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Chapter 617: Younger Brother-in-Law

Yan Qing rubbed his eyes, and it took him a few looks to realize that he wasn’t mistaken! It’s indeed a rag!

After a while, Qiang Wanzhou brought in another pail of water and never came out again.

This is… Yan Qing looked in his direction in shock. “Ms. Liuyue, he…”

Chu Liuyue glanced over and waved her hand nonchalantly. “Don’t worry. He cleans everything at this time every day. He’ll return after he’s done.”

She rejected him initially because Qiang Wanzhou was really good at it, and it wasn’t necessary for him to do so every day. She had tried to stop him before, but it was to no avail.

To Qiang Wanzhou, this was something that he had to do. Thus, he took it very seriously.

If she didn’t let him clean, he would ask Chu Liuyue if she felt that he wasn’t doing a good job. After several tries, Chu Liuyue gave up and let him be.

Yan Qing was speechless. What is wrong with this boy?

On the other side, Rong Xiu felt countless people watching him in the dark. He frowned slightly and gripped Chu Liuyue’s hand tighter. “Yue’er, let’s go.”

Chu Liuyue retracted her gaze and nodded. But after taking a few steps, she stopped and said speechlessly, “Senior Brothers, Senior Sisters, please come out.”

The moment she said that, the surroundings fell silent. A crowd of people then emerged from the surrounding corners and the room next door.

Lu Zhiyao—who was standing at the front—scratched his head.”What a coincidence, haha! We…”

“This is Rong Xiu,” Chu Liuyue said bluntly.

Lu Zhiyao coughed awkwardly and quickly exchanged glances with everyone. We want to explain things to Junior Sister, but Junior Sister has too good an eye…

However, her next sentence made everyone’s eyes light up! “He’s also my fiancé.”

Her tone was even, but she stunned everyone!

Everyone was curious about Rong Xiu’s identity, but they didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to acknowledge it directly!

“So Junior Sister already has a fiancé?”

“Haha! Since he’s Junior Sister’s fiancé, he counts as one of us! Just let us know if there’s anything he needs in the future!”

“Junior Sister, you never mentioned that you had such an outstanding fiancé…”

Everyone was stunned and full of praise. The man dressed in white is easily one of the most good-looking men we’ve ever seen! Judging from his aura, he doesn’t seem like an ordinary person either… Most importantly, we can still sense pressure from him even though he has concealed his aura. He definitely isn’t weak! Someone like this is definitely good enough for our junior sister!

Chu Liuyue knew that her senior brothers and sisters would be hung up over it if she didn’t say anything today, so she decided to make Rong Xiu’s identity public. She then introduced everyone to Rong Xiu.

Rong Xiu greeted everyone with a polite smile the entire time. It was clear from his demeanor that he came from a distinguished family.

Everyone’s curiosity was satiated, but their suspicions grew. Didn’t they say that Junior Sister had an ordinary background? But no matter if it’s Rong Xiu or Junior Sister, they don’t seem like ordinary people… Their demeanor and aura definitely don’t come from people raised in common families.

“I was in a rush today, so I didn’t have time to prepare much for everyone. Please take this as a token of appreciation for taking care of Yue’er.” With that, he raised his finger. “Yan Qing.”

Yan Qing stepped forward, walked over to Ye Ranran, and presented something to her. “Ms. Ye, please accept this.”

Chu Liuyue looked over and found that it was a Cosmic Ring. However, it seemed like an ordinary Cosmic Ring, different from the one Rong Xiu gifted her.

“This this this…” Ye Ranran was stunned and looked at everyone panickedly. This doesn’t seem appropriate.

Lu Zhiyao laughed out loud. “You are too kind! Liuyue is our junior sister, so it’s only right that we take care of her. By right, we’re the ones who are supposed to gift you things…”

Before he could finish, Yan Qing had already placed the Cosmic Ring in Ye Ranran’s hand and walked over to Lu Zhiyao with a second Cosmic Ring. “Young Master Lu, please…”

Lu Zhiyao paused. He glanced at the Cosmic Ring in Ye Ranran’s hand and looked in front of him again. So… Everyone is getting one?

Rong Xiu said, “It’s nothing too expensive, so please accept it.”

It wasn’t appropriate for them to reject them any further, so Lu Zhiyao could only reply, “Then… Thank you, Younger Brother-in-Law…”

Chu Liuyue felt the corner of her eyes twitch as she had a rising urge to escape. Younger… brother-in-law?!

She glanced at Rong Xiu, but he had a smile on his face. He seems… rather happy about it?

“Senior Brother Lu, you’re too kind. Yue’er is my fiancée, so this is what I should do.”

Chu Liuyue shuddered. Why is he using the term ‘senior brother?!’ Rong Xiu, is it really appropriate for you to behave like this?!

Chu Liuyue quietly pinched the back of Rong Xiu’s hand. What does he intend to do? I only intended for this to be a brief introduction, but why is this looking a little like…

Rong Xiu was unfazed by Chu Liuyue’s accusations. He held her hand and scratched her palm lightly.

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Under Chu Liuyue’s stunned eyes, Yan Qing quickly handed each person a Cosmic Ring. Also, he didn’t get a single name wrong.

After that was done, Rong Xiu spoke again. “I can’t stay any longer. Senior Brother Lu, please pass on my gift for Cabinet Master, Elder Xia Yi, and the absent senior brothers and senior sisters.

With that Yan Qing handed him a few more things.

Lu Zhiyao could only nod dazedly. “…Don’t worry, Junior Sister, Brother-in-Law! I’ll be sure to pass these on!”

Rong Xiu smiled and said, “In that case, Yue’er and I won’t hold anyone back. Goodbye.”

With that, he left together with Chu Liuyue and Yan Qing.

Stunned, everyone watched them descend the mountain.

“Damn…” cried out someone in the crowd in shock.

Everyone turned to look and saw a man holding a Cosmic Ring, his face full of shock.

“This this this…”

Ye Ranran asked confusedly. “What’s wrong?”

The man swallowed his saliva with difficulty. “Junior Sister’s fiancé… is more than a little rich…”

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