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Chapter 667: Interrogation Again

Jiang Yucheng recovered his senses.

“Eldest Young Master, are you okay?” The guard at the side looked at him worriedly. After letting that horse carriage go and leaving, Eldest Young Master has been distracted the entire way and didn’t talk much. He really looks quite strange. Is Eldest Young Master’s injury too serious?

A layer of ice covered Jiang Yucheng’s face. “Why would I not be okay? Continue looking!”


Jiang Yucheng looked up.

The skies kept snowing, and the entire Xi Ling City was covered in a thick layer of snow.

The heavier the snow, the more inconvenient it is for Xia Mu to escape. He rapidly went forward.

Jiang Yucheng wasted a large amount of manpower and had almost flipped the entire Xi Ling City upside down, but he still couldn’t find Xia Mu. He couldn’t even find a single trace of the latter.

This person seemed to have vanished.

Jiang Yucheng only returned to the mansion when the night sky arrived. However, he sent another group of people to search outside.

Inside the study, Feng Shanyuan treated Jiang Yucheng’s wound again and took his pulse, his expression solemn. “Eldest Young Master, you were severely injured previously and used a special method to hide your aura, which caused too much damage to your body. With today’s injury… If you don’t rest properly, I’m afraid you won’t get well!”

Jiang Yucheng closed his eyes.

He was injured and had tired himself out the entire day, which made him look quite pale. Besides, that depressed and frustrated feeling kept tumbling in his heart. It just wouldn’t go away, causing him to knit his brows.

Seeing him in such a state, Feng Shanyuan couldn’t help but sigh. “I’m not trying to be an alarmist, Eldest Young Master, but I know your body the best. You really can’t afford to be injured again. If it affects your future cultivation… You can never make up for it!”

This sentence finally made Jiang Yucheng widen his eyes. “Is it that serious?”

Feng Shanyuan nodded solemnly. “So during this period, worry less and instruct your subordinates to do anything. You must rest properly…”

“That’s easier said than done.” Jiang Yucheng waved his hands in frustration. Shangguan Wan is about to arrange that soon, and the later wedding will also be advanced urgently. Where do I have the time to rest?

Feng Shanyuan wanted to advise him again when he heard Jiang Yucheng say, “Go back and rest first. I want to be alone.”

Feng Shanyuan sighed in his heart and could only turn around to leave. Reaching the door, he coincidentally met Sun Qi—who had hurriedly come back.

Sun Qi bowed toward Feng Shanyuan and quickly stepped in.

Feng Shanyuan turned back and took a glance before walking away while shaking his head.

Inside the room, Sun Qi walked to Jiang Yucheng. His body and hair still had snow. “Eldest Young Master, I have already gone to Xia Mu’s residence, but I can’t find him. Also… From the accounts of the other people around, he didn’t even go back.”

Jiang Yucheng had expected this answer. Xia Mu did such a thing, so why wouldn’t he know that he would definitely die when he returns?

“But did you ask if there’s anything wrong with him recently?”

“No. Xia Mu has no parents and was disfigured and became a mute, so he had been living alone the entire time. Qi Dahe lives quite close to him, and the two of them have a good relationship. Other than this, the two of them don’t really interact with the rest. Within the past year or so, they lived like other people and didn’t do anything out of the norm.”

Jiang Yucheng thought for a moment and asked, “What about the remaining half today?”

“They have all been locked in Wutong Garden, and someone is looking after them. Big Brother Qi is locked up alone,” said Sun Qi. He then glanced at his master and tried to ask, “Eldest Young Master… How do you think we should deal with these people?”

“Just lock them up. Bring Qi Dahe over first—I’ll personally interrogate him.”

Sun Qi was a little worried. “But Eldest Young Master, you were injured today, and you even went out the entire day. Why don’t… we interrogate again tomorrow?”

Jiang Yucheng glanced at him coldly. “If you have time to nag, why don’t you find Xia Mu?!”

Sun Qi didn’t dare to say anything else as he agreed.

At the same time, Six Clouds Street, Chu Residence.

The ex-chauffeur, Yan Qing—who had long been chased home by his own master—looked at the snow in much boredom and sighed deeply. Sigh… Master has become increasingly unpredictable now, and he even wants to move the horse carriage himself… I wonder if he fetched Ms. Liuyue…

A figure silently dropped down from the side of the walls and quickly came over.

Yan Qing glanced at him and retracted his gaze.

However, Yu Mo was shocked when he saw him as he widened his eyes and asked, “Why are you here?”

He looked left and right. Master doesn’t seem to be around… Why is Yan Qing here alone?

“Where’s Master? You didn’t follow him?”

Yan Qing glanced at him coldly. “Master has his own reasons for doing things. You don’t have to care so much.”

Yu Mo chuckled. “Am I not worried that you have nothing to do?!”

Yan Qing chuckled and said with contempt, “Do you have something to do?”

Yu Mo leaned over, lowered his voice, and said mysteriously and delightedly, “I beat that Fourth Missy Jiang up again!”

Yan Qing felt that it was a little strange. “Hasn’t she been staying in the Jiang Residence recently? Did you go—”

“I didn’t! She came out today, and I bumped into her! Don’t you think it’s such a coincidence? Since I’ve already met her, I naturally need to ‘show off’ a little!”

Jiang Yuzhi hadn’t gone out during this period. After waiting for two days, Yu Mo felt that she became obedient and gave up.

He didn’t expect that he would encounter an accidental surprise when he went out today.

“She was fated with such troubles. I don’t have a choice either!” said Yu Mo as he loosened his joints. He then said with pity, “Pfft, it’s a pity that she brought someone with her this time and that I didn’t have my fill.”

Yan Qing’s lips twitched. “Do you really plan to beat her up every time you see her?”

“It’s not like you didn’t see what Master was like back then. This is already good for her!”


“She did this to herself, and she deserves it. Isn’t she so brazen just because she has a backing? She speaks as if our Ms. Liuyue doesn’t have one! She was just using an egg against a stone! If I don’t teach her a proper lesson, she will continue to do this in the future!”

Yan Qing completely agreed.

Suddenly, horse carriage noises could be heard from outside the yard.

Yan Qing hurriedly rushed over and quickly opened the door with Yu Mo following closely behind.

The horse carriage stopped outside the door.

A long hand moved the curtains.

Rong Xiu came down from the horse carriage.

“Master!” However, they saw Rong Xiu nod lightly and bring another person down the horse carriage.

“Greetings, Ms. Liuyue,” said the Yan Qing-Yu Mo duo in unison.

Chu Liuyue was quite surprised. “Yu Mo, you’re here too?”

Rong Xiu had been in Xi Ling for a while, and Yan Qing followed him usually. She hadn’t seen much of Yu Mo.

She even thought that he didn’t come.

Yu Mo awkwardly scratched his head. I can’t say that I didn’t show myself because my face was swollen and that I was too embarrassed to see people, right…

He coughed and changed the topic. “Master, Ms. Liuyue, it’s cold outside. Quickly, come in—”

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