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Chapter 823: White Lion

The moment Qin Yi and Lei Laosi heard this, their expressions became slightly solemn. Only they knew the true meaning behind this sentence—Not only was she Chu Liuyue, but she was more of Shangguan Yue!

This empire that originally belonged to her was once stolen away by others using despicable methods. Now, she was finally back to reclaim everything she had lost.

The girl in front of them dressed ordinarily and looked a little slim, but her pair of black gem-like eyes were filled with peerless dignity!

If it weren’t because Mu Hongyu and the other two were still here, Lei Laosi would almost directly go down on one knee and bow to her! Her Highness… is indeed Her Highness! I didn’t wait all this while for nothing!

Qin Yi glanced at him with a gentle gaze.

For close to two years, they had stayed here. Actually, they didn’t even know if Her Highness was really still alive and when she would come back.

From start to end, they only lasted to this point because of the persistence in their hearts. Now that they could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel… Even he was feeling emotional, let alone Four.

Qiang Wanzhou looked over as if he sensed something. For some reason, he kept feeling that Qin Yi and the rest treated Chu Liuyue very differently…

Even though he wasn’t very good with the ways of life, he had a sensitive beast-like instinct. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t really stay around them in such a relaxed manner and wait for Chu Liuyue to come out together.

He looked at Chu Liuyue and saw that her gaze was deep. One couldn’t see the end of it.

It seems like… She’s hidden many secrets. Qiang Wanzhou looked down. Since she doesn’t want to speak about them now, then I won’t ask. When the day that she wants to speak about it comes, she will naturally do so.

“Liuyue, why were you trapped underground for so long? What exactly happened in between? How did you come out?” After confirming that Chu Liuyue came out safely, Mu Hongyu was completely relaxed. Once she was at ease, she couldn’t help but ask a series of questions.

Chu Liuyue was caught between laughter and tears. “It’s a long story. I’ll slowly tell you about it after we go back.”

Ye Ranran gasped. “Liuyue, you seem to have… broken through again?”

Chu Liuyue blinked. I stayed for around a year inside that sealed Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed’s God Realm. It would really be strange if I didn’t break through.

Her current cultivation level was that of a peak stage-five warrior; she was only a step away from becoming a stage-six warrior.

In actual fact, she had felt herself almost touching that invisible barrier a few times. But as she didn’t have the time to focus on breaking through, she suppressed it.

As long as she wanted, she could step into the stage-six warrior level at any time now!

“I was just lucky,” explained Chu Liuyue briefly.

Ye Ranran’s round face was filled with shock. “Mentor said that luck is also part of your capabilities! Liuyue, when Cabinet Master, Mentor, and all the other senior brothers and sisters see the current you, they will definitely be proud!”

Chu Liuyue laughed and knocked on her forehead. “Do you think I can’t tell? Didn’t all of you break through too?”

Ye Ranran rubbed her forehead and laughed in embarrassment. “I have to thank Big Brother Qin and the rest for chasing me to cultivate and even guiding me in between!”

Chu Liuyue smiled with even deeper meaning as she looked at Qin Yi’s group of two with teasing intent in her eyes. “Then, I’ll really have to thank Big Brother Qin and Big Brother Lei.”

The two of them were very strong, and Qin Yi was especially intelligent. In the entire Tianling Dynasty, countless people would beg to have a word of guidance from him but to no avail.

Now, he did a favor for Mu Hongyu and the rest. This would be very advantageous to them for their future cultivation.

Congcong moved in Mu Hongyu’s arms as she changed position and hugged it with much difficulty. “Congcong, you’re becoming increasingly heavier… If this goes on, I might not be able to lift you up—Hm? Where’s that legendary fiend?”

Mu Hongyu looked up unintentionally and saw that the sky was empty. The white lion that hovered over there before seemed to have disappeared.

Once she said this, the others seemed to remember this incident.

Chu Liuyue asked strangely, “What legendary fiend?”

Mu Hongyu explained, “A gigantic white lion… But it looks dirty. I think it came from the Red Moon Desert.”

When Chu Liuyue heard the front part of the sentence, her heart skipped a beat. A white lion for a legendary fiend? I know one extremely capable white lion—Xue Xue. However, I remember that Xue Xue didn’t seem to be a legendary fiend… Came from the Red Moon Desert… That is even more unlike it.

But she still had a doubt in her heart.

“It left not long before you came out, but I don’t know where it went,” said Qin Yi lightly.

Chu Liuyue nodded in deep thought and temporarily suppressed her doubts. After that, she surveyed the surroundings while thinking of something. “Have the rest… already left?”

Once she said this, the atmosphere fell silent.

Qin Yi lightly said, “Shangguan Wan and the rest thought that you were already dead and quickly left with the rest of them, leaving us here.”

Chu Liuyue nodded.

This was something Shangguan Wan could do.

“Originally, Senior Brother Zhu Hong and the rest wanted to wait for you together with us, but Big Brother Qin said that this place was too dangerous and convinced them to return,” added Mu Hongyu.

Chu Liuyue slightly smiled. “They were all injured back then, so they naturally had to go back as soon as possible.”

They were brought up by Dragon Teeth Mountain after all, so their characters were naturally good.

Ye Ranran asked, “Liuyue, let’s go back now then! Cabinet Master and Mentor are definitely anxious from waiting!”

The majority of the group had already gone back, and they were the only ones still waiting here. The key was that they were stuck here and had no way of sending any news back.

They didn’t know how the people that went back explained to Cabinet Master and the rest… Besides, even they previously weren’t sure if Chu Liuyue could safely come back.

If Cabinet Master and the rest thought that something had happened to Chu Liuyue, they would be heartbroken!

Qin Yi’s gaze moved slightly. If I don’t remember wrongly, Weichi Song should’ve come earlier. It’s a pity that he was with Jiang Yucheng and the rest, so I didn’t let them in. However, Weichi Song should be able to guess something.

Chu Liuyue lightly shook her head. “We’re not in a hurry. I have something else to do now.”

“What?” The few of them looked over in confusion.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and pointed toward Mirror Lake. “To take the Dancing Lotus!”

A flash of white appeared in the blue sky. Then, thick clouds with light shining through them reflected on it!

The entire sky gradually turned into an orange-red color. Finally, a red sun jumped out from the sea of clouds.

Above the Red Moon Desert, the coldness from the night quickly dissipated and gradually became boiling hot as the sun shone down.

A tall black figure was walking through the golden desert. Behind him, a white lion that had already turned into a dirty yellow color was following him.

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