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Chapter 671: Connect Five Organs!

The silver barrier felt the impact, and it rippled in a slightly strange manner.

36 Respected Elder Ming was quite shocked. “Is she… about to break through as a stage-five warrior?”

Rong Xiu nodded.

36 Respected Elder Ming looked at the surrounding Heaven and Earth Force, and he became increasingly shocked in his heart. “This… This commotion doesn’t seem like it…”

When cultivators were breaking through to the fifth warrior stage, they normally wouldn’t cause such a huge commotion. Let alone them, even average cultivators in Xi Ling City wouldn’t pay extra attention to it.

They were all used to it.

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows. If she really broke through like an average person, why would I do this?

Seeing Rong Xiu’s expression, 36 Respected Elder Ming’s heart skipped a beat.


Another wave of commotion came over. This time, it was even more obvious than previously.

The Heaven and Earth Force started flowing inside at an even faster speed.

36 Respected Elder Ming watched on for a while and was interested. It seems like this girl is unusual… I do want to see how capable the woman that can make Rong Xiu so in love with her is.

In the room, Chu Liuyue’s shoulders dropped slightly. Her hands were on her knees with her palms facing upward.

The energy spiral above her head became increasingly large, and it started spinning faster and faster.

Chu Liuyue could even vaguely hear the noise of the waves moving—that was the noise of rich Heaven and Earth Force flowing into her body.

The waves of thick force flowed throughout her body and kept washing through her Yuan meridian before flowing toward the water droplet. But even with such a huge amount of force entering, the water droplet still didn’t move.

The invisible wall was within Chu Liuyue’s reach, but when she started the breakthrough, she realized she needed a larger amount of strength than she had imagined to take this step forward.


Force moved intensely inside and outside her body, causing her ears to ring incessantly.

Suddenly, a bright, red fire appeared on her left palm. This fire was like a little elf dancing around as it started to attract even more force toward her.

Chu Liuyue’s body was like a bottomless pit as it kept crazily absorbing the Heaven and Earth Force.

The red fire nourished the force, which then entered the dantian with an extra tinge of scorching aura.

Half of Chu Liuyue’s body started burning up.

Force then floated out of the water droplet. Like smoke and mist, it gradually extended toward her five organs.

Chu Liuyue knitted her brows slightly.


A colorless fire rapidly emerged on her right hand—it was the karmic fire from the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

As it burned silently, it started to snatch the Heaven and Earth Force at the same time before rapidly nourishing and inserting it within Chu Liuyue’s body.

Different from the previous force that was nourished by the red fire, the force coming out of the transparent karmic fire had a tinge of coldness to it.

It was like ice-cold snow water that gradually expanded and made half her body cool. However, this cold air was very different from the harsh, sinister coldness within Qiang Wanzhou’s body. This was because this cold air was very pure and positive.

Very quickly, cold force flowed out of the water droplet and spread to her organs and limbs at the same time.

Chu Liuyue sat there quietly, but there seemed to be two extremely different energies merging and intersecting in her body.

Ice and fire were always on the opposite ends of the spectrum, but Chu Liuyue’s body seemed to be a gigantic, tolerant, and magical container that could merge all of it together.

Half was fire, and the other half was icy coldness.

In Chu Liuyue’s body, the scorching heat and the sinister coldness kept intersecting continuously. During this process, the forces that were used up and swallowed were extremely terrifying.

Outside the door, 36 Respected Elder Ming and Yan Qing looked at the energy spiral in the yard with stunned faces.

This energy spiral was formed because Chu Liuyue had absorbed too much Heaven and Earth Force. Until now, the amount of energy that she had absorbed was enough for two stage-four warriors to break through and reach the fifth stage.

However, she had no intention of stopping.




Waves of force spread over.

Rong Xiu set up the silver barrier, and it kept rippling continuously.

If it weren’t for his barrier blocking it, the yard would’ve been sweeped and leveled by the strong force.

36 Respected Elder Ming quietly glanced at Rong Xiu. “You guessed it earlier?”

Rong Xiu smiled and didn’t say anything.

“This girl is causing quite a commotion as she breaks through to become a stage-five warrior… If this continues, she could almost be compared to a stage-six warrior…”

Cultivation had nine stages in total, and every three stages were a stumbling block. When cultivators broke through the third, sixth, and ninth barriers, it was extremely important to their cultivation life.

Chu Liuyue is…


A large sound suddenly came out from the room.

36 Respected Elder Ming immediately looked over and widened his eyes in shock. “Is she going to connect her five treasures?”

‘Five treasures’ were also known as the five organs. This referred to her heart, kidney, liver, spleen, and lung.

After cultivators reached a certain stage, the so-called five treasures could connect with each other with the dantian as the center. This was done by using Heaven and Earth Force to connect the five organs and the dantian.

In this way, the dantian connected with the five organs were akin to another pearl of essence on another level.

The more one connected, the faster cultivators trained. But in actual fact, the requirement for cultivators to connect all five organs was very high. Average cultivators would try to do this when they broke through and became a stage-six warrior.

They might not even succeed.

According to the differences in one’s talent and physical quality, the number of treasures they connected would be different. Some could connect a few at once, but others only one.

Many cultivators hadn’t even connected all of the five treasures even when they became a stage-seven warrior.

But Chu Liuyue is only becoming a stage-five warrior. Why would she connect her five treasures?

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