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Chapter 461: God of Death

The fire burned intensely as if it wanted to turn everything into ashes.

“Liuyue!” Upon seeing this, Elder Ye finally couldn’t help but shout in shock.

Elder Zong Ye—who had struggled with the other for a long time—finally found a chance and landed a heavy punch on Elder Ye’s chest.

Elder Ye’s body trembled as he moved back a few steps to stabilize his body. Blood spurted out of his mouth.

Elder Zong Ye saw that the fire was burning intensely and that Chu Liuyue’s figure had almost disappeared. “Hmph! Ye Zhiting, it seems like your precious disciple is about to lose her life this time!”

Elder Ye tightly clenched his fists and stared at him as if he were looking at an idiot. He angrily hollered, “Zong Ye, has your brain been eaten by a dog?! Can’t you tell that Situ Xingchen’s body has already been stolen?!”

His sentence woke up the dreaming man.

When Elder Zong Ye heard the other person’s words, his heart tightly scrunched up into a ball as he hurriedly glanced at Situ Xingchen.

He didn’t notice previously, but when he looked at her this time, there were all sorts of weird points.

Ye Zhiting and I fought neck-to-neck, so I couldn’t notice much about what was happening on Situ Xingchen and Chu Liuyue’s side. I only vaguely remember that Situ Xingchen experienced a shocking change and that her capabilities suddenly increased greatly. I previously thought that Situ Xingchen had absorbed more strength, which was why she became stronger. But upon closer inspection, I can see that her aura is completely different from before.

Every cultivator’s aura is different. The current Situ Xingchen… has indeed become someone else!

Elder Ye really wanted to chop down Zong Ye’s head and see what was stored inside. As a stage-six warrior, he didn’t even notice this!

But at this point, he could only care about Chu Liuyue.

Taking the chance when Elder Zong Ye was stunned, Elder Ye finally got rid of him and rushed toward Chu Liuyue.

At the same moment, Jian Fengchi—who was hiding in the dark—slightly squinted his eyes when he saw this scene. His current attention was all on Situ Xingchen.

Being able to steal one’s body… This person must’ve been at least a stage-seven warrior when they were alive. This Country Yao Chen looks ordinary, but it does hide quite a number of secrets… It seems like Mu Qinghe left a little too early as he missed out on so many exciting scenes. Jian Fengchi’s gaze landed on that fire, and his brows rose.

Even though he frequently felt that Chu Liuyue detested him for some reason and the two of them didn’t have a strong friendship, this was someone that Mu Qinghe wanted to bring back. Thus, he had to protect her well.

If anything happens, Mu Qinghe will definitely cause trouble for me. After thinking of this, Jian Fengchi’s palm moved lightly, and the light beneath his feet flashed.

Just as he was about to rush forward, he suddenly felt a harsh aura coming from beside him.

He instantly became alert and turned around to look in that direction.

A figure in a black robe rapidly disappeared from his sight.

His brows moved. That person’s aura seems familiar. It’s as if I’ve seen him before…

Suddenly, he was shocked. This aura seems to be—But didn’t they leave the Tianling Dynasty long ago?! Why would they appear here?!

Jian Fengchi’s moved slightly, and he had a strong urge to chase after that person.

Just as he was about to follow him, he saw the fire from the corner of his eyes.

Feeling very conflicted, he stopped and turned around to rush toward Chu Liuyue.

Qi Han stopped in his steps and heaved a sigh of relief when he confirmed that Jian Fengchi did not follow him.

Actually, he had been secretly following Chu Liuyue the entire way. The most important job of the Thirteen Yue Guard was to protect Her Highness and guarantee her safety!

Now that he had already acknowledged Her Highness and the other Thirteen Yue Guard members weren’t here, he had to take up this responsibility again.

He was very good at hiding himself, so he wasn’t discovered the entire way.

When he saw that Her Highness was in danger earlier, he was too worried and accidentally revealed his aura, causing Jian Fengchi to detect him.

Luckily, Jian Fengchi did not follow him.

Qi Han felt more at ease. When he looked at the white fire again, he knitted his brows. Her Highness is still a stage-three warrior now. Even though she is much stronger than she appears to be, she’s still lacking in many ways as compared to before. That Situ Xingchen’s body has clearly been stolen, and her abilities are completely above those of a stage-six warrior. Her Highness will definitely not be able to handle it alone.

He really wanted to rush forward, but there were a lot of people watching. Once he took action, he would definitely be discovered.

If he was just slightly careless, they would suspect Her Highness’s identity.

Qi Han thought for a while and finally decided to take action as he looked at the burning fire. No matter what, I should save Her Highness first!

But the moment he took a step out, he heard a low and calm voice. “She can settle this herself.”

Qi Han immediately turned around, and a tall and large figure entered his line of sight.

When he saw the person’s appearance, his gaze focused. Prince Li—Rong Xiu!

“If you go out now, you know that you will cause a lot of trouble for her, right?” Rong Xiu was wearing a snow-white robe with a black cloak. His hands were behind his back, and he stood tall and upright.

His lips curved up into a light smile, looking extra gentle. However, there was an indisputable suppression coming from his eyes that made one submit to him.

Qi Han stared at Rong Xiu tightly and didn’t say a word. I actually don’t know when Rong Xiu appeared behind me!

At this point, the two of them stared at each other. Qi Han felt a vague threat from Rong Xiu’s body; it was a suppression that only a strong warrior would have.

All of this was enough to prove that Rong Xiu was stronger than him.

The air between the duo seemed to have frozen. It was as though it was stiff and still.

Rong Xiu wasn’t worried that Qi Han would see through his abilities.

Qi Han had snooped around Prince Li Mansion during this period, so he definitely had long realized that something was amiss.

If the Thirteen Yue Guard didn’t have this skill, they did not need to exist. They would just be a burden if they stayed by her side.

Just when Qi Han was hesitating on how to handle this situation, he suddenly heard a loud sound.

He immediately turned around, and his eyes shrunk. He saw a red fire suddenly charge out from the white fire.

Instantly, fire sparked everywhere.

With that fire as the center, the violent energy crazily rolled out in all directions.

The white marble path exploded, and the tiles flew out.

The red fire covered the entire sky and easily swallowed the white fire. It was like a single-sided suppression.

A thin and straight figure gradually became clear.

Countless eyes stared straight at that figure.

She gradually moved forward. Her black hair flew everywhere, and her clothes flew in the wind.

She looked sharp; she was just like a God of Death that walked out of hell.

Everyone that saw this gasped in unison. That’s… Chu Liuyue!

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