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Chapter 666: Within Touchable Distance

Chu Liuyue could guarantee with her life that Jiang Yucheng’s face flashed black. She silently glanced at Rong Xiu. What harsh words—what a toxic man. I love it!

Not waiting for Jiang Yucheng to be enraged, Rong Xiu continued, “Even if you’re talking about the most boring things in the world with the person you love, they’re also the most interesting things. Due to this, you’ll naturally forget about the time.”

He stretched out his hand and slowly brushed Chu Liuyue’s hair. “I haven’t seen Yue’er in a long time, and I miss her very much. I don’t even have enough time to look at her, let alone have the mood to look at the time.”

His voice was very low and gentle as his eyes stared at Chu Liuyue deeply. It was as though he was looking at the most precious treasure in the world.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be hit by something soft as sourish sweetness overwhelmed her heart. She leaned against Rong Xiu’s arms and obediently stuck her face to his chest as she felt very carefree and relaxed. With this man around, he will naturally solve all my problems for me. I don’t need to worry about anything. I just need to watch and listen to him properly.

Jiang Yucheng clenched his fists tightly, but as he used too much force, his knuckles turned white, and his veins were popping on his forehead. Rong Xiu’s words… Nobody can even refute him at all. The scene of the two people depending on each other is also very irritating for some reason.

“Let’s go!” He took a deep breath in and quickly turned around to leave.

The crowd of guards immediately chased after him.

Very quickly, the whole row of people’s figures disappeared from the streets.

The surroundings finally quietened down, and the suppressive aura had also completely disappeared.

The curtain was let down, and it hid everything outside.

Chu Liuyue closed her eyes and slowly breathed out. Almost… If Rong Xiu didn’t show up on time, it would be very difficult for me to back out completely. Jiang Yucheng is a vengeful person. Since I hurt him, he will definitely try to get to the bottom of this. For the next period of time, Xi Ling will definitely be lively.

“Now you know how to be afraid?” Rong Xiu raised his brows. “When you did it, you really had a lot of guts.”

Chu Liuyue was teased by him but didn’t feel anything about it. On the other hand, she asked with much interest, “Did you really come out today to pick me up? Also… Did you purposely wait here for me?”

Rong Xiu laughed without denying it.

Actually, strictly speaking, both were true.

At first, he received the news of Shangguan Wan summoning Chu Liuyue to the palace, and he was quite worried.

Coincidentally, Mu Qinghe came to the mansion, so he took the chance to ask him for help.

Of course, it wasn’t that he couldn’t find a good horse carriage, but that… he couldn’t stand Mu Qinghe.

Afterward, he couldn’t fetch Chu Liuyue. In the end, he checked and found out that she was in the Jiang Residence. Thus, he brought the carriage over.

Due to this, he did have both witnesses and evidence to completely prove Chu Liuyue’s innocence.

Even if Jiang Yucheng was suspicious, he couldn’t find any loopholes.

Chu Liuyue glanced at his expression and could roughly guess what happened. She couldn’t help but sigh. “Rong Xiu, why are you always around whenever I need you?”

Not once, not twice, but every time. Every time I think that I’m in a perilous situation and have nowhere to escape, he will always appear and pull me back into his arms from the edge of danger. In this world, why would there be such a person who knows what I know, likes what I like, and hates whatever I hate? He always gives me the best. Is it true that the gods in this world took pity on me?

Rong Xiu gently kissed her forehead. “I’ll naturally fulfill whatever I promised you.”

Chu Liuyue played with the jade button on his collar with one hand as she muttered dazedly, “I don’t remember you saying this…”

This jade button is done so tightly, but Rong Xiu could undo it in one go just now…

Rong Xiu looked at her deeply, and there seemed to be countless ripples in his eyes that were eventually appeased. He hid the expression in his eyes as he leaned close to her ear and softly whispered, “Actually, this thing requires a technique. Do you want me to teach you?”

Chu Liuyue looked up and glared at him with her bright, watery eyes. “I’ll know without you teaching me!”

Who is he looking down on?

Seeing her hair down and how she was wrapped in the black coat like a sponge baby while she pouted with anger at the same time with her face blushing red, she looked extremely adorable.

Rong Xiu laughed out loud. “Okay! I’ll let you practice on me for free then. What do you think?”

The horse carriage went off again.

The carriage moved, and with a slight move of Chu Liuyue’s hand, the half that she undid with much difficulty was back again.

Chu Liuyue wriggled her nose and indignantly used her strength.


Chu Liuyue dazedly stared at the jade button in her hands and the opening that was ripped apart on the collar. She was speechless. I-I don’t think this is very good…

Rong Xiu leaned against the wall of the carriage and laughed lazily. “Yue’er, it seems like you’re very urgent…”

Chu Liuyue lifted that jade button innocently and smiled. “That… Uh, you’ve misunderstood. Actually, I feel that the quality of your clothes isn’t good…”

Rong Xiu seemed to have seen through everything as he went up to her.

The two of them stared at each other, and they could take in each other’s breaths.

“It’s snowing very heavily today, and I’m afraid you can’t go back to Chong Xu Cabinet. There’s still half a day and an entire night left. You can undo it however you like.”

Chu Liuyue: “…”

It’s really a misunderstanding!

In the heavy snow, the horse carriage slowly moved.

The streets were peaceful again. Other than the two streaks of horse tracks on the snow, it was as if nothing had happened.

But on the other end, Jiang Yucheng’s blood was boiling.

The previous scene kept replaying in his mind—that girl’s shy and docile manner was the behavior that one would only have when they met someone they loved.

Jiang Yucheng long knew that she was originally born a natural beauty. He also knew that she was also quite similar to that person.

Other than the first time he met her and saw that bright smile that shocked him for a long time, he was actually used to that face already.

The two people were worlds apart, and there was no point in comparing, especially because of the look that he saw outside Thousand View Garden. Due to it, he had already separated the duo completely.

He thought that the tinge of reminiscence in his heart had completely disappeared, but he realized that it wasn’t so when he saw her again today.

Chu Liuyue had a strange and magical aura around her, which always made him want to take another look at her instinctively. She was similar to that person, and they were also different.

Comparing the two of them… Even though Chu Liuyue wasn’t of prestigious birth, and her demeanor and elegance couldn’t be compared to that person’s, she also had more vitality.

It was the stubbornness and persistence in her bones. Those who didn’t undergo hardships wouldn’t have this feeling.

In other words, that person back then was like the sun high in the sky, and he could only look up to her. Even if he once had a marriage agreement with her, he always felt that there was something between them. Sometimes, he even felt that he wasn’t even enough to be the corner of her clothes.

However, Chu Liuyue was different. She was energetic and bright, but she was also within a reachable distance.

What made Jiang Yucheng dazed and vaguely anxious was that… He didn’t seem to be able to resist Chu Liuyue…

“Eldest Young Master!”

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