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Chapter 822: I’m Back

Something seemed to be shouting in her heart! That answer was within reach—as if there was only a thin layer of mesh in between.

She would know as long as she poked through it.

At this point, Chu Liuyue’s head started hurting badly! She gasped in pain and held her head.

It was as if someone was holding an axe and kept swinging it at her, wanting to split her forehead apart. The excruciating pain made Chu Liuyue clench her teeth, and her entire body trembled.

After some time, the pain gradually subsided.

Chu Liuyue’s forehead was filled with tiny beads of sweat. Her lips had turned pale, and her entire person was covered in sweat as if she had just been pulled out of the water.

She leaned against the stone wall at the side and rested for some time before she gradually recovered. She was clearly very close to that answer, but there seemed to be an invisible hand stopping her and not letting her proceed further.

Chu Liuyue sighed deeply and looked up at the dark sky as something rippled in the depths of her eyes. Master must know me, and it’s very likely that we were quite close before. But other than the scene by the cliff, I can’t remember anything else.

After standing at the spot and thinking for a moment, Chu Liuyue decided to set this matter aside. It’s not only Master—the identities of the Big Baby trio are also a mystery… I can only ask them when I see them again! Now, the most important thing is to go out and find the Dancing Lotus!

The moment Chu Liuyue had this idea, she suddenly felt a sensation from the dantian.

She was dazed for a moment and realized the ripple was coming from the Heavenly Square Cauldron. It seems to be… the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed?

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyue’s mind, and she summoned the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

A tiny transparent cauldron sat quietly in her palm.

The two emerald Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seeds were floating within, gently moving in one direction.

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes. It’s swaying toward… the position of the Dancing Lotus?

“Tuan Zi!” As she commanded, a red color flashed across her eyes!

Tuan Zi appeared in front of her!

Chu Liuyue looked at its wing and saw that its injury had basically recovered.

A legendary fiend’s recovery strength was originally strong. Additionally, Tuan Zi was a red-tailed phoenix with an extremely strong bloodline power, so this was even more so for it.

Furthermore, the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed had already conceded to Chu Liuyue. The energy it previously saved would no longer harm them and would even help Tuan Zi.

If one didn’t take a close look, they wouldn’t be able to tell that it was injured.

Chu Liuyue felt slightly more at ease.


Tuan Zi spread its wings, and Chu Liuyue jumped onto its back.

Chu Liuyue yelled loudly.

Tuan Zi let out a clear scream, and its wings vibrated as it flew up!


A ground-breaking shrill immediately attracted the attention of the people waiting outside! The few of them seemed to have felt something as they looked up in unison.

The rolling leaf fir—which had already wilted to death—started breaking inch by inch and silently became powder. It then disappeared with the wind!

Qin Yi squinted his eyes.

Lei Laosi couldn’t conceal his excitement and looked at his big brother. When he saw the latter’s expression, he was even more agitated.

Qiang Wanzhou stared at the front closely. His soft golden hair had covered half his face, but his young and pretty face had a rare tinge of nervousness.

Mu Hongyu was originally cultivating, but she rapidly widened her eyes when she heard this.

At the side, Congcong couldn’t help but walk forward two steps as respect and fear flashed across its eyes.

Ye Ranran sensibly detected the change in the atmosphere, and her eyes lit up as she softly said to Mu Hongyu, “Is Liuyue coming out?”

Once she said this, a gigantic figure quickly rushed down.

An ear-piercing howl was heard, and a red tail glided across the sky like fire—it was the red-tailed phoenix!

The crowd focused on it and saw a girl on the red-tailed phoenix’s back. The girl stood with her back straight as she welcomed the wind, her black hair flying up!

If it isn’t Chu Liuyue, who else can it be?

After being in the dark space for a long time, she couldn’t really adjust to her surroundings when she suddenly came out. However, this was before the break of dawn, and the blue sky still had a faint glow to it.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and quickly saw the scene in front of her clearly. She scanned from the corner of her eyes and saw that the gigantic Mystic Forest below her had already wilted to death.

At one glance, it was quiet and silent with a tinge of sinister aura. There were also a few people standing near the mother tree that was gradually vanishing.

“Liuyue!” Mu Hongyu couldn’t hold herself back as she yelled out first and kept waving toward Chu Liuyue, overflowing with excitement and happiness. “Liuyue! We’re here!”

Ye Ranran was also so emotional that her cheeks flushed red. “It really is her! She really came out!”

After such a long wait, nobody knew what kind of torture they had experienced in their hearts. However, it was worth it to have this moment!

Qiang Wanzhou pressed his lips against each other. Even though he didn’t have much of an expression on his face, his crystal-like eyes dazzled. I knew it. I knew all this while that she would definitely be safe.

“Hahaha! I knew it! I knew it!” Lei Laosi’s uneasy heart finally relaxed as he waved his fists and laughed. What kind of person is Her Highness? All of this is expected!

Qin Yi’s lips curled up slightly as he stood with his hands behind his back, and he looked up at that girl.

She was like a god of war that had fought back from hell as her entire body exuded a strong and harsh aura, causing people to bow down to her unwittingly.

Even if she was in a perilous situation, she would definitely think of ways to solve all the difficulties and stand up again. This was… Her Highness that all of them had been following!

Seeing these few people, Chu Liuyue felt her heart warm up. In no time, her limbs seemed to be rejuvenated.

No matter what situation it was, there would always be people who would wait for her persistently.

Meeting their expectant and elated gazes, Chu Liuyue finally understood. I’ve never been battling alone!

“Tuan Zi, let’s go down!” said Chu Liuyue with a smile.

Tuan Zi answered, and its wings vibrated as it rushed toward the ground. The mighty legendary fiend aura immediately enveloped the entire space.

Chu Liuyue jumped down.

Mu Hongyu and Ye Ranran immediately went forward, but when they reached Chu Liuyue, they all widened their eyes in disbelief as they stared at her without blinking. “Liuyue? Liuyue, i-it’s really you!”

Chu Liuyue smiled brightly. Her lips curled up as she pinched the duo’s faces respectively. “Of course, it’s really me!”

Mu Hongyu was slightly better, while Ye Ranran’s eyes turned red directly.

“T-that’s great… I still thought…” As she spoke, her voice had a crying tone to it.

Chu Liuyue’s heart felt warm. “Don’t worry. I’m fine! Am I not doing well?”

She looked up at the remaining three people, and countless emotions gathered in her heart. Finally, they formed a single sentence. “Thank you for waiting for me. I am back.”

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