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Chapter 774: Guilty About?

Nobody expected them to come back so suddenly and so… nonchalantly. One had to know that back then, the Third Princess led 1,000 Black Guards and countless disciples from the various clans to go to Dahuang Swamp.

The formation was huge, and the aura was magnificent! But now… This was really too surprising.

Lu Shan and the rest also didn’t understand. According to the plan, the Third Princess and the rest should only return after a month or so. But how long has it been? Besides, they should logically inform us first before coming back. However, we didn’t receive any news at all. If we didn’t see the transportation formation moving, we wouldn’t even know that they had come back!

Shangguan Wan’s face was covered in scars, and she couldn’t even completely cover them with a face mask. Helpless, she could only cover her head with a hood. Even though I look strange by doing this, at least I’ve completely covered myself. In the dark and open, countless pairs of eyes in Xi Ling are staring at me! Once someone sees my disfigured look, it will definitely cause an uproar! Hence, I still insist on doing this even if this look will garner guesses and discussions.

She originally wanted to take a horse carriage back to the palace, but as they came back too suddenly, it was definitely too late.

After instructing them, Shangguan Wan directly lifted her legs and went forward. Jiang Yucheng was half a step behind her and walked with her.

After a momentary silence, the remaining Black Guards and disciples all parted ways.

The scene was actually very awkward.

The spectators exchanged glances. “What’s going on? They just… separated?”

“Previously, I thought they’d come back in glory… This isn’t what I expected!”

“Can’t you tell that quite a few Black Guards are missing? The number of disciples also seems to have decreased…”

“I think so too! At first glance, there seem to be about 300 to 400 Black Guards that didn’t come back…”

“Si…. The casualty rate for this Dahuang Swamp journey is actually so bad?!”

“That place was originally very dangerous, so this outcome is normal, right? When Lieutenant Mu brought those troops, I think more than half of them died before…”

“But that was when Dahuang Swamp was filled with rebels. Now that Dahuang Swamp is already peaceful, won’t it be weird if this happens again? The Third Princess also looks a little strange… But since so many of them died, they should’ve retrieved quite a few herbs that His Majesty needs. This is why this happened, right?”

The crowd debated softly.

All sorts of voices kept entering Shangguan Wan’s ears. Her chest heaved up and down furiously, and all the blood in her body rushed to her head. The face underneath the mask started to hurt due to the tearing from it being contorted. This made her even more enraged.

Those words were like invisible slaps, harshly striking her face. Hence, she quickened her steps.

Behind, Mu Qinghe didn’t leave with the rest. Instead, he stayed behind and took care of the Black Guard.

After Lu Shan sent Shangguan Wan and the rest off, he looked at Mu Qinghe in confusion. “Lieutenant, why didn’t you tell me in advance before you came back? This welcome is too rushed…”

Mu Qinghe shook his head. “This was urgent, so we didn’t have enough time to tell you. It’s fine. Immediately send people to bring those injured Black Guards back to recuperate. Also, Tian Zhuangzhuang and the rest will contact you about the casualty rates this time. You need to be in charge of what comes next.”

Lu Shan heard this, and his heart sank. “I understand!”

Lu Shan then looked up and rapidly surveyed his surroundings. He realized that the casualty rate was even more serious than he had thought.

He became even more solemn. Dahuang Swamp is dangerous, but it has become much better ever since Mu Qinghe brought troops to settle the rebels. Logically speaking, such a situation shouldn’t happen.

However, he didn’t dare to ask further as he acted according to Mu Qinghe’s instructions.

The other disciples also weren’t in any better condition even though they were different from the Black Guards.

The Black Guards were an army, so their job was to obey their superiors. However, the clans didn’t completely listen to the Tianling royal family.

They respected the Tianling royal family, and at the same time, the Tianling royal family also gave them the same respect.

Without a doubt, all those that could enter these clans were all talents. Besides, those who were selected to go to Dahuang Swamp were picked out of hundreds of people, and they were extremely outstanding.

Now, some of them were injured, and others were dead. To the respective clans, this was a huge loss.

“Why are there only three people left from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect? Wasn’t there ten of them when they went? They suffered the most, right?”

“All the other clans have their own deaths and injuries, but none are like them…”

“I think… Wait, where are the people from Chong Xu Cabinet? Why didn’t they appear?” Once this was said, the crowd fell silent.

Countless eyes scanned across the scene, but they didn’t see a single shadow of anyone from Chong Xu Cabinet.

Only three people from Chong Xu Cabinet went, and with Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou’s recent fame, they attracted even more attention. But now, none of them appeared.

“Did everyone from Chong Xu Cabinet…” Among the crowd, someone said that softly.

This person didn’t finish their sentence, but everyone knew what it meant.

The crowd’s expressions became complicated and strange, and their gazes were different. Chong Xu Cabinet finally recruited two top elites with much difficulty. Did they really just die like that? Chong Xu Cabinet without Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou will definitely be in an even more perilous situation than before!

Chun Feng Restaurant.

Inside the private room, Shui Liu’er and Jian Fengchi were sitting opposite each other by the window.

Shui Liu’er held the pipa but didn’t play it as she looked at Jian Fengchi and asked, “So this means everything happened smoothly?”

“With me personally taking action, it naturally won’t be a problem.” Jian Fengchi lay against the back of the chair lazily, and his brows were slightly raised with unconcealable delight and arrogance.

Shui Liu’er chuckled. “Without the two of them in Xi Ling, it’s naturally much more convenient for you to take action.”

Jian Fengchi didn’t deny it. His father pressed him to go to Dahuang Swamp back then, but he refused no matter what. He wanted to stay in Xi Ling just for this.

“No matter what, the situation is finally progressing steadily. Next, we—”

Bustling noises were suddenly heard from the streets outside the window.

Jian Fengchi immediately kept quiet.

Shui Liu’er opened the windows and looked down. Shock then flashed across her face. “Black Guards?”

Jian Fengchi felt that something was amiss and looked down as well. He immediately knitted his brows. “Why… Shangguan Wan is actually back?!”

On that wide street, Black Guards lined the sides as a few figures walked in the middle.

Even though the one at the front was wearing a hood and covered her face with a mask, Jian Fengchi still recognized that it was Shangguan Wan at first glance!

Standing beside her was Jiang Yucheng.

A few other people who served them were walking behind, and they left an adequate distance between.

“Shouldn’t they only come back after a month or so? Why did they—” said Shui Liu’er in confusion.

Jian Fengchi squinted his eyes. “After coming back from finding herbs for His Majesty, she should come back in honor and celebrate grandly. Why is she behaving so discreetly?”

Then, he flicked his fingers. “I want to see what exactly she is hiding behind that tight coverage!”

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