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Chapter 502: Nonsense

Qiang Wanzhou followed her gaze and glanced at his hand. “I don’t quite remember. I’ve always had them.”

His tone was very calm and nonchalant as if he were talking about something very normal.

Chu Liuyue’s heart was tugged slightly. Heaven knows how much he has suffered to survive in a place like Nan Jiang, but he seems to have normalized it.

Chu Liuyue gently placed her fingers on his wrist and injected some force.

The moment she looked in, she felt an intense, cold, and harsh air rushing toward her.

Her gaze went cold, and she immediately increased her strength. However, the cold, harsh air was very strange and formidable, and Chu Liuyue’s force couldn’t move at all.

After a moment, she called out the transparent fire from the Heavenly Square Cauldron and merged it with her force before inserting it in.

The effects could be seen immediately. The cold, harsh air seemed to have met with something scary as it rapidly backed away.

The blood and muscles—which were frozen by the cold, harsh air—that the transparent fire passed by also seemed to have signs of loosening.

Chu Liuyue was elated. She didn’t expect that the Heavenly Square Cauldron’s fire could deal with this thing so easily.

Qiang Wanzhou knitted his brows in slight discomfort.

Chu Liuyue retracted her force and looked at him carefully. “Are you uncomfortable?”

Qiang Wanzhou nodded. “It seems like something is burning.”

Chu Liuyue was a little surprised. I had clearly already used my force to wrap the transparent fire. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t feel so much of a burn, so why is Qiang Wanzhou’s reaction so big?

“The cold, harsh air in your body has accumulated too much. If you don’t solve it quickly, your entire person will freeze like a popsicle. Didn’t you also find me for a fire seed because of this?”

Qiang Wanzhou retracted his hand, and his soft, golden hair dropped, covering his eyes.

“I just broke through to become a third-grade heavenly doctor, but I temporarily can’t form a fire seed for you. However, I can help you cultivate your body at the very least. Oh right, how did you get the harsh cold air? How long did you have it for? It seems like… You’ve had it for at least ten years, right?”

Qiang Wanzhou pressed his lips against each other tightly. “It has been like this since I could remember.”

Chu Liuyue’s eyelids twitched. “What did you say?”

Jiang Residence.

Jiang Yucheng returned to the residence from the back door and silently went back to his yard and study.

When the servants in charge of guarding the study saw that he returned, they all respectfully bowed.

Jiang Yucheng pushed open the door to enter and asked at the same time, “Father didn’t come today, right?”

“Eldest Young Master, Grand Tutor didn’t come today, but Madam did. She left when she heard that you were resting.”

Jiang Yucheng nodded and walked to the chair behind his desk to sit down. “You can continue watching. I just want to rest alone.”

“Yes.” The servant carefully closed the door.

Jiang Yucheng took off his human mask, leaned against the chair, closed his eyes, and rubbed his brows. However, that young woman’s smile appeared in his mind again.

Jiang Yucheng was very frustrated and suddenly stood up.

The chair made a harsh and hurried sound as it scratched against the ground.

Jiang Yucheng knitted his brows and paced back and forth. He even felt that he was possessed.

“Yucheng, what’s wrong?” A voice suddenly sounded from behind.

Jiang Yucheng was shocked as he turned around.

A woman wearing extravagant palace clothes appeared behind him at some point. Her five features were delicate, and her makeup was intricate as she looked like a person from a drawing.

Only her pair of eyes would glow with a sinister cold light from time to time, which made people uneasy like a poisonous snake.

Jiang Yucheng suppressed his inner frustration, and his face recovered his usual gentleness. “Wan’er, why are you here?”

Shangguan Wan walked up and leaned into his arms. “I missed you. You haven’t entered the palace for quite a few days, and I was very bored alone.”

She was a gentle jade, but for some reason, Jiang Yucheng was distracted.

He held Shangguan Wan’s shoulders and gently patted them. “Didn’t I tell you before? I’ll be busy with the Wan Zheng Competition these few days, so I can’t regularly go into the palace to see you. After this ends, I’ll accompany you, okay?”

Shangguan Wan raised her head to look at him. “Oh right, didn’t you go watch the preliminaries today? How was it?”

Jiang Yucheng said, “There are a few decent kids. If we develop them properly, they’ll definitely become useful in the future! You’ll be able to see them soon.”

Shangguan Wan looked happy as she held Jiang Yucheng’s waist and rubbed her face against his chest. She whined, “I knew Yucheng treats me the best!”

Jiang Yucheng lightly acknowledged it.

Shangguan Wan then realized something was wrong with him. “Yucheng, what’s the matter? Are you thinking of something?”

He rarely showed such an expression.

Jiang Yucheng smiled and kissed her brows. “Nothing much. I’m just a little tired today.”

Shangguan Wan thought that he exhausted himself because of the Wan Zheng Competition during this period, so she didn’t ask much about it.

However, her arrival was exchanged with Jiang Yucheng’s nonchalant reaction, which made her very unhappy.

She let go of Jiang Yucheng, moved a few steps back, and looked cold. “Then, you should rest well. I’ll get going first.”

How could Jiang Yucheng not tell that she was throwing a tantrum? “Fine, fine. Wan’er, don’t be angry. Why don’t you tell me what’s been going on in the palace recently? His Majesty could use medicine a while back, right? How is it? Is he going to wake up soon?”

Shangguan Wan frowned. “How do I know? I didn’t go see him.”

Jiang Yucheng was dazed. “You didn’t see him? Didn’t I tell you previously that you must always watch His Majesty’s situation? You—”

“Jiang Yucheng, are you commanding me?! There’s someone watching Father all the time. I just didn’t feel like going these two days. Was there a need for you to do this? I came out to find you with much difficulty today, yet this is how you treat me?” Shangguan Wan was anxious.

Jiang Yucheng harshly rubbed his face, forcefully suppressed his anger, and patiently advised, “Wan’er, it’s not that I need you to do anything, but this is a special period. You know that too. To wake His Majesty up, we’ve tried countless methods. Now that we finally see a sign, you must do your job properly! If something crops up—”

“What can crop up?” Shangguan Wan sneered. “Everyone in the palace listens to us now. After Father wakes up, he’ll only know what he should know. What exactly are you worried about? Could it be that you’re scared that b*tch will suddenly revive and take revenge against us?”

Jiang Yucheng’s face drastically changed. Shangguan Wan is always like this. She always has to cause a commotion for nothing. If not, she’ll be very uncomfortable. This is especially so after her Yuan meridian was damaged, and she couldn’t cultivate. Her temper totally changed, and she only thinks of herself all day long. She doesn’t even think of the big picture!

He usually had the patience to coax her, but he really wasn’t in the mood today. Besides, her last sentence made his heart skip a beat.

He angrily yelled, “What nonsense are you saying?!”

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