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Chapter 618: Offended

Chu Liuyue finally couldn’t restrain her curiosity as she descended the mountain with Rong Xiu. “What did you put in the Cosmic Rings that you gave to Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters?”

Rong Xiu smiled. “It’s just stuff that they can use.”

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment. “White crystals?”

Rong Xiu smiled but didn’t say anything.

Chu Liuyue knew that she was right. White crystals were the simplest and most foolproof gift.

“But.. Why did you prepare so much? Could it be that before you came, you…”

“You’re well-known in Xi Ling, and Chong Xu Cabinet is a major clan. It’s not that tough to find out some things.”

“…But you gave out so much in one go…”

“It seemed like they were treating you well, so it’s just right to give them a little something.”

Judging from Rong Xiu’s nonchalant behavior, Chu Liuyue tugged at his sleeve. “Rong Xiu… be honest with me. Where did you get so much money? You’ve given me so much money. What about yourself?”

Based on her understanding of Rong Xiu, she knew the gifts weren’t a small sum. Not to mention the gifts that he gave her…

Rong Xiu smiled at her. “If Yue’er is worried that I’ll run out of money, you can relax. I… can still support you.”

Yan Qing felt the corners of his mouth twitch as he trailed behind. Ms. Liuyue is actually doubting Master’s wealth…

Hearing Rong Xiu’s response, Chu Liuyue felt a little more at ease. In truth, she knew that the former was definitely not short on money since he was this generous. She was just curious how he managed it… Could it be due to his status as ‘Your Grace?’

The few of them arrived at the mansion in Xi Ling City.

Chu Liuyue led them in. “I just moved here not long ago, so it’s just been tidied up. There are a few rooms that you can look at. Pick one that you like…”

Rong Xiu looked at them lazily. “Yue’er, don’t bother. This one is great.”

Chu Liuyue turned and followed his gaze. “That’s my… You want to stay in my room?”

Rong Xiu raised his brows. “Didn’t we do that before?”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes twitched. In the past… That was him coming up with all sorts of excuses to not leave!

Having seen right through Rong Xiu’s thoughts, Chu Liuyue gave in. “If that’s what you’d like, that’s fine. I don’t spend much time here, so we won’t be disturbed.”

Rong Xiu didn’t mind. If she doesn’t come, I could go over.

Chu Liuyue stayed with him a little longer before she left.

Jiang Residence.

“Fourth Missy, this is a cold skin cream that Eldest Young Master brought back for you from the palace. It’s said that if you use it for half a month, none of your wounds will leave scars…” said the servant girl as she carefully dressed Jiang Yuzhi’s wounds.

Jiang Yuzhi sat up on her bed with her eyes closed and didn’t say a word.

The servant girl took out one scoop of the paste and gently applied it to Jiang Yuzhi’s face.

“Ss… Ah!” Jiang Yuzhi cried out as she felt a sharp, cooling pain. She jumped up and slapped the servant girl across the face.


“That hurts! What are you doing!?”

The servant girl was knocked to the floor as her face quickly swelled up, and she skinned her arms. But she still held the jar of cream carefully in her hands, afraid that it might be broken.

Her life wasn’t even worth as much as the jar of cream if she broke it!

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She immediately got up, kneeled by Jiang Yuzhi’s bed, and kowtowed.

Jiang Yuzhi looked at her frustratedly and snatched the cream over. “Get lost!”

The servant girl left, still on tenterhooks. “Y-yes!”

Just as the girl was about to leave, Jiang Yuzhi glanced over and saw tears streaking down the girl’s porcelain face, looking rather pitiful.

This only fueled her anger. “Kneel outside and slap yourself! Stop when your face is bleeding!”

The servant was taken aback. “Fourth Missy…”

“Get going now!”

“…Yes.” The servant girl left the room while biting her lip. She then kneeled outside the door and began slapping herself. She used a large amount of energy with each hit.

Hearing the crisp sounds of the servant girl hitting herself, Jiang Yuzhi felt herself calm down. She then opened the jar of cream and prepared to apply it herself.

“What are you doing?” Before she could move, she heard Jiang Yucheng’s voice outside the door.

“Eldest Young Master, I have made a mistake.”

“What kind of behavior are you displaying outside Fourth Missy’s door? You are dismissed.”

“…Thank you, Eldest Young Master. I’ll take my leave first.”

Jiang Yucheng walked in after that. “This is already the fifth servant that you’ve punished over the last few days. When are you going to stop?”

Jiang Yuzhi slammed the jar of cream down on the table with a stiff expression. “Brother, are you here just to lecture me? I’m the Jiang family’s Fourth Missy, so what’s wrong with punishing a few servants?”

Jiang Yucheng scoffed. “Don’t think that I don’t know. The servants have done nothing wrong; you’re just nitpicking. It is exactly because you’re a missy that you must pay attention. If word gets out, people will only say that you’re willful and spoiled.”

Jiang Yuzhi leaped up and walked over to Jiang Yucheng. “My face is already like this! Am I not allowed to vent?”

Jiang Yucheng’s expression was cold. “Enough of that. I’ve sent someone to investigate what happened that day.”

Jiang Yuzhi felt guilty as she took a step back. “Brother, did you find something?”

Jiang Yucheng sneered. “You know very well what happened that day. I’ve asked you a number of times, but you never mentioned the mess you made at Hundred Herbs Building!”

Jiang Yuzhi instantly felt guilty. “I… I didn’t do anything…”

“If you didn’t do anything, why would Hundred Herbs Building blacklist you and put word out that they no longer welcome your business?”

A number of people saw things unfold, so it wasn’t difficult to find out what had happened.

Jiang Yuzhi was dumbfounded. “So what? So be it! They’re not the only place that sells herbs in Xi Ling City! What can they do about me?”

Jiang Yucheng was disappointed to see how stubborn his sister was. Even at this time, she is still so naive and arrogant!

“Hundred Herbs Building has a strong background. Even I’m not willing to clash with them, but you’ve got the guts? You really think that you’re somebody just because you’re Fourth Missy Jiang?”

Jiang Yuzhi’s face changed.

Her brother’s words were brutal!

Before she could respond, Jiang Yucheng continued. “No wonder you were beat up shortly after you left… And you’re still saying that you haven’t offended anyone?”

Jiang Yuzhi finally connected the dots. “Brother, you’re saying that… the masked man is from Hundred Herbs Building?”

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