing outside. The former smiled. “It seems like we found the right place.”

Qiang Wanzhou took a step back and invited them inside. “Please come in.”

Qin Yi nodded and entered the mansion together with Lei Laosi.

As Lei Laosi looked around the place, he couldn’t resist murmuring, “Isn’t this Elder Song’s place? Why did it become Her—her place?”

“Elder Song values friendship dearly.” Qin Yi’s lips curled up slightly as his phoenix eyes glinted. Her Highness loved to come here in the past. I heard that Weichi Song sold off a good number of his belongings when he was experiencing financial difficulties but didn’t touch this mansion. It must be fate that this mansion belongs to Her Highness in the end.

Qiang Wanzhou frowned as he followed behind them.

Other than the first night where they stayed at Chong Xu Cabinet, they had been staying in this mansion ever since they returned to Xi Ling. Chu Liuyue basically spent her time here leisurely playing chess or reading books as if she had no idea that the people outside were talking about her.

Given how the news of her return had spread across the entire Xi Ling in just one night, there was no way anyone would believe that nobody was helping to spread the news. However, only a few people knew that it was Chu Liuyue herself.

And today, Qin Yi and Lei Laosi came knocking on their door. This should’ve been their first time here, but they seemed to be very familiar with this place. They knew where to go even without Qiang Wanzhou showing them around.

Qiang Wanzhou pursed his lips. From way earlier, he had this vague suspicion that the two men knew Chu Liuyue from a long time ago. While others might not be able to notice anything, he could tell that they treated her with great respect since he was especially sensitive when it came to such matters.

Both Qin Yi and Lei Laosi were extremely strong in their own right. Given that Chu Liuyue’s cultivation level was a lot lower than theirs, it didn’t make sense that they treated her in such a careful manner. Not to mention that the Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant they had painstakingly kept watch over became Chu Liuyue’s contracted fiend after it broke through to become a legendary fiend.

All of this pointed to a shocking answer—there was a great secret behind all these matters.

Soon, the trio arrived at the room where Chu Liuyue was in.

Upon hearing their arrival, Chu Liuyue looked up and beamed at the guests. “Your arrival is timely. I was just about to go and look for you.”

Qin Yi smiled when he saw the ongoing chess game on the table. Her Highness is still such a joker. It’s obvious that she was waiting for us to come over on our own.

Chu Liuyue smiled and looked at Qiang Wanzhou, who was planning to leave the room. “Little Zhou, you may stay behind.”

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