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Chapter 627: Get Down Right Now!

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He had lived for so many years and had seen people being struck to death by lightning, people become half-dead from the roar of thunder, and also those who successfully survived the torture from the lightning’s strength. However, he had never seen someone going head-on against the lightning and even chasing after it.

Isn’t this not very right? That girl was previously still being beaten by that lightning and couldn’t retaliate at all, and she was almost going to surrender. Why did the situation suddenly change so drastically in the blink of an eye? 

Seeing the lightning’s strength that was escaping in all directions and being absorbed by the red fire without hesitation, Shangguan Jing fell into deep thought. He couldn’t step forward, and he couldn’t move back. Could it be… Did I see wrongly? 

There was no room for mistakes about Chu Liuyue’s body being covered by bloodstains. Even from here, he could still clearly see the numerous contorted wounds on her arms.

She really wasn’t going to make it just now… Or perhaps I’m too ignorant and don’t know that there’s such a way to deal with the lightning? Just as the Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor was dazed and confused, Chu Liuyue had already gathered the 19th lightning bolt’s strength as she inserted all of it into the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword.

Seeing the silver light flow across the sword body, Chu Liuyue slowly wiped away the bloodstains on the corner of her mouth. With her current cultivation level, it was indeed difficult for her to endure this lightning bolt’s strength. However… She didn’t only have this bit of skill.

An idea popped up in her mind as she circulated the strength within the water droplet. She then converted the force that was surging out into fire and contained it within the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword before completely tearing the lightning apart…

The entire process was very smooth and extremely successful.

She had thought it through very clearly. If the enemy is strong, I’m weak. If the enemy is weak, I’m strong. Since this lightning won’t stop anytime soon, why don’t I directly fight against it? 

Originally, she wanted to make a Hail Mary effort, but she didn’t expect the results to exceed her expectations greatly.

The lightning seems to be afraid of me for some reason… To be more accurate, it seems afraid of the water droplet in my body. I originally just wanted to accept the strength within the lightning, but I didn’t expect the lightning to run away once I just started. Since you’re already here, what’s the point of running?! Chu Liuyue thought swiftly and immediately exerted all her strength to kill it.

In the end, the lightning’s strength really became more docile than ever… It didn’t even dare to jump around unreasonably in her body. This undoubtedly reduced the pain in Chu Liuyue’s entire body.

The gentle yet strong force surged out of the water droplet as it quickly spread to Chu Liuyue’s limbs. Her body’s injuries started recovering at high speed under the red fire’s envelopment—even her superficial wounds were rapidly forming scabs.

Moreover, there was quite a bit of the lightning’s strength left in her muscles and bones. If she managed to digest all of it and convert it to her own strength, it would definitely become an insurmountable amount of energy for her.

Chu Liuyue felt the changes in her body and let out a long sigh. Luckily, I still have this trump card… If not, I really might not be able to sustain under the surround attack from the lightning bolts. 

After confirming that the 19th lightning bolt had finished nourishing the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword and that her body was becoming stronger, Chu Liuyue looked up once again.

A snake-like lightning bolt was swimming away in the middle of the dark clouds in the sky—this was the 20th lightning bolt!

Chu Liuyue stood atop of the star stone again, and her legs were wide apart. She tightly held the sword in her hands as she closely stared in front and held her breath while waiting.

But after some time… that lightning bolt still did not strike.

Chu Liuyue couldn’t help but look at her ancestor. “Ancestor, didn’t you say that nine lightning bolts would appear together every time? The next lightning bolt appeared just now, but why isn’t it striking down?”

Seeing the lightning bolt swimming around in the clouds continuously, Shangguan Jing also knitted his brows. “It’ll… probably be okay after a while…”

The 19th bolt has already struck, so there’s no reason for the remaining ones not to appear. Besides, the 20th bolt has already formed…

A while passed.

Another while passed.

The surroundings gradually quietened down.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. “Ancestor, a long time has passed. Why isn’t it moving?”

Shangguan Jing crossed his arms and held his chin with one hand as he fell into a strange silence. Actually… I had a vague guess. But it was too ridiculous, so I quickly suppressed it when it appeared in my mind earlier. However, it seems increasingly amiss now… 

“This… Actually, I’ve never met with such a situation before…”

Chu Liuyue loosened up her wrist. “If this goes on, all my wounds are about to recover.”

Shangguan Jing was speechless as he looked at the silver lightning bolt again. It looks fine, so why doesn’t it want to strike? Why does it just move around there? 

He had never thought that he would one day want lightning to strike so badly.

In the extremely strange atmosphere, Chu Liuyue waited for another while and finally got annoyed. The next moment, she suddenly energized herself, stepped on the star stone, and leaped up. At the same time, she held the Cloud-Sky Copper Sword in her hands.

Wherever the sword blade passed, a straight, black gap would be left behind in the air.

Chu Liuyue’s surrounding force circulated, and the red fire exploded once again, wrapping the entire Cloud-Sky Copper Sword again.

The fire burned intensely, and it instantly increased the surrounding temperature.

The lightning in the clouds seemed to detect this dangerous aura as it increased its swimming speed. From afar, it actually seemed uneasy.

Shangguan Jing was even more puzzled. This matter seems to be developing toward an increasingly strange direction…

Right at this moment, Chu Liuyue raised her sword, and a magnificent aura crazily rushed out from it.

Shangguan Jing was taken aback. Chu Liuyue’s body and the sword’s strength seem to be even stronger than before. 

That red fire actually rushed out the next instant and spread toward the sky.

The lightning in the clouds detected the danger, and after a temporary pause, it actually started scuttling toward the black spiral.

Shangguan Jing’s eyelids twitched. The lightning is actually going to escape?! 

The red fire suddenly increased its speed and chased after the lightning.

Almost at the same time, a clear scream reverberated throughout the area. “Get down right now!”

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