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Chapter 640: Regret

Not long ago, Chong Xu Cabinet was still very behind. In the end, after Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou came, they rapidly caught up and closed the gap.

If they won another match now, Chong Xu Cabinet could successfully hold onto their position!

The crowd was silent. Who would’ve expected things to take such a drastic turn? It seems like Jiu Xing Alliance—which thought it could win stably—is in a rather dangerous situation now…

Zhang Hua furrowed his brows tightly, and his gaze was like a knife.

If gazes could kill, Chu Liuyue would’ve already been chopped into pieces by him. However, Chu Liuyue was long used to such gazes, so she didn’t even take it to heart.

If he’s already so angry now, won’t he be furious when the competition ends? Chu Liuyue thought quietly in her heart as a cold smile flashed across her lips. Then, she hit the cauldron.

A red fire immediately started burning.

Ning Zhiqing glanced over, and his expression changed slightly. Chu Liuyue actually can continue refining medicine… How much force does she have? But no matter what, I must win this match! Xie Lingyang already lost just now, so he won’t have a good time when he goes back. Now, all the pressure is on me. If I lose, I’ll be even more miserable than Xie Lingyang.

Thinking of this, Ning Zhiqing pressed his lips against each other and calmed himself down before he tidily poured the herbs into the cauldron and started to refine the medicine.

Time passed especially slowly.

Everyone’s attention was on Chu Liuyue and Ning Zhiqing.

The situation here had long attracted the other clans’ attention.

Jian Shuye stood with his hands behind his back. With a gully in between, he looked at Chu Liuyue and couldn’t help but say, “Tsk, tsk! This girl hides her skills really well! See how well-trained her movements are! She’s also controlling the fire well! What an astonishing talent!”

He didn’t lower his voice when he spoke those praises, so quite a few people near him heard them very clearly.

Jian Fengchi’s head ached more than ever as he couldn’t help but say, “Father, ever since the both of them started competing, you have been watching them until now. However, you didn’t watch our Dragon Teeth Mountain compete against Sheng Yan Harem. Which clan are you from?”

Jian Shuye waved his hands nonchalantly. “What’s so nice to watch about our competition? After competing so much, we’ll still win! Besides, Qiang Wanzhou and Chu Liuyue’s few matches are indeed very interesting! It’s my loss if I don’t watch them!”

Jian Fengchi was stumped and had nothing to say in return. He felt that his father had completely fallen into the hole and couldn’t be saved.

Jian Shuye couldn’t help but say, “Look, Chu Liuyue is very good at refining medicine! Do you know what level she’s at currently?”

Jian Fengchi glanced at her and lazily said, “A fourth-grade heavenly doctor, I think? But she could already produce pills when she was a third-grade heavenly doctor, so… Her abilities should be better than this.”

Mm, just like her previous two matches. Even if she has to compete with people above her skill level, she’ll still win. Didn’t she do it based on this capability?

Jian Shuye was very emotional. “Sigh, I think so too! Look at her movements—even a fifth-grade heavenly doctor might not be able to match up to her! When you were her age, you were much weaker than her!”

Jian Fengchi was speechless.

“I really don’t know what kind of luck Old Song has to have for both to choose his Chong Xu Cabinet!” said Jian Shuye enviously.

At the start, he wanted Chu Liuyue to come to Dragon Teeth Mountain because he liked her talent and even more because of his own son. But now, he finally realized that it was a very big loss!

One Qiang Wanzhou, one Chu Liuyue… He was really envious!

Jian Fengchi coldly said, “Are you not even planning on watching Hongyu’s match?”

This sentence finally stirred some reaction in Jian Shuye. He hurriedly turned around to look. “What? It’s Hongyu’s turn?”

With this look, he coincidentally saw Mu Hongyu vanishing behind the opponent and hurriedly striking out.


The Faint Yuan Body indeed had a strong advantage. An average cultivator couldn’t even be compared to its possessor.

Mu Hongyu had won this match very easily. After competing, she directly left the arena and quickly walked toward Jian Shuye and his son.

“Young Master, how’s Liuyue’s situation!?” asked Mu Hongyu anxiously as she walked over.

When Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou previously competed simultaneously, she wanted to spectate as well. But it was coincidentally her turn to compete, so she was delayed.

Jian Fengchi briefly explained the situation to her.

When Mu Hongyu heard it, her almond-like eyes sparkled, and her face was very emotional. “I knew it! I knew she could do it!”

Since when has Chu Liuyue ever lost back in the academy? It’s the same today too!

Jian Fengchi’s lips curled up slightly in a lazy and unreasonable manner. “You’re pretty confident in her.”

“Of course!” Mu Hongyu took a few more steps forward to take a closer look. “That so-called Jiu Xing Alliance is bound to lose after meeting Liuyue this time! I have never seen Liuyue losing to anyone before!”

Jian Shuye asked with much interest, “Hongyu, do you know when Chu Liuyue started cultivating as a heavenly doctor? Who is her mentor?”

He could disregard the rest, but he really wanted to know this. Being able to produce a disciple like Chu Liuyue could prove just how formidable her mentor was. After all, a very large extent of a heavenly doctor’s cultivation was dependent on having a mentor guiding them carefully.

Mu Hongyu thought for a moment and said, “I think… I think it was after her 14th birthday. It hasn’t even been a year yet, and her mentor is my academy’s director! I heard that before Liuyue entered the academy, she was already the director’s disciple. However, I’m also not too sure when that was.”

Jian Shuye was dazed. “You mean… She cultivated as a heavenly doctor for less than a year? How is that possible!?”

Mu Hongyu thought for a while and said, “I’m not sure whether she started cultivating as a heavenly doctor much earlier on, but I’m certain that the Yuan meridian in her body was still lacking before her 14th birthday. Hence, she definitely didn’t progress in her warrior cultivation then.”

Upon deeper thought, Chu Liuyue seemed to have become a genius from a good-for-nothing overnight.

Jian Shuye gasped before he yelled his heart in much pain and regret. “I really should’ve snatched her from Old Song!”

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