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Chapter 549: It’s Still There

This proves that the Long Yuan Sword has taken on a new master! Shangguan Wan was confused and panicked as she stared straight at Chu Liuyue. “All these people are accusing you of taking the Long Yuan Sword. What do you have to say?”

Chu Liuyue was calm. “I didn’t do it. Even if you ask me a thousand times, my answer remains the same—I didn’t do it.”

She looked confident and not like she was lying.

Shangguan Wan didn’t know who to believe. On the one hand, there has to be evidence of it since Yang Qin’er and her pals had the guts to bring it up in front of me. Besides, everything they’ve said adds up.

On the other hand, the Long Yuan Sword was left behind by the founder of the dynasty. Logic dictates that only someone with the Tianling bloodline has any chance of awakening it. Chu Liuyue stood no chance.

Yang Qin’er was so angry that she almost laughed. “Chu Liuyue, even with all the evidence, you still refuse to admit it? When are you going to stop lying?”

Chu Liuyue kept her cool. “Why would I admit to something that I never did?”

Yang Qin’er was about to rebut when Chu Liuyue continued speaking. “Your so-called evidence is just testimonies from you all. You don’t have actual evidence, do you? To be exact, Chou Ding only saw the Long Yuan Sword awaken. As for the claim that someone had taken the sword… Only you and Ning Jiaojiao saw it, no? Oh wait, there’s Qiang Wanzhou too.”

Qiang Wanzhou suddenly said, “I didn’t see the scene that they spoke of.”

“You say that you didn’t see it? Then, why did you fight with us?” Yang Qin’er cried out angrily. The wounds on my body are real!

Qiang Wanzhou pointed at Ning Jiaojiao. “You eliminated people through despicable means but pushed the blame for it onto Liuyue.”

Ning Jiaojiao froze.

Qiang Wanzhou pointed at Yang Qin’er. “You joined hands with two senior brothers from the Purple Xiao Sword Sect to try and take her treasure. You attacked her out of frustration after she rejected you all.”

Yang Qin’er’s eyelids twitched.

“You all are clearly in the wrong, so why can’t we fight back? As for your injuries… it’s because you’re weak.” Qiang Wanzhou spoke coldly and logically.

Yang Qin’er felt guilty, but she immediately rebutted. “You’re close to Chu Liuyue, so of course, you’ll take her side! Everything you’ve said is just your one-sided account. It shouldn’t be taken into account!”

No matter what, the matter has indeed happened. There’s no way Chu Liuyue can pretend it didn’t happen!

Jiang Yucheng stared at Chu Liuyue with knitted brows. “Chu Liuyue, do you have anything to say for yourself on top of Qiang Wanzhou’s account?”

Chu Liuyue remained silent.

Ning Jiaojiao scoffed. “Of course, she has nothing to say because she did do it!”

Shangguan Wan walked over, exuding immense pressure as she looked down at Chu Liuyue. “Chu Liuyue, if you can’t prove your innocence, then… You’re staying in Xin Li Garden today!”

Chu Liuyue looked up.

Shangguan Wan seemed calm, but Chu Liuyue saw the emotions buried behind her eyes. Shangguan Wan might be able to fool others, but not me. Shock, anger, jealousy… Shangguan Wan is probably frustrated just from looking at my face. Needless to say, she doesn’t have a good impression of me.

In reality, Chu Liuyue could feel the animosity Shangguan Wan held toward her. Without a doubt, Shangguan Wan will come up with a way to get rid of me the first chance she gets! If I’m not able to prove my innocence now, I’m probably going to be put through hell later.

Chu Liuyue moved her lips slightly. “Of course, I can.”

The room fell into silence.

Yang Qin’er narrowed her eyes. “Farce!”

“First of all, I have a fiend.” Chu Liuyue raised her hand, and a red silhouette appeared on her palms.

That’s a furry… blood ferret?

The atmosphere froze a little.

Given Chu Liuyue’s ability and talent, she should’ve had high standards for her personal fiend. How did she… end up with a third-grade fiend? And it’s the weakest kind as well?!

Yang Qin’er and Ning Jiaojiao’s expressions changed.

“No way! How can you have a blood ferret as your fiend?” Yang Qin’er blurted out.

Chu Liuyue glanced at her.

Tuan Zi was upset as it bared its teeth at her. Who is she looking down on?! I’m really formidable too! Does she think I’m not good enough for my master?! Since when did people like her get to comment on our affairs?!

“I’ve had this blood ferret since I was in Country Yao Chen. Lieutenant Mu has seen it too; he can testify for me.” Chu Liuyue brought up Mu Qinghe to shut Yang Qin’er up.

She could accuse Chu Liuyue of lying, but she couldn’t do the same for Mu Qinghe!

“Cultivators cannot contract another fiend while they are in a contract with one. I believe you all know that, so I’m not going to elaborate. But thank you for thinking so highly of me, Miss Yang. You actually thought that I’d be lucky enough to contract with a legendary fiend. I’ll take your word for it. If that ever happens, I won’t forget you.”

Yang Qin’er was dumbfounded.

Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng looked at each other; they saw the suspicion in each other’s eyes. Chu Liuyue’s words make sense. Even in the Tianling Dynasty, legendary fiends are extremely rare. Even Shangguan Yue managed to contract with a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant only, not a legendary fiend. To say that Chu Liuyue’s fiend is a legendary three-eyed eagle… That’s a little ludicrous.

Chu Liuyue pinched Tuan Zi’s ears lovingly.

Tuan Zi leaped onto her shoulder, but its cheeks were still puffed up in anger. Being looked down on because of my small size is too much! If I weren’t working with Chu Liuyue, I would’ve dashed over and scratched up Yang Qin’er’s face!

Its raven eyes stared at Yang Qin’er menacingly.

Yang Qin’er felt chills run down her spine.

“Secondly, the Tianling God Realm is the place where the dynasty’s founder was cremated. I’ve heard that it has never been opened up to outsiders before and that this was the first and only time that it had been opened up to non-members of the Tianling bloodline. The Long Yuan Sword is a legendary weapon. Even if it were to awaken and choose a new owner, it would be decided by the sword soul. Do you think that the Long Yuan Sword would choose a commoner who has no ties to Tianling’s royal family like me? What kind of position are you putting the members of the royal family and me in?”

Chu Liuyue spoke slowly, but her words were like swords.

Yang Qin’er and Ning Jiaojiao sensed that something was amiss. They looked toward Shangguan Wan and found that her expression had turned rather stiff!

This was a complex of Shangguan Wan’s. She had always wanted to enter the Tianling God Realm, but she never had the chance before.

But now that Shangguan Yue was dead and that it was finally her turn, her Yuan meridian had been destroyed. She would never be able to enter the Tianling God Realm!

Chu Liuyue touched her glabella. “Thirdly and most importantly: the Long Yuan Sword is still well and very much in the Tianling God Realm!”

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