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Chapter 536: Something Doesn’t Seem Right

The low and mellow voice boomed across the entire square loud and clear.

Chu Liuyue didn’t continue harping on Elder Qiuxi’s mistake. Instead, she smiled and turned to look at the floating black marble board. Only one name remained on it, and that was hers—Chu Liuyue.

“The competition has ended. Please go back and get some rest before gathering at Xin Li Garden tomorrow morning. Representatives from Xi Ling City’s top sects will be waiting there for you. Those who have yet to decide which sect to join may take their time to think it through today. Also, we’ll be giving out your respective rewards tomorrow!”

Elder Duanmu Chun’s words came as a reminder to many that the participants would be qualified to choose their sects, as stated before the start of the Wan Zheng Competition. Now that the competition was over, it was indeed time for them to do so.

A commotion soon broke out among the crowd as people started speculating which sect each participant would choose. They were certain that the various top sects would fight to get the ones with top rankings to join their respective sects.

Chu Liuyue took a glance at the elders who were closing the transportation formation before looking away. It appears that they didn’t notice the strange happenings that occurred in the Tianling God Realm.

“Let’s get going, Little Zhou,” she said while walking down from the stage.

The sight of Qiang Wanzhou obediently following after Chu Liuyue stunned the crowd. They couldn’t help wondering what was going on and why the first and second place winners seemed to be on good terms.

Not many people noticed both of them leaving together previously, but with everyone’s attention on them now, they were naturally very surprised to see this scene.

“I don’t think those two knew each other before the competition. How did they suddenly become so close? Qiang Wanzhou appears to be listening to Chu Liuyue’s orders too.”

“Haha! Does that mean both of them will choose the same sect?”

“I wonder which sect will be so lucky to gain two new genius members in one go!”

“Hey, did you guys notice that both of them seemed to have broken through while they were in the Tianling God Realm?”

“It looks that way… No, it’s true! Qiang Wanzhou is now a stage-six warrior, while Chu Liuyue is at the fourth stage!”

“Everyone else came out with grave injuries. However, not only did the two of them appear unhurt, but they’ve also broken through to the next stage! The other competitors must be infuriated by this!”

Chu Liuyue and Qiang Wanzhou paid no attention to the gossip around them even though they could hear their words loud and clear.

Upon sensing a familiar gaze on her, Chu Liuyue raised her head and saw Jian Fengchi smiling smugly while waving his fan at her. What is he doing here? He seemingly vanished into thin air after sending me to the Mu Residence. Although I can guess what he has been up to, it’s quite surprising to see him here.

After a moment of contemplation, she decided to approach him. As she paid him a bow, she said, “Greetings, Young Master Jian.”

With a flick of his wrist, Jian Fengchi lifted the fan in his hand and stopped her from doing so. “I should be the one bowing to you since you took first place in the Wan Zheng Competition, Ms. Chu.”

The corners of Yuwen Jinghong’s lips twitched when he heard this from behind. Ms. Chu? What a polite form of address! Wasn’t he calling her ‘lass’ earlier? He sure knows how to behave in front of the fairer sex!

Chu Liuyue blinked her eyes in confusion. “What do you mean by this, Young Master Jian?”

A wicked smile crept up Jian Fengchi’s face. “There was a wager on the Wan Zheng Competition going on in Xi Ling City, and I placed my bet on you.”

Ah, that explains his good mood and his trip here. He must’ve received a windfall from betting on me. Chu Liuyue’s eyes formed crescents as she said, “That’s so kind of you, Young Master Jian. To think that you even specifically came down to support me. I don’t really care much about money. On account that I’ve received much of your help previously… I’ll just take a 10% commission from you. I won’t take more than that.”

Jian Fengchi’s smile stiffened. “W-what?”

Chu Liuyue asked in confusion, “Didn’t you come all the way here to tell me this piece of good news and share your winnings with me?”

At that moment, Jian Fengchi even harbored the thought of biting off his tongue. T-this lass is doing it on purpose! This is outright blackmail!

“Actually, I…” His words trailed off, and he was unable to finish saying his piece when there were so many people currently watching him. As much as he loved money, he—Dragon Teeth Mountain’s Young Master—couldn’t afford to lose face.

The numerous gazes on him were akin to little mountains weighing down on him.

Chu Liuyue teased, “A noble young master like you surely won’t come empty-handed to express your gratitude, right?”

His heart felt as if it was dripping blood as he spoke through clenched teeth. “Of course not. I wouldn’t have won without your help after all… It’s only right that I share my winnings with you!”

A bright and genuine grin formed on Chu Liuyue’s face. “I’ll humbly accept this gift then. Thank you, Young Master Jian.”

“You! Are! Welcome!” Each of these words was gritted out with much difficulty. I should’ve known better than to come! In my state of euphoria, I forgot how vicious this lass could get!

Yuwen Jinghong’s jaw dropped as he watched this from the sidelines. His initial shock turned to deep respect for Chu Liuyue. Had it not been for the murderous aura emanating from Jian Fengchi, he definitely would’ve given her a thumbs-up. How impressive! The number one arrogant and domineering bully in Xi Ling actually had so much money extorted by Chu Liuyue! This is unbelievable! I think I understand a little how she managed to take first place in the competition. She’s amazing!

Chu Liuyue shifted her gaze to Yuwen Jinghong. He’s still as dim-witted as before, huh? That look of adoration sure is familiar… Oh right, he used to look at me that way whenever I taught Jian Fengchi a lesson. I wonder how that wily, old fox Yuwen Wei managed to produce a son like him.

Yuwen Jinghong nervously introduced himself when he noticed that Chu Liuyue was looking at him. “Hello, Ms. Chu! I’m Yuwen Jinghong!”

Chu Liuyue flashed him a polite smile in return. “Greetings, Young Master Yuwen.”

“No, no, no! I can’t accept your bow!” He hurriedly stopped her from bowing to him. How would I dare to accept her bow when Jian Fengchi didn’t?

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly, though she didn’t insist on it.

Yuwen Jinghong chuckled and revealed his pearl-white teeth as he did so. “I’m rather impressed by you, Ms. Chu!”

He then leaned in closer toward her and whispered, “If I hadn’t taken the initiative to ask him about it, he would’ve kept you a secret! I’ve known him since we were kids, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen him having such interest in a woman!”

Chu Liuyue slowly lifted a brow. Hm? Something doesn’t seem to be right here?

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