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Chapter 762: Who is Stronger Than Whom?

Shangguan Jing originally wanted to stop that crystal, but its surrounding suppression was heavy to the point that even he couldn’t take it.

But luckily, the crystal still stopped in midair in the end.

It quietly hovered in the air as the dark-green light moved like ripples, heading in all directions while looking as dazzling as ever.

The faint green light shone on the surrounding stone walls, and the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed could clearly be seen within.

The Tianling Dynasty’s founder held in his breath. This is the closest I’ve ever been to the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed! At first glance, it doesn’t look any different from an average herbal seed. Who could imagine that a small item like this has the power to cause ultimate destruction? Luckily, its aura and suppression are basically separated with the crystal layer’s obstruction. If it really exposed itself completely, I wonder how terrifying it would be!

Shangguan Jing turned around to glance at Chu Liuyue.

The latter’s eyes were currently tightly shut as she peacefully cultivated, allowing the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force to enter her body quickly.

The ancestor looked solemn. Being able to meet with this Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed is unquestionably a miraculous work of fate! However, not everybody can handle such a fate. If one isn’t careful, they might even throw their lives in! I wonder if the girl can make it through this time…

Just as Shangguan Jing was filled with worry, Chu Liuyue’s aura silently strengthened. All the force entered her dantian through her limbs and finally went into the water droplet.

After nourishment, the water droplet spat out purified force and sent it to all parts of Chu Liuyue’s body.

As the changes silently happened, the strength within Chu Liuyue’s bones, muscles, and blood was all strengthened.

Time passed bit by bit.

Chu Liuyue had completely immersed herself in her cultivation, so she didn’t notice time passing by.

But to Shangguan Jing, this period of waiting was especially hard to endure. Gradually, he discovered that the situation wasn’t quite similar to what he had expected.

This was because… Chu Liuyue had already absorbed too much force. According to her current cultivation level, she should’ve long reached her limits. However, Chu Liuyue’s expression didn’t change, and she looked calm, without any signs of something being wrong.

A dark-green light, coupled with rich force, all entered her body.

T-this isn’t right! Shangguan Jing widened his eyes in disbelief. Why does Chu Liuyue’s body seem like a… bottomless pit?

He knew that Chu Liuyue had a few trump cards and that she was much stronger than average cultivators. However, this was too much of an exaggeration!

For some reason, Shangguan Jing suddenly recalled the scene of Chu Liuyue swiftly going up by herself to drag the lightning down when she was sharpening the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword, but the lightning refused to fall.

Compared to now, they were different tunes but worked equally.

This isn’t something a normal person can do! The Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor looked at Chu Liuyue with a headache as he was elated and worried.

He was happy that Chu Liuyue’s cultivation potential and talent were much better than he had predicted. After all, she was a descendent of his bloodline, and the ancestor really didn’t know how to dote on her.

He was worried that something would happen to Chu Liuyue since she absorbed so much force within a short period of time and had even stolen it from the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

What if that thing explodes? My old bag of bones can’t even help with anything! His gaze turned, and he looked at the red-tailed phoenix guarding by Chu Liuyue’s side.

It had stood there since the start, and at some point, its body was also wrapped in a layer of dark-green light.

It was a fiend that Chu Liuyue had an agreement with. As Chu Liuyue’s capabilities strengthened, it would naturally be affected as well.

But compared to Shangguan Jing’s stomach full of worry, that red-tailed phoenix kept its wings folded and closed its eyes as if it were very relaxed.

It was like… it wasn’t even worried that something would happen to Chu Liuyue.


At this point, a whir suddenly came from the crystal!

Shangguan Jing immediately turned back to look and shockingly saw that the last pattern on the seal had also silently disappeared.

The crystal vibrated slightly. At that moment, the surrounding light started rushing toward the crystal crazily!

The light that originally filled the space started retreating at an observable speed as if it was low tide.

Very quickly, the surroundings darkened and eventually entered into pitch-black darkness.

Shangguan Jing was nervous as he inched toward Chu Liuyue and instantly raised his surrounding aura.

At this moment, the air seemed to have completely frozen.

Just as the ancestor was finding a way to bring Chu Liuyue out of here, a light suddenly appeared in the darkness.

Gradually, that light expanded.

The light that appeared was indeed that crystal, but at this point, only a faint layer of dark-green light was on the crystal!

For some reason, Shangguan Jing felt that the light seemed quite different from the one before.

A layer of light spread out from the crystal. Wherever it passed, space collapsed as patches of black appeared!

That light was transparent, and it presented an extremely faint dark-green color.

Shangguan Jing knew that something was amiss and was about to take action when he realized that his strength was completely restrained. He couldn’t execute anything.

Very quickly, the layer of light spread to this side and gently passed through the ancestor’s translucent soul.

Then, it arrived in front of Chu Liuyue and enveloped her.

Shangguan Jing felt secretly thankful that this didn’t seem to affect his descendant much.

When the light eventually spread to the sides of the surrounding rock walls, it finally stopped.

If someone looked down from above now, this place looked as if it had turned into a gigantic, dark-green stone.

The ancestor looked up, and it was endless darkness.

He knitted his brows slightly. The Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed should’ve completely absorbed all of the strength from outside! I’m afraid the next thing is—


After a momentary silence, the crystal started moving even more violently! It seemed like the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed was going to escape from within!

Shangguan Jing stared at it closely, and his heart hung high in his throat. This Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed isn’t as big as the one I saw previously, and it shouldn’t be as formidable. But if it really comes out, I’m afraid that it would also be hard to contain!

Within the light, all the external force was separated cleanly from Chu Liuyue and the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed.

A crazy suction force exuded from that crystal! It looked like it wanted to snatch back the force within Chu Liuyue’s body.

The black shield was placed in front of Chu Liuyue’s body. As the ground cracked open, it started to move.

At this point, Chu Liuyue suddenly opened her eyes—two balls of red fire were burning within them!

She stared at the Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed and gradually raised her hands.

A transparent water droplet suddenly appeared in front of her, and she gently pointed forward.


The water droplet flew up! The next moment, it formed a water curtain in front of her!

That terrifying suction force was instantly separated outside!

Chu Liuyue’s hands trembled slightly as she grabbed at the neighboring space.

That crystal actually came toward her!

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