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Chapter 535: Well-Deserved!

Her red clothes fluttered with the wind, and her hair was simply tied up. Her face that didn’t have makeup had slight smiling intent, and she looked beautiful.

If that isn’t Chu Liuyue, who else could it be?

The warm light landed on her, and her face and eyes were dazzling.

Quite a few people were dazed at that moment. Nobody had expected that a woman who looked skinny and gentle could win first place in the Wan Zheng Competition.

Once Chu Liuyue came out, she felt all sorts of gazes looking over from the surroundings.

She blinked as she silently surveyed the surroundings before realizing what had happened. Uh… I think it’s because I’m the last to come out. But there’s no need for such a big reaction, right?

Qiang Wanzhou walked over.

Chu Liuyue saw him, and her lips unwittingly curved up. “You didn’t—”

“I came late,” said Qiang Wanzhou stiffly, but his expression was tense.

Chu Liuyue was dazed before she understood what he meant. Is he reproaching himself for finding me too late?

“You’re not late.” Chu Liuyue shook her head determinedly.

This Tianling God Realm was so big, yet Qiang Wanzhou could still find me. He must’ve used a lot of effort. I also know that Qiang Wanzhou had been waiting for me outside the heavenly pit the whole time, even though I spent a lot of time within. Until the very end, he was still fighting for me.

Chu Liuyue felt that Qiang Wanzhou had done more than enough. She didn’t expect that he still thought he was too late.

“Thank you, Little Zhou,” said Chu Liuyue softly as she smiled and looked at him.

Qiang Wanzhou suddenly felt his entire body shake as shock flashed across his eyes. He stared at Chu Liuyue as if he wanted to see through her. It was also as if he was seeing someone else through her.

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised. “What’s the matter? Do you not like me calling you that?”

Qiang Wanzhou clenched his fists tightly and spoke after some time. “She called me that too.”

Chu Liuyue immediately guessed who he was talking about—that person was the only one he cared so much about.

“If you really mind it, I won’t call you that in the future.” Chu Liuyue felt that she had gotten closer to Qiang Wanzhou after this incident, so she wanted to call him that. But she didn’t want to scheme anything, especially with someone who might not even be alive…

Qiang Wanzhou didn’t speak for some time before he finally shook his head. “It’s okay; she won’t mind.”

If she doesn’t mind, then I naturally won’t mind either.

Chu Liuyue understood his intentions very clearly. “Okay then. I’ll call you Little Zhou in the future. You can directly call me by my name too.”

Qiang Wanzhou nodded hesitantly, but he didn’t speak.

Chu Liuyue did not force him. After some time, this kid will naturally get past it.

“Chu Liuyue.” Suddenly, she heard quite a familiar voice from behind her.

Chu Liuyue turned around to look. “Elder Duanmu Chun.”

Elder Duanmu Chun looked at her with a complicated expression before finally sticking up his thumb. “Congratulations! You’re much more powerful… than we thought. You deserve this first place!”

Chu Liuyue smiled as well. “Thank you for your compliment, Elder. I was just lucky.”

But Elder Duanmu Chun shook his head and stroked his beard. “You don’t have to be this humble. So many people have lost to you, and it’s enough to point out the problem.”

At the start, they didn’t believe it either. But the truth was in front of them, and they had to believe it.

This Chu Liuyue… indeed has a lot of potential!

At the side, Elder Qiuxi suddenly said in a weird manner, “Hmph, who knows what kind of despicable means she used!”

Chu Liuyue’s smile didn’t change, and she pretended as if she didn’t hear it. Anyway, the results are out, and I’m already the champion. Whatever other people say won’t matter at all, so why would it matter to me?

Elder Duanmu Chun looked at Elder Qiuxi in disapproval. Even if he dislikes Chu Liuyue, he shouldn’t say this in front of so many people. It makes him seem too petty.

But seeing Chu Liuyue’s nonchalant expression, Elder Qiuxi was even angrier in his heart. He couldn’t help but say louder, “Chu Liuyue, did you not hear what I said?”

This sentence attracted quite a few people’s attention, and the surroundings fell quiet.

Countless pairs of eyes darted between Chu Liuyue and Elder Qiuxi. Is Elder Qiuxi planning on finding trouble with Chu Liuyue?

Chu Liuyue slightly smiled and said, “Elder Qiuxi, the competition has already ended. What do you want me to say?”

Elder Qiuxi furrowed his brows. “Of course, I want you to explain how you got first place! You have the lowest cultivation level amongst all of these competitors. If you didn’t use some method, how can you win against so many people and take first place?”

Actually, many people wanted to know about this as well.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows. “I don’t really understand your words, Elder Qiuxi. I indeed have the lowest cultivation level, but… I’m the weakest here. I believe you knew this very clearly during the preliminaries, right?”

Elder Qiuxi’s face changed.

Chu Liuyue had beaten Zhao Yunzhi to the point where she couldn’t even retaliate, causing her bodily injuries not to recover even at this point. The abilities that Chu Liuyue had shown during this competition indeed weren’t weak at all.

“Besides, I also don’t know why the others were eliminated before me. Do you really want me to ask them one by one about how they are inferior to me? That’s… putting me in a difficult spot,” said Chu Liuyue with a difficult expression.

This way, Elder Qiuxi was the one who had a difficult expression.

“What nonsense are you saying! I told you to explain your own situation. How is it related to other people?!” said Elder Qiuxi angrily and hurriedly. Chu Liuyue is purposely starting a war. There are quite a few competitors in the surroundings, and the powers they represent…. Chu Liuyue’s words are putting me in a tough spot.

“Elder Qiuxi, I think you might’ve neglected me. We went to the Tianling God Realm; that’s the place where the Tianling Dynasty’s ancestor was cremated, and it’s very holy. Not to mention me, but even other people wouldn’t dare to do anything dirty there. You’re saying that you think the Tianling God Realm has a problem, or are you doubting the ancestor?” said Chu Liuyue lightly, and her lips were still curved up as if she were saying a simple thing.

But Elder Qiuxi’s heart harshly shook, and the wrinkles on his pale face started to tremble. I can’t afford to bear this responsibility!

“Y-you’re slandering me! Since when did I mean it that way?!”

Chu Liuyue looked at him with a smile.

Elder Qiuxi then realized that he was unable to clear his name. After all, he did doubt Chu Liuyue’s words.

He originally wanted to vent his anger, but he didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to have such a sharp tongue.

At the side, Elder Duanmu Chun couldn’t watch on any longer. “Chu Liuyue, Elder Qiuxi didn’t mean it that way. He was just shocked that you got first place. Don’t take it to heart.”

He then walked forward and boomed, “I hereby announce: the person who got first place in this Wan Zheng Competition is… Chu Liuyue!”

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