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Chapter 773: Gather

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At this point, Xue Xue didn’t know that its master had sold it out. It was elated as it directly tore through the space and went in head-first.

It went straight to Dahuang Swamp!

After a while, Rong Xiu retracted his gaze, thought for a moment, and pushed open the door to leave.

“Greetings, Your Grace!” Seeing him come out, the soldiers outside immediately greeted him respectfully!

“Get up.” At this point, Rong Xiu’s expression had already become calm, and nobody could tell his mood. “36 Respected Elder Ming hasn’t returned yet?”

“Your Highness, he hasn’t.”

Rong Xiu squinted his eyes slightly. Considering the time, he has been gone for quite long. According to 36 Respected Elder Ming’s temper, he shouldn’t spend so much time with the people from the Ming Division. I originally didn’t plan to intervene in this as the people from the Ming Division are really hard to deal with. But now, I have to rush to Dahuang Swamp as soon as possible. Hence, I need to find 36 Respected Elder Ming earlier to discuss this matter.

He thought for a moment and went forward.

In the dim space, the surroundings were deadly quiet.

However, Chu Liuyue kept feeling that there were people having hushed discussions. Even though she couldn’t hear it properly, she still vaguely felt that it was there.

After a period of time passed like this, it then gradually quietened down.

She silently glanced at Shangguan Jing, but she didn’t see anything wrong with his expression. It seems like Ancestor really didn’t hear anything. That’s weird…

Chu Liuyue looked down and thought to herself, Did someone purposely let only me hear those voices? But the other party doesn’t seem to have any evil intentions, and… Their voices even have a tinge of unconcealable happiness and love as if… they were once very close to me.

Chu Liuyue thought for some time, but it was in vain. In the end, she still closed her eyes, gathered her thoughts, and continued to absorb the force from the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.


A tiny, crisp sound could be heard as another piece broke off from the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed’s crystal. Then, it silently flew toward Chu Liuyue, merged with the water curtain, and became a water droplet that entered her body.

Seeing this, the trio was stunned.

Even Dugu Mobao—who was filled with anger earlier—was also dazed and stopped his scolding of Rong Xiu. “W-what is she doing? That layer of crystal was formed after the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed absorbed force for thousands of years, and it’s specifically used to protect itself after it matures. She actually swallowed it like that?”

Lan Xiao grunted. “I didn’t expect girlie to become younger and even more capable… See, didn’t I already say that we can’t directly give her the item back then? Now, girlie can even handle it herself!”

This type of premium existence usually had its own spiritual powers. It wasn’t that one couldn’t force it to concede, but with its indignation and anger, there were bound to be aftereffects.

One had to rely on themselves to completely restrict it and convince it before it could truly be their own! This way, they wouldn’t have to worry when they used it in the future!

Even though girlie was biting piece by piece, she was already outstanding! With sufficient time, she could definitely settle the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed with her own abilities!

Diwu Zhangze secretly called it a miracle. “What’s that water curtain? Can you tell? Girlie is only a stage-five warrior now, but with that water curtain, she can actually go against the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed. She’s even winning!”

Lan Xiao looked over, shook his head, and sincerely said, “I can’t tell.”

Dugu Mobao held it in for a while before indignantly saying, “I can’t tell.”

The other two glanced at him in surprise. “Big Baby, you have dominated the mainland for many years and have seen way more treasures than the both of us combined… There are still things that you can’t determine in this world?”

He was hot-tempered and arrogant. It wasn’t easy for him to admit this.

Dugu Mobao waved his hand in frustration. “We’re so far apart. With the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed’s God Realm in my way as well, what can I see clearly? After the girl settles the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed, we can just get her to tell us, right?”

No matter what, it’s not an ordinary item!

Shangguan Wan and the rest went through a few transportation formations and finally returned to Xi Ling.

Ping Liang Square was as noisy as before.

Suddenly, the biggest transportation formation in the middle turned gradually!

The crowd looked over in unison and was shocked. “Look! That transportation formation actually moved!”

“Are the Third Princess and the rest coming back?”

“I don’t think so? Didn’t they just leave not long ago? Also, considering the time spent on traveling… Did they come right back after they just arrived at Dahuang Swamp?”

“But that transportation formation is specifically used by them… Ever since they left, the transportation formation hasn’t moved. Did someone move the transportation formation on their own? Is that person tired of living?”

Just when the crowd partook in heated discussions, the Black Guards in the surroundings had already reacted.

The people in Ping Liang Square were chased away as the Black Guards gathered in the surroundings with the transportation formation in the middle.

The solemn and cold Black Guards went into formation, sternly welcoming the important characters!

Seeing this scene, what else did the crowd not understand? With the Black Guards behaving in this manner, the Third Princess and the rest must have returned!

Facing this solemn atmosphere, quite a few people kept quiet silently. However, their eyes were still glued to the middle tightly.

Obviously, everyone really wanted to see the results of the Third Princess going to Dahuang Swamp to retrieve herbs for His Majesty!

Very quickly, a few figures appeared in the transportation formation.

Other than the Third Princess Shangguan Wan, who else could be in front? Standing beside her was Jiang Yucheng!

The surrounding Black Guards immediately kneeled down and greeted, “Welcome back, Third Princess!”

The spectators naturally had to bow as well. In no time, everyone around kneeled down loudly.

“Stand at ease,” said Shangguan Wan.

The crowd then gradually stood up. When they took a clear look at Shangguan Wan’s appearance, quite a few of them felt it strange. There’s actually a mask over Shangguan Wan’s face? She’s even wearing a cape with a hat on top, which almost covers half her face.

With such an outfit, the crowd could only see her eyes. The rest was covered tightly.

Even though it was currently winter, it wasn’t that cold anymore as spring was approaching. It was strange for Shangguan Wan to dress like this, but average people had no right to ask these questions.

A youngster came forward as if he were the leader of the Black Guards. “Greetings, Third Princess, Eldest Young Master, Lieutenant! I am Lu Shan!”

Shangguan Wan didn’t want to stay here for long, so she directly said, “All the Black Guards and disciples had a very tiring journey this time, so all of you can go back to rest and recover. In addition, I have some important things to discuss with the officers. Send my word—get all the clan masters and the aristocratic family masters to go to the palace immediately!”

Even though Lu Shan was dazed, he still immediately said, “Yes!”

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