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Chapter 761: Taking Food from the Tiger’s Mouth!

Once he said that, Chu Liuyue was stunned for a while as she stared at her ancestor dazedly. “W-what do you mean?”

Shangguan Jing looked into Chu Liuyue’s eyes and said with determination, “I mean that… the aura of someone from the Tianling royal family is hidden in there! According to my guess, it’s most likely a soul!”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes shrunk, and words slipped right out of her mouth. “H-how is this possible?”

“It really is possible.” The Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor stood with his hands behind his back and looked solemn. “If it’s just a pure wave of force, what’s the point of locking it up singly? Do you remember the scene when you flew down the heavenly pit and entered the space below the Long Yuan Sword?”

Countless scenes flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind at that moment. Of course, I remember. Everything that happened that day is still fresh in my memory.

“Did you know that I specifically hired people to set up that space and that those who aren’t from the Tianling royal family aren’t allowed to enter?!”

Shangguan Jing’s one sentence was like a heavy hammer that harshly landed on Chu Liuyue’s head, and her eyes suddenly brightened. Right! After I jumped into the heavenly pit back then, the surrounding sword aura was threatening. At the critical point, the black pyramid flew out and opened the door to let me in.

“A crack then appeared on the black pyramid’s seal. At that time, I already felt that the aura within was extremely familiar! At that time, I thought that the soul of some descendant from the Tianling royal family was sealed in it, so I agreed to give you the Long Yuan Sword and leave the Tianling God Realm with you!”

Shangguan Jing was originally thinking of finding a chance to touch the black pyramid and find out what secret was hiding within. In the end, the crack actually repaired itself!

The aura within was separated once again, and it was very difficult for him to break open that seal with his current capabilities and cultivation level. Thus, he put this incident aside first.

He finally came clean with Chu Liuyue today after he confirmed her identity.

Chu Liuyue listened bit by bit, and shocking waves rippled in her heart. She had guessed countless times what was hidden within the black pyramid, but she had never thought of this possibility!

“C-can you confirm that the thing inside is really—” Chu Liuyue’s throat tightened.

Shangguan Jing nodded. “Without a doubt.”

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes. Since Ancestor is so sure of it, it most likely is true. However… this is indeed too incredulous!

“To be honest, I unintentionally obtained this item in Country Yao Chen’s Imperial Mausoleum back then. There was originally no seal on it, but I met a mysterious person in between, and he forcefully placed a seal on it before giving the item to me,” said Chu Liuyue as she stretched out her right hand.

The black pyramid appeared in her palm again. The surface was very dark, and it looked ordinary.

The crack that previously appeared had already been repaired.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows. If there really is a person’s soul inside… Then, whose would it be? It’s impossible to start investigating the Tianling Dynasty’s history that is over a thousand-plus years. The strange thing is: Why would it appear in Country Yao Chen’s Imperial Mausoleum?! Country Yao Chen has existed for a much shorter time than the Tianling Dynasty, but it’s also hard to find anything if we investigate using this logic. In my impression, none of the Tianling Dynasty’s ancestors have been to Country Yao Chen. However, history books don’t represent true history. Other than the people involved, nobody else would know what exactly happened back then.

“If only we can break open the seal…” said the Tianling Dynasty’s founder. “Do you know who set up the seal?”

Chu Liuyue shook her head. “I have never seen the other party before, but he seems to be a man.”

“That makes it difficult… If we don’t open the seal, we can’t confirm who the soul inside belongs to.” Shangguan Jing was quite confused. “I wonder what the person’s motive for doing so is.”

Chu Liuyue stared at the black pyramid in her hands and suddenly said, “Ancestor, I feel that this seal wasn’t repaired by itself but that the person who set up the seal repaired it.”

“Why do you say that?”

Chu Liuyue paused for a while and shook her head. “It’s just my gut feeling…”

“If it really is that person who did it, why did he still give you the item back then? Can’t he just leave it for himself?”

To be willing to spend so much effort to set up this barrier proves that this item must be important to that person. Then, why did he spend so much effort and leave it with Chu Liuyue?

Chu Liuyue entered deep thought. Ancestor’s words make sense. If only I had seen that Master’s appearance back then…

After thinking for half a day, she still had no clue. In the end, Chu Liuyue could only put away the black pyramid and set this matter aside.

She had a feeling that this ‘Master’ would definitely come back and look for her!

One day, I will find out the true secret hidden within this pyramid! After settling all these tasks, Chu Liuyue sat cross-legged once again and breathed out deeply, preparing to cultivate.

This time, Shangguan Jing didn’t say anything more as he stood beside her and silently protected her.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and gathered her focus.

A period of time passed, and the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force was much stronger than before. One could tell how much force that Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed had absorbed within this short period of time.

The water droplet within her dantian started to spin slowly.

The surrounding force—which was originally heading for the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed—started to change its direction gradually.

At the start, Shangguan Jing didn’t notice this. Later on, he observed that the dark-green light started shaking like a wave, so he curiously turned back to take a look.

This one look stunned him.

Chu Liuyue was wrapped by a layer of dark-green light, and the surrounding force was entering her body!

She quietly sat there like a statue and stayed motionless like a mountain as she quickly absorbed that force.

Also… She was getting faster and faster!

The Tianling Dynasty’s founder was stunned. Chu Liuyue, s-she… She’s actually fighting for force with the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed? I originally thought that she would just meditate for a while, but I didn’t expect that she would actually start cultivating. The key point is that she did it!

The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed looked very small, but it was very unreasonable in reality! The entire Mystic Forest was under its control and whatever happened earlier was it playing tricks.

It could quickly absorb all the force in the surrounding space until it caused the space to collapse entirely in the end.

Chu Liuyue could actually steal some force from it to aid her own cultivation… Even I might not have the confidence to do it! Besides, she’s just a stage-five warrior now! Shangguan Jing was shocked with his eyes wide open and mouth agape.

Chu Liuyue was ignorant of all of this.

In her eyes, she was just absorbing the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force to cultivate. Oh, but the water droplet seemed to be spinning a little quicker than before.

The five lines on the water droplet gently shook.

That crystal also suddenly moved and floated toward Chu Liuyue!

Shangguan Jing gasped. Chu Liuyue is stealing food from the tiger’s mouth!

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