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Chapter 579: Which Character

“This is… a Cosmic Ring?” Chu Liuyue asked with uncertainty.

Yan Qing nodded.

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched. Could it be… that Yan Qing rushed here just to deliver a Cosmic Ring?

As if sensing her confusion, Yan Qing said respectfully, “Ms. Liuyue, Master has asked me to deliver this into your hands personally.”

Chu Liuyue picked up the Cosmic Ring.

It was simple but elegant. It was made from neither stone nor jade, but it had a faint glow to it that made it look a little translucent.

This seems to belong to… a man? Chu Liuyue Ring scanned the Cosmic Ring carefully and saw a small ‘Xiu’ engraved on the inside of the ring. This is Rong Xiu’s Cosmic Ring?

“Did he say why he wanted you to deliver this?” Chu Liuyue asked.

Yan Qing hesitated and then shook his head. Actually… Even though I didn’t see the works, I have a rough idea of what Master is up to. However, it’s not my place to say anything.

“Perhaps you’ll know after you put it on.”

Chu Liuyue inserted some of her force into it and found that the seal on the ring had been wiped away.

With that, the Cosmic Ring was now hers.

Rong Xiu clearly did that intentionally, but why… As Chu Liuyue pondered, she used her force to peek inside.

She suddenly paused as her expression froze on her face. This Cosmic Ring is really advanced. It has the biggest storage space that I’ve ever seen! Compared to this one, the Cosmic Rings I have are like small pockets! More importantly… The inside… is filled with white crystals?!

Due to the large number of white crystals, they were piled together like a mountain. Hence, Chu Liuyue didn’t know how much money was in there.

In any case… It was a lot!

This was one of the rare moments when Chu Liuyue was dazed.

There was just a single question replaying in her mind: Why is Rong Xiu so rich?!

“Ms. Liuyue?” Yan Qing called when he saw that the other was in a daze.

It was only then that Chu Liuyue returned to her senses and stared at the Cosmic Ring on her hand with a complicated expression. I seem to have… no understanding… of my man at all… Now, I finally understand why he asked Yan Qing to make the trip personally. This Cosmic Ring is far too precious! Is Rong Xiu worried that I have no money to spend? I can’t think of another reason other than that…

“Ms. Liuyue, since the item has been delivered, I’ll have to return and report back,” Yan Qing said. I had come hastily. If I return too late, I will miss seeing Yu Mo’s pathetic state.

Chu Liuyue rubbed the Cosmic Ring on her hand as something welled up in her heart. Then as she hurried back into her room, she said, “Hang on. Help me bring a letter back.”

Yan Qing followed after her and waited respectfully outside the door.

This time, Lu Zhiyao and the others didn’t follow them. However, they communicated fervently with their eyes. So this Yan Qing isn’t Junior Sister’s beloved! His master must be, right?

Isn’t Junior Sister only 14? Why is she already engaged?

I wonder who’s so lucky… By the way, when can we meet that person? What if he’s not good enough for Junior Sister?

Didn’t you see that Yan Qing’s murderous aura? He has hidden his ability; his true ability is definitely stronger than ours! As for his master… Isn’t he only going to be stronger? Junior Sister is good at everything, so I’m sure her taste is great too!

What about Junior Brother?

Tsk, can’t you all tell that Junior Sister treats him like she’s raising a child?

Yan Qing was waiting outside the door when he suddenly saw a teenage boy walk past him and into the room.

He paused and then looked up.

The teenage boy was extremely skinny. He had a head of soft golden hair, and his skin was so pale that it was almost transparent.

Even though it was a brief glance, it was clear that his features were very… exquisite.

Even though this wasn’t the best term for describing a teenage boy, it was the first word that popped up in Yan Qing’s mind when he saw the other.

The boy looked to be in his teens, and he had both a youthful aura and a rebellious air. He was a contradictory combination of simplicity and complexity.

While he was thinking, the teen had walked over to Chu Liuyue and had begun to help her grind her inkstone.

The teenage boy didn’t say anything from start to end, and his expression was plain. However, his actions were smooth and familiar. It was as if he had done this multiple times.

Chu Liuyue looked at Qiang Wanzhou in surprise. When did this child become so smart? Looking at his familiar manner, he must’ve done this often in the past…

She curled her lips into a smile and dipped her brush in ink. She then pondered for a moment before she began writing.

Yan Qing raised his eyebrows. Wh-what’s going on? Didn’t Ms. Liuyue follow Jian Fengchi to Xi Ling? Other than Mu Qinghe and Jian Fengchi, there shouldn’t be any other people that she’s familiar with. However, this teenage boy looks rather close to her. When did someone like this appear by Ms. Liuyue’s side?

As Yan Qing scrutinized them, he began discrediting Yue Ling for not reporting something this big!

If Master finds out… Yan Qing felt chills run down his spine.

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