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Chapter 628: I’m in a Hurry

That red fire rose up like a long whip, and it tightly wrapped around the lightning bolt at that instant. Following Chu Liuyue’s scream, the red fire harshly dragged it down.

At the same time, Chu Liuyue rushed upward again.

The sword landed!


Using the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword, Chu Liuyue instantly split that lightning bolt in two from the middle. The endless fire then started to envelop it once again, and it turned one round around the sword body before finally entering Chu Liuyue’s body.

Chu Liuyue hurriedly gathered the lightning bolt’s strength and inserted it into the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword. “Get in!”

A ray of light instantly flashed across the sword body—the 20th lightning bolt’s refinement was done!

Shangguan Jing’s expression became very incredulous. This… How is this triggering the lightning and refining the sword? This is grabbing the lightning bolt back and rubbing it against the sword body.

Seeing that Chu Liuyue was violently yet cleanly doing all of this with her face filled with blood, Shangguan Jing held his forehead. What has the outside world become in the past thousand years? I know that Chu Liuyue is capable, but… That’s a lightning bolt! How can she teach it a lesson so casually?

“…Liuyue…” Shangguan Jing spoke with much difficulty, but he didn’t know what he should say. Should I advise Chu Liuyue not to be so violent toward the lightning?

“Ancestor, what’s the matter?” Upon hearing this, Chu Liuyue turned around. Even though she was covered in bloodstains, her eyes shone brightly with determination, and she looked very energized.

She looked completely different from when she was hanging onto her last breath just now.

Shangguan Jing thought for quite some time before saying, “Th-this is lightning… You see… I don’t think this is how you should deal with it…”

“Hm?” Chu Liuyue blinked as she picked up the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in her hands and took a closer look.

The sword body was smooth and tidy—sharp and hard. After the previous refinement, its color became even more intense and pure. Under the accompaniment of the faint rays on it, it looked like a large sapphire.

There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong. Isn’t it doing fine? Doubt flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes as she looked at her ancestor. “What aspect… are you referring to?”

Shangguan Jing: “…Take it as if I didn’t say anything…”

Kids these days are way too aggressive…

Chu Liuyue looked up.

The thick clouds hadn’t dissipated, and the spiral was still the same as before, turning slowly.

But… There wasn’t a single ray of silver light in the darkness.

There are no more lightning bolts? Chu Liuyue hesitated for a moment and asked, “Ancestor, what’s going on…? Why are the lightning bolts not striking even though the clouds haven’t dissipated?”

Shangguan Jing glanced at her coolly. How dare you ask? Who else can you blame for frightening the remaining lightning bolts motionless? I was previously staying in my Tianling God Realm just fine, yet I met Chu Liuyue. Hence, with much hope and elation, I followed Chu Liuyue out in hopes of seeing the sky and earth and admiring the scenery. Who knew I would meet with such a thing?

The belief he formed after refining Yuan instruments for so many years was instantly destroyed by Chu Liuyue. He still needed time to mull over it! Who can I find reason with?

Seeing his glance, Chu Liuyue felt bad for some reason as she touched her nose. “…It can’t be because of me, right?”

Shangguan Jing chuckled, “Then, is it because of me?”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. She quietly returned to the star stone, sat cross-legged, and placed the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword on her knees. “I’ll wait for a while longer then.”

Shangguan Jing looked up. Actually, the remaining lightning bolts are all there. However, they just don’t want to strike. I think they might even feel more conflicted than me at this point. They can’t leave, but if they come down… There’s still a Chu Liuyue here!

Shangguan Jing was dazed. What exactly did the girl do just now?

On Qing Yuan Mountain.

Qiang Wanzhou was stunned when he saw Chu Liuyue walking out of the red fire as he stood rooted to the ground and couldn’t recover his senses for a long time. The later events then exceeded his imagination, and he almost started to doubt his eyes.

It was only until Chu Liuyue settled the lightning and sat back down on the star stone that his hanging heart could rest.

Even though he didn’t know what exactly happened, he could tell that Chu Liuyue had already changed her format as she turned from the losing party to the winning one.

Even though she was still covered in bloodstains, she didn’t look unkempt at all. At this very moment, only one word could be seen on her body: Strong!

Qiang Wanzhou’s tightly clenched fists gradually loosened. As he had used too much force, his palms had already turned completely numb and lost feeling.

However, he didn’t care at all. His eyes were tightly glued to the petite and straight figure. She really has her ways… No matter what kind of scenario she’s facing, she can always find a solution, just like… the person in my memory. That person’s face always had a smile as if she didn’t worry about anything else. It seemed like she could solve any problems easily.

He gradually placed his right hand on his left chest, and his previously erratic heartbeat slowly calmed down. However, something seemed to be left behind.

His gaze gradually became determined and stubborn, and it also had a tinge of deep sincerity.

Yan Lin Peak became extremely quiet.

The light wind blew over and blew up the scarce leaves and branches. There was a strange deserted feeling.

Chu Liuyue circulated the force within her body. It was like river water crashing against the river bank as it smoothened the current.

The lightning strength that accumulated in Chu Liuyue’s body was gradually being absorbed as it entered the water droplet and converted to Chu Liuyue’s own strength.

With the nourishment of the water droplet’s strength, Chu Liuyue’s injuries recovered at an even faster speed.

After circulating her force for a day, Chu Liuyue opened her eyes once again. Her bodily aura was clearly much stronger than before, and she actually had the faint feeling of breaking through.

Chu Liuyue stretched her neck, raised her sword, and stood up.

Most of the bloodstains on her clothes had already dried up, becoming coarse and hard. This made the clothes very uncomfortable to wear.

In addition to a pretty number of physical wounds that had just formed scabs… The thick bloody smell invaded her nose. Every time she moved, she became even more uncomfortable.

Chu Liuyue gradually became frustrated. I had no problems with sharpening the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword for a month straight. I also had no problems with enduring immeasurable pain as I accepted the lightning’s strength with my current cultivation level. But the point is that I’ve already waited for so long, yet the lightning still isn’t budging! It doesn’t even look like it’s going to come out! What does this mean?

Upon thinking of this, Chu Liuyue’s face turned cold. She looked up at the sky, moved her wrist, and raised her sword. Her voice was extremely cold and contained a tinge of frustration as she enunciated her words clearly. “Are you going to come down yourself, or do you want me to go up? I’m in a hurry!”

Once she said that, the entire sky was quiet without any effect.

Chu Liuyue suddenly sneered. “Since this is so—”

Hong long!

A lightning bolt finally gathered in the clouds!

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