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Chapter 462: Escape

The red fire burning around her entered her eyes, and it became a jumping fire show.

Her steps were neither fast nor slow, but her every move seemed to be stepping across the crowd’s hearts.

Jian Fengchi and Elder Ye—who originally wanted to rush over and help her—unwittingly stopped.

Qi Han clenched his fists and tried very hard to restrain his inner turmoil. Her Highness… is indeed Her Highness! Even in the worst scenarios, she can always revive! I wonder how many people can do this in the entire world!

Qi Han couldn’t help turning around and glancing at Rong Xiu, but he noticed that the latter didn’t look shocked. Instead, he slightly smiled as if he had already predicted all of this.

This Prince Li… seems to be even more mysterious and powerful than I thought…

Situ Xingchen’s cold and solemn gaze suddenly broke, revealing a tinge of shock and anxiety. For some reason, she felt a serious threat from Chu Liuyue’s body. She’s just a stage-three warrior… Where did this suppression and aura come from?

Chu Liuyue finally stood still as she looked up and glanced at Situ Xingchen calmly. Then, she raised her hands.

A ball of red fire suddenly gathered in her palms, and a terrifying suppression gradually spread outward from the fireball.

Situ Xingchen felt increasingly uneasy, and her throat became drier than ever.

Chu Liuyue stared at her, and her lips curved up into a smile that was as cold as ever. Then, she said carefully, “I hate people stealing my things.”

It was like so in the past and even more so now.

Situ Xingchen’s heart sank, and she instinctively moved backward.

Chu Liuyue still stood rooted to the ground as she hurriedly waved her hands. “Go!”

The fist-sized fireball immediately flew toward Situ Xingchen.

Wherever the fireball went past, the cracked ground revealed a deep gap.

Situ Xingchen was fast, but it was faster.

The crowd saw a fire light flash across the sky. The next moment, the fireball appeared in front of Situ Xingchen.

Being unable to hide, Situ Xingchen decisively stopped, clenched her teeth, and took action. At the end of the day, Chu Liuyue is just a stage-three warrior. How strong can she be?! I do not believe that I can’t even endure one of Chu Liuyue’s attacks.

Thinking of this, Situ Xingchen rapidly gathered her inner force, converted it to a blade glowing with blood, and sent it flying forward.


The bloody light blade split the fireball into two.

Situ Xingchen sneered. “It’s just—”

Before she could finish her sentence, her expression froze.

Chu Liuyue smiled with deep meaning. “I originally wanted to do it myself, but I didn’t expect you to take the initiative and save me some effort.”

Other than Situ Xingchen, nobody else could see that a transparent fire was hiding in the middle of the red fireball.

Chu Liuyue combined the two forces and gave a lethal blow.

The moment Situ Xingchen saw the transparent fire, she suddenly widened her eyes in shock. That’s…


The two fires suddenly rolled forward.

Before Situ Xingchen could even move, she felt a scorching pain in her chest. She gradually lowered her head and saw that a bloody, fist-sized hole had bored through her abdomen.

It was a bloody hole, but no blood spurted out.

This was because the fire was of extremely high temperature. It had burned the surrounding skin and muscles near the wound, causing it to look especially terrifying. But the more important thing was that one’s pearl of essence was situated in the abdomen.

When her abdomen was bored through, her pearl of essence was consequently destroyed.

Situ Xingchen looked at her wound and was dazed for a long time. She finally reacted when she felt that her body’s force started spreading in all directions uncontrollably.

“You! You want to destroy this body?!” She suddenly looked up, and she looked destroyed. This was a chance I waited so long for! It hasn’t even been 15 minutes since I successfully stole this body!

With a smile on her face, Chu Liuyue said, “This physical body isn’t good enough for you. You don’t need to thank me.”

Situ Xingchen finally went crazy. I have waited for so many years and spent so much effort for this moment. In the end, I was easily destroyed by Chu Liuyue.

“YOU’RE TIRED OF LIVING!” A vengeful shrill escaped Situ Xingchen’s throat.

However, her pearl of essence was already broken. Depending on this body, she couldn’t gather her force at all.

The more anxiously she wanted to recover, the worse the situation. It was like one wanting to grab onto hands even more tightly, but the sand just flowed away more quickly.

She tried countless times, but her pearl of essence was already broken, and she couldn’t save it.

Facing Situ Xingchen’s overwhelming murderous intent, Chu Liuyue didn’t care about it at all and looked relaxed.

“Every time you steal one’s body, you will need to exhaust a great amount of strength, and you might even destroy your own soul. I think you can’t steal another person’s body for the second time, right?” asked Chu Liuyue with a light smile.

Situ Xingchen was so angry that her face turned white. This was because Chu Liuyue had spoken the truth!

In this situation, it was currently impossible for her to steal another person’s body and kill Chu Liuyue.

Her expression changed, and a harsh look flashed across her eyes.


Situ Xingchen’s body directly exploded.

“Xingchen!” Elder Zong Ye’s face turned as white as a sheet. He looked at the scene in disbelief and felt that the entire world was spinning. He staggered backward and almost fell onto the floor.

Situ Xingchen stayed at Mingyue Tianshan for many years, and he had always doted on her, treating her as his own. Now that he suddenly saw this scene, this was unquestionably a huge blow to him.

His eyes instantly reddened, and he hated Chu Liuyue to the extreme. “Chu Liuyue, hand me your life!”

Without waiting for him to rush over, Elder Ye blocked him again.

Elder Zong Ye almost went crazy. “Ye Zhiting! Chu Liuyue caused Xingchen’s death! This isn’t the end!”

Elder Ye was so angry that he laughed. “Situ Xingchen had long died when her body was stolen. If you want to blame someone, you should blame the person that stole her body! Why would you blame my disciple?”

If it was done by us, we’d admit it. But if it wasn’t, we will never be someone else’s scapegoat.

“The reason why Situ Xingchen’s body was stolen was that she kept on absorbing the bronze cauldron’s energy crazily. This is why she directly summoned that soul. She’s just getting what she deserves! Why would she do it if she knew about this earlier?”

Elder Zong Ye’s face flushed white and red as the veins in his forehead and neck popped up. He was on the verge of breaking down, but he couldn’t say anything in retaliation. This was because deep in his heart, he knew that whatever Ye Zhiting said was right.

However, it was impossible for him to admit to it just yet.

“…She was forced by Chu Liuyue! If it weren’t for her, Xingchen definitely wouldn’t do this!” As he spoke, he angrily hollered at Chu Liuyue. “Chu Liuyue, you killed someone! Pay with your life! I—Zong Ye—and the entire Xing Luo will never let you off!”

But Chu Liuyue didn’t even shoot him a glance. After Situ Xingchen’s physical body exploded, she saw a bloody light spiraling out.

This person actually wants to escape!

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