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Chapter 550: Pay No Attention

“Nonsense!” Yang Qin’er walked up agitatedly, her finger almost poking into Chu Liuyue’s face. “I saw you pull out the Long Yuan Sword with my own eyes!”

“You’ll know if I’m telling the truth if you send another into the Tianling God Realm.” Chu Liuyue raised her and swatted Yang Qin’er away. “Of course, Third Princess can go see who is really lying for yourself.”

Shangguan Wan gritted her teeth. Of course, I want to enter the Tianling God Realm! But now that my Yuan meridian is destroyed, I will die if I enter! I have been painstakingly keeping up the act for the past year so that nobody would find out that I had trouble cultivating. If I go into the Tianling God Realm, my lies will be exposed immediately!

Repressing her anger and indignation, she turned and walked over to Jiang Yucheng.

Sensing that her expression was off, he immediately spoke up. “I’ll send Elder Duanmu Chun to check now.”

Shangguan Wan nodded, but she couldn’t calm her emotions down.

Jiang Yucheng knew that she had been through a lot today. First Chu Liuyue, then the Tianling God Realm.

It isn’t wise to remain here. He looked toward Chu Liuyue and the others. “You all are dismissed. The Third Princess and I will make a decision when the results are out.”

Chu Liuyue had long wanted to leave; she was disgusted just by looking at their faces. It’s a miracle I’m able to put up with it for this long.

She turned and left without hesitation. “Little Zhou, let’s go.”

Yang Qin’er and Ning Jiaojiao looked at one another. That’s all? We put in so much effort to try and get rid of Chu Liuyue, but this is all we got?

Ning Jiaojiao pressed on. “Third Princess, you can’t let Chu Liuyue leave like this! She…”

“Didn’t you hear everything we just said?” Jiang Yucheng cut her off coldly.

Ning Jiaojiao was stunned.”No-nothing. W-we’ll leave now.”

Yang Qin’er wanted to say something, but she eyed Jiang Yucheng and swallowed the rest of her words. Even though she hadn’t been in Xi Ling for long, she had heard quite a bit about Jiang Yucheng.

He wasn’t to be trifled with.

Chou Ding had left first.

Ning Jiaojiao and Yang Qin’er stayed for a while before they left indignantly.

After leaving the room, Chu Liuyue saw Weichi Song waiting nearby.

Ye Ranran was by his side.

Upon hearing the commotion, the pair looked over with worry in their eyes. They wanted to go up and receive the duo, but there were guards around. Hence, they could only wait for Chu Liuyue to come over.

“Liuyue, Wanzhou, how are you?” Weichi Song eyed the two of them.

Chu Liuyue smiled. “What can happen to us? Third Princess just had some questions to ask us.”

“Really?” Weichi Song naturally didn’t believe them. Judging by Yang Qin’er’s behavior, it definitely wasn’t that simple.

“Of course. We’re fine, aren’t we? It’s getting late. Shall we head back?”

Weichi Song could tell that there were some things Chu Liuyue didn’t feel comfortable saying, so there was no point in asking.

He just nodded. “Okay! Let’s go back!”

Chu Liuyue and the others left peacefully, but things weren’t as pleasant on Yang Qin’er and Ning Jiaojiao’s end.

Right after the two of them left, Chou Ding stopped them outside.

He was muscular and looked like a tiny mountain, which gave him an oppressive presence.

“I don’t care what you all are trying to do, but don’t get me involved in all this in the future!” Chou Ding warned.

He didn’t understand what was going on in the beginning, but he figured it out later on. They clearly implicated me while they were trying to get rid of Chu Liuyue! This had nothing to do with me at the beginning, but I’m also tied to it now that I’ve heard everything! Even though I won’t be punished, it feels disgusting to be used by others like this!

Ning Jiaojiao was frustrated, so she couldn’t be bothered to deal with it. “Got it!”

Chou Ding glared at them again before he left.

Ning Jiaojiao was upset, so she could only vent her anger out on Yang Qin’er. “Didn’t you say it was foolproof?! What’s all this?”

Yang Qin’er wasn’t in a better state than Ning Jiaojiao. Chu Liuyue caught us off-guard. Even now, I still don’t understand how Chu Liuyue had the guts to ask Shangguan Wan to check the Tianling God Realm. I clearly remember that the Long Yuan Sword had been loosened! How could it still be there? Could it be that Chu Liuyue really didn’t take the Long Yuan Sword? But… that’s the Long Yuan Sword! How could Chu Liuyue not be moved by such a powerful legendary weapon?

Seeing that Yang Qin’er did not move, Ning Jiaojiao shoved her. “I’m talking to you! Did you hear me?”

Yang Qin’er swatted her hand away and replied impatiently, “I heard you! Don’t you think I’m upset?! If you have the energy to complain, why don’t you think of our next move?”

Ning Jiaojiao was a spoiled young missy and had rarely been treated this way, not to mention by a nobody like Yang Qin’er!

She hugged her arms and scoffed. “What do you mean? Didn’t you bring this up first? You’ve implicated me, but you’re trying to push the blame on me?! If you didn’t see clearly, how would things have turned out this way?”

Yang Qin’er laughed coldly. “The way things are now, nothing you say will work. We can argue about this when the Third Princess has come to a conclusion!”

“If it really is like Chu Liuyue said… I’ll show you!” said Ning Jiaojiao in a hushed tone before she left angrily.

Yang Qin’er remained composed on the surface, but she felt uneasy as she recalled Chu Liuyue’s confident manner earlier.

After everyone left, only Shangguan Wan and Jiang Yucheng remained in the room.

Shangguan Wan was seated in her chair with a vicious expression.

This was the scene Jiang Yucheng saw after he returned from giving orders to Chan Yi and Sun Qi.

He paused for a moment before he walked over. “Wan’er…”

“You already knew, didn’t you?” Shangguan Wan said coldly.

Jiang Yucheng frowned. “What?”

Shangguan Wan looked up and into his eyes. “You’ve already seen Chu Liuyue before. Why didn’t you tell me she looked like this?!”

It really was about that. Jiang Yucheng sighed to himself. “It’s just a similar-looking face. Why are you this bothered?”

A strange laugh came from Shangguan Wan’s throat. “Oh? That’s really what you think?”

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