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Chapter 580: Taking it Back

Chu Liuyue quickly finished writing the letter and placed it into the envelope. She then walked out and handed it to Yan Qing. “Yan Qing, please pass this letter to him on my behalf.”

Yan Qing took it from her with both hands and replied respectfully. “Yes. Please rest assured, Ms. Liuyue. I’ll make sure he gets it.”

Chu Liuyue trusted Yan Qing. “I can tell you made this trip in a rush, so I won’t hold you any longer.”

Yan Qing cupped his fists. “Take care, Ms. Liuyue. I’ll be taking my leave first.”

With that, he carefully put away the envelope before turning and leaving.

The mountain peak was silent long after Yan Qing had disappeared from sight.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes swept across the crowd. “Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters, is there anything you’d like to ask?”

Everyone immediately returned to their senses. “No, no! Junior Sister, you’re busy, so we’ll get going first!”

With that, they each left quickly, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Lu Zhiyao had more questions, but Ye Ranran pulled him away.

Qiang Wanzhou glanced at the Cosmic Ring on Chu Liuyue’s hand. His eyes darkened, but he didn’t say anything and returned to his room.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand. The Cosmic Ring was a little big for her, so she placed it on her thumb.

Light fell between her fingers, and the Cosmic Ring seemed to have turned clearer.


A small sound came from it, and then a crack appeared on the Cosmic Ring she was wearing on her other hand.

That was her first Cosmic Ring. Even though it wasn’t of high grade and its space wasn’t very big, she didn’t remove it since she had gotten used to it.

However, it cracked? Chu Liuyue removed it and looked at the crack regretfully. It seems like there is no saving it.

She returned to her room and removed everything from the Cosmic Ring, tidied the items up, and placed them in the ring that Rong Xiu gave her.

Even though there were countless white crystals in it, there was still a lot of space within. It was more than enough to hold all of Chu Liuyue’s things.

Suddenly, the sound of something cracking sounded again.

Chu Liuyue looked over.

There were a few more Cosmic Rings placed by her side. Those were still the ones she had gotten from Jian Fengchi.

There were a total of eight rings, each with large sums of money in them. Now, there was also a crack on one of them.

Chu Liuyue could only transfer everything into the new Cosmic Ring.

Just as she had done that, the third Cosmic Ring cracked as well!

Chu Liuyue stared at the crack, and she finally realized something as she stared at the Cosmic Ring with a faint glow. It seems like… it’s because of this…

As if to confirm her hypothesis, the remaining Cosmic Rings cracked one after another! There were none left in the end!

By the time Chu Liuyue had transferred all the items into her new ring, the old rings had quietly turned into dust!

Chu Liuyue stared at the powder all over her table and then glanced at the Cosmic Ring on her hand before she curled her lips into a smile.

Jiang residence.

Weichi Song stared closely at Jiang Yucheng, and he narrowed his eyes. Jiang Yucheng… has entirely covered up his aura! He seems to have used a Yuan instrument that can conceal his level. By doing this, nobody can detect his true ability.

Weichi Song knew almost instantly that Jiang Yucheng was the culprit!

“Father, Master Weichi.” Jiang Yucheng walked in with a straight face. He sat down next to Jiang Lizuo and across from Weichi Song after he greeted the two of them.

“Master Weichi, what brings you here today?” Jiang Yucheng had an impeccably polite smile on his face.

Weichi Song looked at Jiang Lizuo hesitantly.

Jiang Lizuo scoffed to himself but laughed out loud. “Since Yucheng is here, I’ll take my leave to handle some matters!”

With that, he left resolutely.

When the door closed again, Jiang Yucheng turned toward Weichi Song again. “Master Weichi, can you tell me what the matter is now?”

Weichi Song didn’t immediately reply to the other’s question. Instead, he scanned Jiang Yucheng with a cold, sharp gaze.

After a while, he asked, “Eldest Young Master Jiang, why is there the smell of blood on you?”

Jiang Yucheng froze. I made sure to clean off the blood on myself before coming, and I even made sure to change. How did Weichi Song find out?

He forced himself to regain composure before he smiled. “Master Weichi is formidable. You even managed to detect this.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand. “I accidentally cut my hand, and I dealt with it hastily. It’s no wonder you smelled the blood.”

There was blood seeping out of the bandage on his hand.

He had clearly just been injured, but nobody could see what the wound looked like.

Weichi Song’s expression turned dark. Could there really be something so coincidental in this world? I wanted to check Jiang Yucheng’s cultivation level, but it’s concealed. I wanted to check Jiang Yucheng’s arm, but it’s cut and wrapped up. His wrist is also concealed by baggy sleeves and can’t be seen clearly. He really put in a lot of effort…

Weichi Song laughed to himself coldly. By trying to cover things up, Jiang Yucheng is exposing himself!

“I see. But Eldest Young Master Jiang, you should be more careful. This time is a cut, but it might not be so next time…”

Jiang Yucheng’s eyes widened. Weichi Song… is warning me?

“Today, I am here for one thing.” Weichi Song seemed not to have detected Jiang Yucheng’s change and decisively changed topics. “I believe that the key to Thousand View Garden is with you?”

Upon hearing ‘Thousand View Garden,’ Jiang Yucheng’s heart skipped a beat.

He pulled his stiff face into a smile. “That’s right. I’m keeping the key to that place safe. Master Weichi, why are you asking about this?”

Weichi Song sighed. “It’s nothing major. It’s just that while I was at Thousand View Garden the other day, I recalled that I had gifted the Princess a number of things before. She had placed them in the instrument room at Thousand View Garden. Now that she’s gone, I was thinking of taking the items back as a memento.”

Jiang Yucheng frowned slightly. “You’re saying that there are items that belong to you in the instrument room?”

Weichi Song nodded before he began listing them out. “There was the roaming dragon wolf pen I carved for her on her tenth birthday, the instrument pick that I prepared for her on her thirteenth birthday, and the one I gifted before her marriage to you…”

He suddenly paused.

The room instantly fell silent.

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