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Chapter 501: Scar

Duan Ziyu finally couldn’t help but softly ask, “Ms. Chu, you’re not planning to buy all of Master Weichi’s items, right…?”

Duan Ziyu’s words reminded Chu Liuyue. She suddenly recovered her senses and smiled in shock. “Why would I? I was just thinking that with his status, he must have a lot of treasures. Hence, I just wanted to see them. But it seems like it’s getting late, so I’ll come back another day.”

Duan Ziyu secretly heaved a sigh of relief. If she continued buying, I really don’t know how I would explain to Master!

The two pageboys were slightly disappointed, but her expenditure was already very high today, so they were content.

Besides, her backing was the Mu Residence, which had a lot of money to spend. Thus, she definitely could still come in the future.

“Sure, Ms. Chu. We’ll immediately wrap up whatever you fancied earlier. Do you want us to send some people to help you carry them, or do you want us to send them to the Mu Residence after you tidy them up?”

It would be too high-key to bring so many things from Hundred Herbs Building in one go, and it would clearly bring her trouble.

Chu Liuyue waved her hands. “You can just send it to the Mu Residence later.”

“Yes. You spent 103,000 white crystals on the second floor, and in addition to the 4,800 white crystals spent on the first floor, it’s a total of 107,800 white crystals. After a 15% discount, it’ll be 91,006 white crystals. At the same time, your platinum card will be upgraded to a black gold card. You think…” said the pageboy as he glanced at Duan Ziyu.

He clearly wanted him to pay money.

Even though he wasn’t spending his own money, Duan Ziyu’s heart still harshly twitched. 90,000 white crystals! Even for Master, this isn’t a small sum!

“Since she was upgraded to a black gold card, are there no other discounts?” asked Duan Ziyu undefeatedly.

A sincere and concerned smile was plastered on the pageboy’s face. “Even though the discount given for the black gold card and the platinum card is the same, it’s different in reality. Those important guests with black gold cards have the right to go up to the third floor. If your expenditure reaches one million white crystals, we’ll specially prepare a room for you on the third floor for your personal use.”

A hundred thousand white crystals can only give one the chance to go up to the third level, and only one million can get one a private room?! This is too much! Duan Ziyu took a deep breath in and took out a Cosmic Ring. “There are 10,000 white crystals inside, and it’ll be a deposit first. We’ll settle the remaining after you send the items to the Mu Residence.”

The pageboy respectfully took it with both hands, and his smile was even more enthusiastic.

He wasn’t worried that the Mu Residence wouldn’t pay up at all. The Hundred Herbs Building’s sales of many years weren’t even worth this one day’s!

With this sum, he would be completely rich!

“Ms. Chu, if you need anything in the future, we’ll definitely do our best for you.”

Chu Liuyue glanced at Duan Ziyu, smiled, and said, “We still have something on, so we’ll leave first.”

When they left, all the pageboys on the second floor and first floor clearly already knew that Chu Liuyue had become their very important customer. Hence, they all bowed and bade her farewell in unison.

That pageboy accompanied her all the way and respectfully sent the whole group out until the three people’s figures completely disappeared before he returned with a face full of smiles.

After harshly spending a large sum of Mu Qinghe’s money, Chu Liuyue felt much better.

Just as she brought Qiang Wanzhou back to the Mu Residence, she saw Mu Qinghe walking toward her from not far away.

It was already evening, and the sky was darkening slightly. But this was one of the earliest that Mu Qinghe had come back over the past few days.

She hadn’t seen Mu Qinghe for a while. He had become much skinnier, and he didn’t look very well.

However, Chu Liuyue didn’t reveal any strange expression as she bowed to him with a smile. “Greetings, Lieutenant Mu.”

Mu Qinghe looked intently at Chu Liuyue. “I heard that you won against a beginner stage-five warrior in today’s preliminaries?”

Chu Liuyue didn’t mind that he knew about this as she smiled and nodded. “Yes. It’s just luck.”

“You can be lucky once but not twice,” said Mu Qinghe lightly. It seemed like he had already heard of her match with Wu Zhao in Ping Liang Square.

Chu Liuyue thought that this person looked busy, yet he knew about everything he should.

“It looks like you’ve improved again during this period.”

Chu Liuyue’s eyes curved up like a crescent moon. “Thank you for the compliment, Lieutenant Mu. I receive it with much guilt.”

Duan Ziyu suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. When he heard Chu Liuyue say that she received it with much guilt, his head hurt.

Mu Qinghe looked at her and grunted. Her prideful and satisfied expression clearly means that she had won righteously. How does she look guilty at all?

“The Wan Zheng Competition will officially begin tomorrow. You should just do your own preparations.” Mu Qinghe then turned around and wanted to leave.

“Lieutenant Mu, please wait!” Chu Liuyue hurriedly called him. “I have a friend. He also participated in this Wan Zheng Competition, but he has no place to stay. May I know if we can let him stay at the residence for a while?”

Mu Qinghe had already noticed Qiang Wanzhou behind her previously, but he didn’t expect Chu Liuyue to make such a request.

He inspected Qiang Wanzhou for a while. “Since he’s here to join the Wan Zheng Competition, someone must’ve brought him over. Why doesn’t he have a place to stay?”

Chu Liuyue quickly and briefly explained the incident, but she made some minor changes to it. She naturally didn’t tell Mu Qinghe that Qiang Wanzhou wanted to find someone called ‘Yue.’

She just said that Qiang Wanzhou came to Xi Ling alone to find his relative. As he was alone and had no one to depend on, she pitied him and took the initiative to help him.

Mu Qinghe directly rejected it. “Other than Black Guards, nobody is allowed to enter the Mu Residence, let alone stay here.”

Chu Liuyue clasped her fingers. “Lieutenant Mu, you just need to casually tidy up a house in my yard. I guarantee you he won’t stir up any trouble. When the Wan Zheng Competition ends, I’ll naturally send him away.”

Of course, by then, I won’t be staying here either.

Looking at her eager and scheming eyes, Mu Qinghe changed his mind. “If anything happens, you’ll be fully responsible!”

This was a tacit agreement!

Chu Liuyue immediately smiled. “Thank you, Lieutenant Mu.”

Mu Qinghe glanced at Qiang Wanzhou again and walked into the residence first. That youngster seems to be quite strong…

Chu Liuyue then brought Qiang Wanzhou to her own yard.

Duan Ziyu quickly left.

Without asking, she knew that he definitely went to find Mu Qinghe and tell him about her buying herbs at Hundred Herbs Building.

Chu Liuyue didn’t care at all. If 100,000 white crystals could cause Mu Qinghe to waver, he wouldn’t have the ability to survive until now.

She knew how he was, so she generously spent money today.

She called Qiang Wanzhou into her house. “Sit down; I’ll take your pulse.”

Qiang Wanzhou quietly sat at the side and stretched out his hand.

His wrist was very white and slightly translucent. One could clearly see the light-green blood vessels, but his hands were very rough, and his palm had a thick layer of scabs.

Upon closer look, there were many old scars. Some of them didn’t even recover properly.

“Where did you get these cuts from?”

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