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Chapter 641: Zi Yang Pill

Jian Shuye felt extreme regret.

On the other side, Chu Liuyue had no knowledge of this as she focused all her energy on the pill inside the cauldron in front of her.

She was currently a fourth-grade heavenly doctor, while Ning Zhiqing was a fifth-grade one. If she wanted to win this match, she had to produce a fifth-grade pill.

Luckily, she had already made her choice when she came to the competition venue. Moreover, she did have sufficient herbs inside her Cosmic Ring.

Hm, speaking of this, I still have to thank Rong Xiu. If he didn’t give me this Cosmic Ring, I really might not be so willing to buy so many herbs in one go…

She placed the herbs inside in an orderly manner, separated the fire within the cauldron into a few portions, and refined them on their own.

Ning Zhiqing was also handling the herbs at this point as he made time to look up at her. When he saw Chu Liuyue split the cauldron into five areas, his heart turned slightly cold. On average, only a fifth-grade heavenly doctor can do this… But it seems like Chu Liuyue is very familiar with it as if it doesn’t use up any energy at all.

A doubt flashed across Ning Zhiqing’s heart. Is she really just a fourth-grade heavenly doctor?

“Cabinet Master, what pill is Little Junior Sister trying to make?” Lu Zhiyao watched for a while and only saw that Chu Liuyue kept throwing herbs into the cauldron. He couldn’t tell what exactly she was doing.

Weichi Song stroked his beard and muttered, “She’s determined to win…”

Lu Zhiyao was dazed.

Weichi Song glanced at Ye Ranran at the side. “Ranran, can you tell?”

Ye Ranran thought for a moment and said, “It seems like… She wants to produce the Zi Yang Pill—an inferior fifth-grade pill?”

Weichi Song nodded in satisfaction. “You’re right.”

Ye Ranran’s talent as a heavenly doctor was indeed better than most people, so she could sensitively guess the results.

Lu Zhiyao was shocked. “Fifth-grade pill? Isn’t Little Junior Sister a fourth-grade heavenly doctor?”

“If she produced a fourth-grade pill, she would basically have no chance of winning. Hence, she’s trying to produce a fifth-grade one…” Weichi Song sighed in his heart. This is why I said that just now.

“But… Can Little Junior Sister succeed?” Even though Little Junior Sister is outstanding in all aspects, producing pills as a heavenly doctor is different from the other two cultivation aspects. Perhaps one can use luck to make it through a Xuan Master competition, and perhaps one could use their force to give their all during a warrior competition. But heavenly doctors… can only count on their pure abilities.

This was because the process of producing pills was extremely difficult. The higher the grade of the pill, the more difficult it was to produce it.

Not only did one have to handle many herbs, but they also had to note many of the small details. If one was careless, everything could go to waste.

They couldn’t be distracted at all during the entire process. Extreme precision was required in both their fire control and their pill-refining methods.

Chu Liuyue was currently producing a fifth-grade pill forcefully… Could she really do it?

Ye Ranran seriously said, “Senior Brother Lu, I think Liuyue can do it. Judging by Liuyue’s movements, she seems more trained than me…”

This was also what Weichi Song was thinking. He looked at Chu Liuyue, and it clearly seemed like she had many years of experience producing pills.

It was as though she was very familiar with it, and this wasn’t something that talent could explain.

Perhaps… The teacher she followed last time isn’t an ordinary person?

Time gradually passed, and it was evening in the blink of an eye.

The orange-red sun was like a burning ball as it painted the clouds with a hint of warmth.

At this point, Chu Liuyue finally finished handling her hundreds of herbs. Now, she had to produce the pill.

Chu Liuyue gathered all her focus and licked her pale and cracked lips. According to my current abilities, it isn’t that easy to produce a fifth-grade pill. Hence, I have to be more careful than ever. Furthermore, my current strength can only support me producing the pill once and definitely not a second time.

She meticulously merged all the herbs in the cauldron bit by bit.

On the opposite end, Ning Zhiqing noticed Chu Liuyue’s movements, and he couldn’t help but glance.

When he saw that the fire in Chu Liuyue’s cauldron was already gathering everything together, he couldn’t help furrowing his brows again. Chu Liuyue actually started producing the pill earlier than me!

He glanced at his own cauldron—there were still quite a few herbs that hadn’t been handled.

This was like a loud slap had struck his face.

He tried very hard to control his emotions as he kept comforting himself in his heart. Perhaps Chu Liuyue is too eager to be fast and missed out on a lot of things? The worst thing that can happen when producing pills is to be too anxious about making it work. At this point, it doesn’t matter if I’m slightly slower. It’s fine as long as I win in the end.

Thinking of this, he gradually appeased his emotions and quickly handled the remaining herbs. Then, he finally started to produce the pill.

Chu Liuyue carefully merged the herbs. Even though she had produced Zi Yang Pills quite a few times before and had memorized the entire process, one could never be 100% confident when producing pills.

This was especially so when her grade wasn’t high enough, so she had to pay more attention.

She stared at it closely as she added some green liquid.


A piercing sound was heard.

That green liquid actually started to produce white smoke.

Oh no! These herbs are about to be ruined! The more important thing is that this is the key point to producing the pill! With this, it might even ruin the other herbs around it! Chu Liuyue immediately separated out an orange fire to try to separate the green liquid.

The moment it touched it, the liquid burned even more intensely.

A burnt smell could be smelled.

Chu Liuyue’s heart sank.

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