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Chapter 772: Betrayed

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Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be lightly touched by something, and she looked up once again. Even though she couldn’t see anything, she still felt that someone was staring at her for some reason. That sound is definitely not a figment of my imagination! 

That voice was calling her and sounded very intimate, but the voice’s tone and pitch were very unfamiliar. She never seemed to have heard it before, but it vaguely felt a little familiar as well. Not many people can address me in such a manner, and even fewer people have the ability to reach this place. Who exactly… is it? 

The moment Chu Liuyue looked up, the trio that was originally filled with hope and happiness was stunned.

“Hm. A few years have passed, but why did the girl’s face change so drastically? It also looks like… she’s much younger?” As Lan Xiao—who was at the front—spoke dazedly, he crossed his arms, and one of his hands stroked his chin.

He only knew that when one’s cultivation reached a certain level, one would never grow old. However, that was also dependent on one’s age. If a twenty-year-old and an eighty-year-old passed that criteria at the same time, it would naturally be different from them.

Other than that, he had never heard of someone becoming younger than their actual age…

“Lan Xiao, your eyesight isn’t as good as mine! That lady isn’t girlie!” Diwu Zhangze stroked his white beard and chuckled. “You haven’t seen that girl in a few years, and you actually forgot how she looked? When she finds out, you’re going to have to explain yourself!”

If it were usual, Lan Xiao would definitely rebut him. But at this point, he didn’t care anymore as his eyes were glued to the young woman below.

His brows were slightly furrowed. That’s not right… I naturally remember very clearly what girlie looks like. Logically speaking, I definitely won’t make a mistake. But this young girl…

“That is girlie!” Dugu Mobao—who had been quiet the whole time—spoke. Even though his voice was cold, his tone was so similar to a baby’s that it sounded very contradictory—like a child that was acting like a grown-up.

When he said this, Lan Xiao and Diwu Zhangze fell silent.

“Even though her looks have changed, this soul’s aura is absolutely correct!” Even though Dugu Mobao had a hot temper, he was always very accurate in this aspect.

Since even he had said so, it should be true.

Diwu Zhangze widened his eyes in shock as he looked down and tried to take a closer look. However, that young woman had already retracted her gaze.

From their position, they could only see the top of her head.

“I think… From the first time I saw her, I instinctively felt that she was girlie. I didn’t make a mistake.” Lan Xiao heaved a sigh of relief and glanced at Diwu Zhangze. “I think you’re the one that didn’t recognize her, right?”

Diwu Zhangze’s face flushed red, and he was embarrassed for once. “Y-you can’t blame me for this… Who knew that girl totally changed her appearance? T-this… How did it suddenly become like this?”

What Diwu Zhangze asked was also what the other two people wanted to know.

Lan Xiao seriously thought for a while. “Could it be because girlie felt that she’s not pretty enough? Thus, she changed into another face?”

Dugu Mobao looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. “Stupid pervert, do you think everyone is like you! You can change your face as you wish, but can she do it? Besides, with her previous face, who in the world would think that she’s not pretty enough?”

Lan Xiao didn’t mind the fact that he was called a ‘stupid pervert,’ and he strongly agreed with the latter sentence. “That’s true.”

If it weren’t because I doted on girlie, I would’ve long taken her face. That’s an extremely rare beauty in the world! 

He raised his brows slightly, and admiration filled his eyes. “But her current appearance has a tinge of youthfulness. When she grows older, she definitely won’t lose to her past… Speaking of which, why is she working so hard?”

Dugu Mobao’s face darkened. “She didn’t only change her face. Her entire body… has been changed!”

This sentence changed the other two’s expressions.

Changing appearances meant nothing to them, but changing bodies was different. One had to know that to cultivators, their physical body was very important!


Pearl of essence!

Yuan meridian!

Once a cultivator gave up on their physical body, they had to give up on all of this! Besides, that girl had a Tianjing Yuan meridian!

The trio fell into a temporary silence. They previously came here as they felt the girl’s soul, but they never expected that everything had actually changed other than the girl’s soul still being here!

What exactly happened?

“…You think—girlie didn’t come back these few years… Did she forget, or… did something happen?” said Diwu Zhangze slowly.

They had never thought of this possibility before. The girl was very smart and cunning, and she was very strong in terms of her capabilities and talent. She could even handle a few blows from the few of them back then, so why would something happen to her?

They didn’t want to believe this from the bottom of their hearts. But if this were true… What exactly happened that caused her to change her body and start all over again?

Diwu Zhangze said, “Let’s wait first! It seems like she’s going against the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed now. It’s not too late to ask her when she comes out.”

Dugu Mobao clenched his fists, and murderous intent burst out from his body.

Lan Xiao’s brows jumped, and he was afraid that Dugu Mobao would cause a massacre, so he hurriedly said, “Hey, Big Baby! Calm down. Girlie hasn’t come out yet! We can do something after we ask her clearly! What’s the use of throwing a tantrum?”

Dugu Mobao clenched his teeth and said everything clearly: “Where the hell did that kid Rong Xiu go?!”

His Grace—who was reading and authorizing the scrolls in front of the study—suddenly sneezed. He put down the brush in his hands, rubbed his brows, and gently smiled. It seems like someone is missing me… 

He paused for a moment, and after authorizing all the scrolls in front of him, he stood up and walked to the window.

A snow-white figure suddenly flew in from midair.

The soldiers guarding outside all looked up in unison and were shocked. How long has it been? Why did His Grace’s fiend become even stronger? 

The space that Xue Xue went past had a layer of frost on it. Its figure long entered the palace and disappeared in front of the crowd.

This time, Xue Xue still chose to enter by breaking the window. Luckily, this palace was spacious enough, and all the materials were premium, so they wouldn’t spoil.

Xue Xue jumped up and arrived at the room.

Rong Xiu looked at it, and his thin lips curled up. “You really know how to pick the right time.”

Xue Xue had already guessed what its master wanted it to do, so it happily wagged its tail as its pair of ice-cold eyes stared at Rong Xiu.

After some time, Rong Xiu smiled with even deeper meaning and said, “You can go first.”

I originally wanted to bring Xue Xue along with me later, but it seems like… It can’t wait. 

Xue Xue was thrilled as it immediately rushed out.


Its roars shook the world! It wasn’t hard to tell how happy it was.

Watching its rapidly departing figure, Rong Xiu’s brows rose slightly. Even I feel my head ache upon thinking of their anger.. Mm, I should let Xue Xue go first.

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