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Chapter 643: Judge

Chu Liuyue focused on two things simultaneously. While refining the new Green Frost Berry, she cleared the Green Frost Berry liquid in the half-made pill.

The first task was still manageable, but the latter required meticulous attention.

She stared at it closely without blinking. She was so highly focused that beads of sweat kept breaking out on her forehead.

Her back was already drenched by her cold sweat.

Ning Zhiqing wasn’t paying attention at first, but he then noticed that something seemed amiss when he heard the bustling noises from the surroundings. He was distracted and listened to a few sentences, but they were all about Chu Liuyue.


His palms slammed against the cauldron, and the strong force was once again inserted within as the fire rose.

A pill gradually formed and was taking shape.

He heaved a sigh of relief before looking up to glance at Chu Liuyue.

With this look, his eyes were straight. Chu Liuyue… What is she doing?

He was also a heavenly doctor with outstanding talent. So even when he took a hurried glance from a distance away, he still felt that something was amiss.

His hand holding the cauldron started trembling, and his heart was in great turmoil. Chu Liuyue actually wants to remove the Green Frost Berry that has already merged with the half-made pill? How confident must she be to do that?


A fire suddenly lost control and spiraled out.

Ning Zhiqing was taken aback as he moved half a step back. He then realized that it was because he was distracted, so the fire within the cauldron burst.

He hurriedly recollected his thoughts and tried his best to control the fire. Luckily, he wasn’t slow, so it didn’t cause much damage.

The pill still stayed in the fire, and from its surface, it didn’t look like it was affected.

However, Ning Zhiqing’s heart sank. When producing pills, this was the worst thing that could happen.

That one moment of loss of control would definitely decrease this pill’s medicinal effects.

Originally, everything was going well… Ning Zhiqing’s expression became more serious. He knew that he couldn’t be distracted again. If not, he might not even be able to produce the pill.

He took a deep breath in as he stared at the pill that kept shrinking in the fire while he adjusted it meticulously.

But not long later, the previous scene flashed across his mind again.

Chu Liuyue’s face turned white, and her entire body was breaking out into a sweat. She was clearly exhausted, but her movements were very smooth and natural as if they weren’t affected at all.

The key point was that she was still meticulously extracting the Green Frost Berry liquid from the half-made pill.

Even though he only took a glance previously, it was clear that the pill was shaped perfectly. Its color was also intense and pure.

Chu Liuyue was obviously going to succeed!


Right at this moment, a sound could be heard from the opposite side.

Ning Zhiqing couldn’t help it and still looked up. He saw Chu Liuyue burning away the last drop of the Green Frost Berry liquid and simultaneously guided the just-refined green liquid in.

The pill slowly turned and rapidly turned emerald green.

This time, the Green Frost Berry perfectly merged with it.

Chu Liuyue didn’t dare to be relaxed as she controlled the strength of the fire and meticulously merged the herbs completely.

Then, an intense herbal fragrance permeated throughout the area.

Chu Liuyue was elated. It succeeded!

The fragrance rapidly spread all around, and an invisible ripple exploded from the cauldron at the same time.


The cauldron moved.

A clear, bright-purple pattern gradually appeared on the green pill.

“This sound… Is Chu Liuyue about to succeed?” Someone suddenly spoke amidst the quiet crowd.

“The pill is already formed… The herbal fragrance is so intense. It must’ve succeeded!”

“It really seems like it’s a fifth-grade pill! How exactly did she do it just now? Why have I never heard that one can still remove a portion of a merged herb?”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

All of the words drifted into Ning Zhiqing’s ears. It was as if a five-flavored bottle emptied in his heart as he felt very conflicted with a tinge of panic and fear.

As he was flustered, the fire in the cauldron rippled again. He hurriedly retracted his gaze and stabilized himself.

Suddenly, his gaze focused. A crack actually seemed to appear on the pill.

He stared at it again carefully to ensure that his eyes weren’t blurred—the pill indeed had a crack.

Ning Zhiqing was instantly flustered, and his mind went completely blank.

The Zi Yang Pill that Chu Liuyue produced was a beginner fifth-grade pill, and the Rong Ling Pill he crafted was also a beginner fifth-grade pill.

Now that Chu Liuyue has already made it to the last step successfully, judging from the intensity of the fragrance, it must be perfect! Yet, my pill has a crack… In his panic, he immediately merged the remaining herbs. At the same time, he kept urging the fire to burn so as to fix the crack.


An even louder shaking noise could be heard from Chu Liuyue’s pill.

Ning Zhiqing clenched his teeth and crazily inserted his force inside again.

That crack finally patched up slowly. Then, a herbal fragrance exuded from his Rong Ling Pill.

“Ning Zhiqing’s pill is also produced!”

“What kind of pill is it? Why does the smell seem to be a little weaker than Chu Liuyue’s…”

“It should be because he just made the pill, right? He’s a genuine fifth-grade heavenly doctor! How can the pill he produced be worse than that of Chu Liuyue, a fourth-grade heavenly doctor?”

Something seemed to be stuck in Ning Zhiqing’s heart, and he felt very suppressed and uncomfortable.

Then, as if venting his anger, force flowed out from his palm and hit the cauldron.


An even bigger ripple spread in all directions.

“Look, this commotion is clearly bigger than Chu Liuyue’s! I think Ning Zhiqing is definitely winning this time!”

“I don’t think so. Chu Liuyue’s previous move is really…”


Chu Liuyue’s palm slapped lightly, and the Zi Yang Pill flew into the jade box that she had already prepared at the side.


The jade box closed, but the air was still filled with the herbal fragrance! It didn’t go away for a very long time.

Almost at the same time, Ning Zhiqing also concluded his refining as he sent the pill into his own jade box.

Chu Liuyue’s vision turned into patches of black. She could only hold the cauldron with one hand and heavily let out a breath before she closed her eyes to rest for a while.

To produce this one pill, she really exhausted all her effort. Thus, she didn’t have any energy left now.

On the other hand, even though Ning Zhiqing’s expression was ugly, he still looked much better than Chu Liuyue as a whole.

Zhang Hua closed his eyes, and his uneasy heart finally relaxed as he couldn’t help but reveal a delighted smile. Even though Chu Liuyue has also produced a fifth-grade pill, such a big mistake happened in the middle. Thus, the product definitely isn’t very good. Ning Zhiqing’s pill is definitely stronger than hers! This time… he’s bound to win!

“Since the two of them have already produced their pills, let the judge decide who won immediately! Chu Liuyue produced hers first, so let’s start with her!” He couldn’t wait to see the disappointed look of Chong Xu Cabinet’s people.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him in a seemingly smiling manner. “Sure.”

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