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Chapter 642: True Talent

“Oh no! Liuyue’s Green Frost Berry is about to be ruined!” Ye Ranran whispered and covered her mouth as her eyes were filled with worry.

The surrounding senior brothers and senior sisters were mostly heavenly doctors as well. When they saw this scene, they naturally understood what it meant, so they all looked worried.

Lu Zhiyao couldn’t help but say, “Is Little Junior Sister too anxious?”

If this herb was ruined, then the entire pill might fail to be produced!

Weichi Song knitted his brows tightly. He saw very clearly that Chu Liuyue made a mistake because she was careless for a moment.

Green Frost Berries were naturally cold, so one originally couldn’t use a high temperature to refine it. It also had a lot of requirements for the fire. Sometimes, even a true fifth-grade heavenly doctor might not be able to do it perfectly.

At the start, Chu Liuyue was doing fine. But she previously didn’t control it well for a moment, so it became like that.

In the previous two matches, she had indeed exhausted too much of her force and strength. She was already forcing herself to the extreme by trying to produce pills now.

However, she still wanted to produce a fifth-grade pill that was above her standards. It was already very hard for her to last until now.

I wonder if she can handle this crisis…

The burnt smell spread.

Ning Zhiqing’s heart tingled as he looked up. That smell came from Chu Liuyue’s cauldron.

He squinted his eyes. It seems like the Green Frost Berry has some issues… Hah, she was thinking too highly of herself! A fourth-grade heavenly doctor trying to produce a fifth-grade pill, let alone the very complicated Zi Yang Pill?

The Zi Yang Pill was a beginner fifth-grade pill, and amongst fifth-grade pills, it needed fewer herbs. The production time was also shorter. In other words, it would use less of her force.

The previous two matches had already exhausted quite a bit of Chu Liuyue’s energy, so it was understandable that she would choose to refine the Zi Yang Pill.

But she might’ve forgotten one thing: Quite a few herbs needed for the Zi Yang Pill were extremely difficult to handle. If one wanted to produce the pill, one had to have sufficient understanding of these pills. They also had to be very precise and familiar with the production methods.

If not, everything would turn to dust in the end.

Ning Zhiqing’s lips curved up in mockery. With such a temperament, she won’t last long as a heavenly doctor… Chu Liuyue’s match might just end here!

Chu Liuyue looked at the green liquid in her cauldron.

As the temperature was too high, the edges of the liquid had started to turn black. Even if she could continue producing the pill, the eventual effects would be very heavily affected.

Chu Liuyue looked calm as she lowered the temperature of the fire again while separating the green liquid from the other herbs simultaneously.

However, a portion of the Green Frost Berry liquid had already merged with the other herbs that were waiting to form the pill.

This burnt portion clearly couldn’t be used anymore.

Chu Liuyue swiftly poured out that bit of black liquid and threw another Green Frost Berry inside.

Seeing her actions, the spectators were all stunned. “Is Chu Liuyue crazy? She actually wants to produce another Green Frost Berry liquid?”

“But she’s already ruined the previous one, so it definitely can’t be used…”

“But didn’t a portion of the Green Frost Berry liquid already merge with the other herbs and start to produce the pill? Even if Chu Liuyue can refine another one now, can she ensure that it’ll be exactly the same as before? One must know that Green Frost Berries are very delicate. If the temperature or the timing is off by even a little, the medicinal effects will differ greatly! Two Green Frost Berries… It’s fine if they were refined together, but now she did it consecutively. I’m afraid that the produced poll won’t have pure medicinal effects…”

Those who had at least a little understanding about medicine refining wouldn’t agree with Chu Liuyue’s move. To them, Chu Liuyue’s half-made pill was already ruined, and there was no way of making up for it.

If she restarted now, she might be able to produce a perfect Zi Yang Pill. However, she obviously didn’t have that strength.

“Liuyue is actually going to refine the Green Frost Berry again…” Ye Ranran watched the scene unfold in the arena closely, and her hands were crossed in front of her as if she was praying.

Suddenly, her gaze focused, and she widened her eyes in shock. “…No, no!”

Lu Zhiyao hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ye Ranran pointed at Chu Liuyue and stammered, “Liuyue… Liuyue is trying to remove the portion of Green Frost Berry liquid that’s already merged with the other herbs!”

Lu Zhiyao was dazed. “What?”

Even though his talent as a heavenly doctor couldn’t be compared to Ye Ranran, he still understood what she meant. He immediately stepped forward to take a closer look at Chu Liuyue’s cauldron.

In that burning red fire, most of the herbs had already merged and formed a circular, fist-sized ball.

Upon closer look, a fire was separated, and it was circulating around that ball.

Everywhere the fire went past, bits of green liquid would flow out of the ball and instantly evaporate.

Lu Zhiyao was stunned. “T-that…”

That’s really the Green Frost Berry’s liquid! Chu Liuyue actually wants to separate it from the half-made pill forcefully?!

“Little Junior Sister—” Is she crazy?!

Lu Zhiyao swallowed his remaining words with much difficulty, but they were already written all over his face.

It was also the first time that Ye Ranran saw such a situation, and she couldn’t help but seek help from Weichi Song. “Cabinet Master, Liuyue…”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Weichi Song in a trance as if he was dazed. It’s an extremely difficult task to separate a herb from the half-made pill it has already merged with. This is at least ten times harder than handling the herb because a portion of the medicinal effects has already started to merge. If one wants to remove it completely, it would require extreme precision over the fire control and the temperature. This is to allow the herb to be completely removed and not affect the other herbs’ effects. This is like skinning something and removing the bones—there can’t be a single error.

Actually, even if most heavenly doctors had produced a pill hundreds of times or even thousands of times, they might not be able to do this.

Only a genuine top elite and those with natural talent and sensitivity toward herbs and pill refining could do this.

Chu Liuyue was currently a fourth-grade heavenly doctor producing a fifth-grade pill, and that in itself was already very difficult. She was actually so daring to do this directly!

Even Weichi Song felt that this was crazy. He was also a heavenly doctor and had cultivated for many years. He asked himself, and he knew that he definitely didn’t have this courage at Chu Liuyue’s age.

Even though the opposite Ning Zhiqing was of a higher level, he might not be able to do better than Chu Liuyue.

This was true talent! There might not even be one out of a thousand heavenly doctors.

He had seen many heavenly doctors in his entire life, but there were only two people who had such abilities. One was his Uncle-Master, and the other… was his half-disciple—Shangguan Yue…

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